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A-Gas is a leading worldwide supplier of industrial refrigerants, speciality gases and performance chemicals. We also provide environmental services for the recovery and reclamation of environmentally-sensitive products such as HCFCs, HFCs and Halons. Based in the UK but with trading subsidiaries in South Africa, Australia, South-East Asia, China and the Americas, we’re able to provide products and services to customers and clients throughout the world.  

A-Gas is made up of several companies with specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Refrigerants – For use in heat exchange, air-conditioning and chilling systems. 
  • Industrial Special Products – Covering a wide range of specialist applications.
  • Performance Chemicals – Such as blowing agents used in the manufacture of insulating foams and chemicals for electronics applications.
  • Environmental Services – Including the recovery and reclamation of HCFCs, HFCs, Halons and associated products. 

Our Facilities

A-Gas has manufacturing facilities in Australia and South Africa, as well as right here in the UK. At our purpose-built facility in Bristol we have state-of-the-art automated filling plant and our very own proprietary cylinder tracking system, “Cyltrak”. 

Our Approach

Our approach is to develop and maintain strong strategic partnerships with key customers and suppliers, and to be responsive and flexible to our customers’ needs and objectives. We take an active lead in product development, continuously exploring ways in which we can  diversify our product range and improve efficiencies whilst ensuring all environmental, regulatory and health and safety responsibilities are met. 

Find Out More

You can find out more about A-Gas and the products and services we offer by visiting us online. On the A-Gas website you’ll find product brochures with full specifications, application information and various other details. 

DiaZone Drinking Water

Our DiaZone™ DW (Drinking Water) systems are robust, reliable, efficient and intrinsically safe, making them ideal for the disinfection of drinking water in managed buildings and private dwellings, rainwater held in above or below-ground storage tanks, private water supplies and contaminated water sources. The integrated DiaZone™ cells, which generate ozone in solution from the water that flows through them, require a 24V DC supply and typically operate at 2A or 4A. The electrodes within the cells are self-cleaning and require no chemical additions – this is an entirely green technology.

DiaZone Water Aid

For the treatment of raw and contaminated water in remote locations, A-Zone™ has developed a fully-integrated disinfection system that has all the components you need in one single box, including a 24V DC power supply and solar array to charge the battery. The A-Box™ easy to deploy and offers fast, efficient treatment wherever needed, removing organic matter and particulates, killing pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms, and eradicating heavy metals (particularly iron and manganese). The A-Box™, which features the same DiaZone™ cells found in our DW systems (above), will also improve the palatability of water by treating colour and odour. A standard design is capable of processing up to 500 litres of water per hour.

DiaZone Healthcare

Hospital wards, treatment rooms, clinics, operating theatres and even waiting rooms require the highest standards of hygiene. However, ensuring they are thoroughly sanitised is by no means easy. That is why A-Zone™ has developed HydroZone™, a system which generates a saturating fog of ozonated water particles from pure water. These fine aerosol particles carry an electrostatic charge that attracts them to hard and soft surfaces, thereby subjugating them to the extreme oxidising power of ozone. HydroZone™ Fogging Systems offer significant advantages for whole-room disinfection: they penetrate all areas of the room, they produce a fast-acting and extremely effective oxidant, and unlike chemical cleaning agents, they leave behind no residues.

DiaZone Medical

A-Zone’s SonoZone™ cleaning baths combine the proven benefits of ultrasound with the disinfecting power of ozone-water. This combination of forces has initiated a new generation of powerful cleaning and sterilising devices ideal for a wide variety of medical and dental applications. You can find out more about SonoZone™ technology by visiting A-Zone™ online or contacting us on 01275 376600.

DiaZone Flowercare

Our FloraZone™ flowercare systems are designed to kill bacteria commonly found in flower water. The uncontrolled growth of bacteria in cut stems (the xylem) is known to restrict and prevent the uptake of water, leading to premature death. Disinfecting the water will prevent this from happening, prolonging the life of cut flowers quite considerably. At A-Zone™, we design and manufacture flowercare products for both domestic and commercial use. These are small devices that can simply be placed in vases or flower containers. Find out exactly how they work by visiting A-Zone™ Technologies online.

DiaZone Agriculture

A-Zone’s Ozone-Water (OW) disinfection systems have a great many uses within the agricultural sector. The following are just a few examples:

  • Whole-room disinfection of empty cow sheds, diaries and cheese stores.
  • Washing and sanitising dairy equipment.
  • Controlled OW fogging of poultry sheds to prevent infection and eliminate odour.
  • OW washing and drenching to control levels of pathogenic bacteria in dead birds.
  • OW saturation fogging to disinfect meat and reduce spoilage.
  • Controlled OW fogging to maintain hygiene in cold stores.
  • Disinfecting, improving quality and extending shelf life of fresh produce. 

