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4PLAS produce & distribute an extensive range of engineering materials, masterbatches, colour & custom compounds to meet today's needs.

Many of our products are available in prime, industrial, recycled and cross blends. As well as a wide range of additives & fillers including long fibre.

We offer a UK based professional service, technical support, quality materials and very competitive prices.


Our 4DUR products are a range of PBT compounds as well as a range of PBT/PET & PBT/PC blends.

Whilst our 4MID - Polyamides (PA6, PA6.6 & PA6/6.6) are available in prime, industrial, recycled & cross blends 4MID can offer the ideal balance between cost & performance. Long fibre reinforced materials in standard grades and custom compounds, ensures a truly complete range.

4PET offers a wide range of PET compounds which also includes post consumer value added recycled grades.

These cost effective products give competitive advantages not only in environmental and material costs.

With the addition of a wide range of modifiers, stabilisers, speciality additives and customised colours, the above materials can be compounded as:
• Unreinforced
• Standard impact to super tough
• Standard & long glass fibre reinforced
• Glass bead filled
• Glass bead & fibre blends
• Mineral filled and reinforced
• Low warpage
• Flame retardants including UL listed grades
• Lubricated
• Surface modified
• Heat stabilised
• UV / light stabilised
• Fast cycling
• Speciality


The 4LEX Polycarbonate standard range includes the following products:
• Prime: Standard tints and solid colours, range of melt
flows, UV grades, food grades & UL grades
• Industrial: Clear, standard tints and solid colours
• Glass fibre filled and glass bead filled
• UV / light stabilised
• Flame retardant to UL94 V-0 @ 0.8mm

The 4LOY Polycarbonate/ABS standard range includes the following products:
• 45% PC : 55% ABS blend
• 65% PC : 35% ABS blend
• 85% PC : 15% ABS blend
• UV / light stabilised
• Flame retardant to UL94 V-0 @ 1.6mm

The 4LAC ABS standard range includes the following products:
• Prime: Standard black, white and solid colours, range
of melt flows, UV resistant & impact modified grades
• Industrial: Standard black & white
• Glass fibre filled and glass bead filled
• UV / light stabilised
• Flame retardant natural and colours to meet
UL94 V-0 @ 1.6mm

Outside of our standard range we also offer custom compounded and colour solutions, specifically tailored to meet your needs. The above materials can be compounded with the following:
• Any tinted (4LEX only) or opaque colour
• Impact modification
• Lubrication
• Flame retardant to specific standards including Glow wire tests
• Specific flow characteristics

4MAX - Masterbatch & Colour Compounds

We can produce colour compounds in almost any colour in batches from 250kg upwards and in almost any polymer

We are able to offer many of our compounds and colour compounds based on reprocessed feedstocks.

4PLAS Masterbatches range from universal to polymer specific and can include additives such as UV stabilisation, flame retardancy, antistatic, antibacterial and special effects such as edge glow, night glow, glitter & metallic finishes.

4PROP - Polypropylene (CP PP & HP PP)

The 4PROP Polypropylene standard range includes the following products:
• 20%,30% & 40% Talc filled
• 20% & 30% Glass filled & glass coupled
• Long fibre reinforced
• Flame retardant
• Mica and Barium filled up to 70 %
• Industrial recycled grades including high impact,
filled and UV resistant
• High flow
• UV / light stabilised

Outside of our standard range we also offer custom compounded blends and tailor exact materials to our customers needs. 4PROP can be compounded with:
• Any opaque colour
• Automotive interior trim talc filled colours
• Impact modification
• UV stabilisation
• A wide range of filler or mixed filler systems

4PURGE - Purging Agents

4PURGE represents the latest addition to the 4PLAS portfolio.

Following on from customer demands for quick cleaning, cost effective universal purging compounds, 4PLAS has developed a range of purging solutions which meet and exceed customer expectations, having been extensively tested in the moulding shop environment.


4PLAS offer a further comprehensive range of distributed products in small to medium lot sizes. This includes:

Homopolymer (PPHP) & Copolymer (PPCP), ABS, ABS-FR, GPPS, PMMA, HIPS, SAN, ASA, PC, PC-FR, POM & HDPE.

Most products are available ex-stock on 48 hour turn round. From 50kg lots through to multiple pallets, please contact us with your specific requirements.


4PLAS also offer a comprehensive range of TPE materials. These are thermoplastic polymer compounds that have some of the key properties of traditional thermoset rubbers, such as softness, elasticity & flexibility, but are processable under standard thermoplastic conditions.

Grades offered by 4PLAS are as follows:






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