Find out more about our OW disinfection systems for the agricultural industry by visiting A-Zone™ Technologies online.


DiaZone Industrial

A-Zone’s DiaZone™ technology can be applied to many industrial applications, including the disinfection of process water, ultra-pure water and CIP systems. Meanwhile, our HydroZone™ Fogging Systems can be used for whole-room disinfection in a variety of industrial environments. To find out more about our water and room cleansing technologies and their typical industrial uses, please head over to the A-Zone™ website or contact us on 01275 376600.

DiaZone Pool

Ozonation is a safer and more effective alternative to chlorine for pool disinfection – it’s also more pleasant for swimmer and bathers, as it does not leave any chemicals in the water. At A-Zone™, we design and manufacture a range of ozonation systems which use DiaZone™ technology to clean swimming pools, spas and jacuzzis. These draw water from the base of the pool, filter it and feed it through electrolytic cells before returning it to the pool. They are robust, reliable, economical and intrinsically safe. Visit us online to find out more.


A-Gas is one of the world’s leading refrigerant suppliers. We offer interim HCFC (available in countries where its use is still permitted) and long-term HFC refrigerants as well as non-fluorinated refrigerants like ammonia, hydrocarbons and CO2, together with secondary heat transfer fluids. We also supply Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) for use in refrigeration servicing. Our products are supplied worldwide through a global network of wholesale partners.  You can find your nearest distributor on the A-Gas website.

Performance Chemicals

A-Gas also specialises in the supply of performance chemicals, including:

  • Speciality solvents for use in a wide variety of applications.
  • HCFCs (available in countries where their use is still permitted).
  • Non-fluorinated HCFC alternatives such as Pentanes for use as blowing agents in the manufacture of insulation foams. 
  • Speciality chemicals for the electronics industry (sold by Chestech Ltd, a member of the A-Gas Group of Companies). 
  • Fluorinated speciality chemicals, such as Nocolok fluorinated flux for brazing aluminium components. 

Find out more about our speciality chemicals by visiting A-Gas online. 

Industrial Special Products

We offer a wide range of industrial and speciality gases, including:

  • Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) for preventing the build-up of scale during the brazing process. Also suitable for pressure and leak testing of HVAC systems. 
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for use in both refrigeration and industrial applications.
  • Sulphur Hexafluoride for use in medium and high voltage switch-gear equipment.
  • Ethylene Oxide for use in a range of applications, such as the sterilising of medical equipment.
  • Oxygen and Acetylene for brazing in refrigeration applications and various industrial applications. 
  • Beverage gases for use within the hospitality industry. 

More information on our speciality gases can be found on the A-Gas website. 

Honeywell Genetron Performax

Honeywell Genetron® Performax™ serves as a non-ozone-depleting replacement for HCFC-22 in various commercial refrigeration applications, particularly those requiring lower temperatures. As a close match to HCFC-22 it also serves as a retrofit fluid in applications where HCFC-22 is used. 

Genetron® Performax™ is one of the best-performing, low environmental impact refrigerants for new supermarket installations – it is more energy efficient than HFCs, and it has a higher capacity than, for example, R-404A. It is well suited for use in freezer cases, display cases, reach-in coolers, ice machines and transport refrigeration. Find out more about this highly efficient HCFC alternative by visiting A-Gas online. 


PortaGreen is a ground-breaking gas storage innovation from PortaGas, a company with more than 20 years of experience manufacturing calibration gas and equipment for industrial hygiene and environmental applications. PortaGreen cylinders offer a number of benefits:

  • They eliminate HAZMAT liability – just hand over empty cylinders to your carrier.
  • They are easy to return – requiring no paperwork and packing, and they have no valve to crush or hole to drill. 
  • They increase gas shelf life – thanks to patented technology.
  • They reduce cylinder footprint – and therefore reduce your transport/storage requirements.

Find out more about the advantages of using PortaGreen cylinders by visiting A-Gas online. 

Gas Purification

Matheson have been providing purification solutions to the electronics industry since 1985. Their NANOCHEM® purifiers offer a comprehensive solution for the source, point-of-use, bulk and proximate purification requirements of speciality gas users worldwide. They combine gas-specific purification media and ultra-high purity hardware in one system to eliminate impurities caused by upstream leaks, improper cylinder change-outs and component contamination. NANOCHEM® purifiers are available for silicone-source gases, nitride gases, etchants, purge gases, dopant gases and carrier gases.

A-Gas MPG Concentrate

Secondary refrigerants like A-Gas’s MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol) Concentrate are used in the refrigeration industry to minimise the quantity of primary refrigerant needed to meet the system’s cooling requirements. 

MPG Concentrate is a non-toxic heat transfer fluid that has organic corrosion inhibitors added in order to keep the secondary system clean and ensure optimal corrosion protection. It is easy and safe to use, and it will give freezing and corrosion protection in secondary loop applications over a wide range of temperatures.

Full product details and specifications are available in our PDF download – this can be opened in your browser by clicking on the image to the right. 

A-Gas MPG Plus

MPG Plus is a non-toxic ‘ready to use’ heat transfer fluid which gives freezing and corrosion protection in secondary loop applications down to -15°C. Such applications include beer, milk, beverage and fresh fruit cooling systems. A-Gas MPG Plus is compatible with most other Mono Propylene Glycol based heat transfer fluids, though we recommend it is used exclusively to maximise corrosion-resistance.

Temper Products

Temper is a synthetic and homogenised glycol-free solution based on salts. Developed by Aspen Petroleum AB (a Swedish manufacturer of special fuels and heat transfer fluids), it contains no amines or nitrides and is available in several different versions (blends). Temper benefits from outstanding thermal conductivity (especially compared with polypropylene glycol), excellent corrosion resistance (thanks to various special additives), and relatively low viscosity (which means pumps and pipework can be smaller). It is ready to use and is approved for use in the food industry and in supermarkets.

Environmental Services

We are licensed by the UK Environment Agency to provide a fully comprehensive refrigerant reclamation and recycling service. End users and contractors alike can hand over waste management responsibilities to us knowing that their refrigerants are being disposed of according to the law. We have a dedicated fleet of reclaim cylinders that have specialist valves that enable our refrigerant engineers to retrieve waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. It is then returned safely to our reclamation facility in Bristol where it is processed for recycling. The small number of refrigerants that cannot be recycled are destroyed via incineration. 

Refrigerant Capabilities

Our refrigerant separation and reclamation plant incorporates the following:

  • State-of-the-art Gas Chromatography equipment – this enables us to test the purity of returned refrigerants in order to establish whether they can be recycled. 
  • Fully equipped laboratories – allow us to check refrigerants for moisture, residues, non-condensables and acidity to ensure they comply with the AHRI 700 standard after cleaning.
  • Purpose built recovery systems – for decanting and cleaning refrigerants.
  • Bespoke separation technologies – allowing us to process a range of refrigerant mixtures which would normally be considered non-recyclable. 

Refrigerant Life Cycle Stewardship

Our complete refrigerant life cycle stewardship services allow clients to hand over all responsibility for waste management to a company with considerable experience and expertise in the reclamation and recycling of hazardous materials. We help you to meet your legislative and regulatory obligations by ensuring all refrigerants are disposed of or recycled in the correct and proper manner.  

We also offer a service for the recovery and storage of Halons. Please get in touch to find out more. 

Refrigeration Separation Technology

Our refrigerant separation plant is based on completely bespoke technology developed by in-house engineers at our UK facility in Bristol. Not only does it boost recycled supplies, but also enables A-Gas to reclaim gases from a cocktail of returned ingredients. It’s thanks to this technology that A-Gas has become the UK’s leading processor of waste refrigerants. By splitting mixed refrigerants, we’re able to increase the amount of recycled materials available whilst reducing the amount that require incineration. We are currently the only refrigerant recycling company in the UK with the technology and capability to provide this level of service.

Reclaimed Refrigerants

Previously reliant on R22 and other such blends, many refrigerant users in the UK are now looking to use reclaimed HCFCs as a stop-gap measure until the complete EU ban on the use of HCFCs comes into force at the end of 2014. A-Gas is able to offer a full range of reclaimed HCFCs as well as HFCs thanks to our specialist separation technologies.

Cleaning, Banking and Storage

A-Gas offers a refrigerant cleaning and banking service for used HCFCs and many used HCFs. Our decanting and cleaning systems facilitate the efficient processing and bulking up of returned refrigerants from cylinders to metric tonne containers. This process effectively removes all oils, acids, moisture and non-condensables that have contaminated the gas. Find out more about the ways in which we work to prevent the unnecessary destruction of refrigerants and avoid their illegal release into the atmosphere by visiting A-Gas online.



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