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Founded by two friends in Germany in 1976, 2KM is still a family centric business that builds hard wearing, long lasting machines that enhance customer’s current production processes. Our name is 2 Komponenten Maschinenbau in German, which means Two Component Engineering.

Our solutions are available to customers throughout the world and we operate from five main sites in addition to having global distributors as well as constantly looking for ways to expand our business.

With 37 years experience, we are always at the forefront of the latest technological developments. We have extensive knowledge of metering, mixing and dispensing single or multi-component fluid materials. Our machines are able to process all viscosities for nearly every application.

We are able to customise standard machinery to meet our customers’ requirements. Our machines are reliable and long lasting, we offer excellent after sales service and our highly trained and skilled staff are always able to offer help and advice to keep your machines in excellent working order for many years.

Polymix 100

Medium to high viscosity materials can be easily dispensed from the container using the PolyMix 100 system. The system can be simply adjusted and formatted for use with different viscosity media. There are none of the problems associated with a piston pump system as the PolyMix 100 uses common gear pump metering.  A variable ration system, PolyMix 100 has an easy to use operator panel that is coupled with inverter drives.

Polymix 1900

Our PolyMix 1900 series has been adapted from the fixed ratio 9020/9220 systems and are variable ratio systems that use servo hydraulics to allow each motor to be driven independently of each other. The variable ratio, combined with the programmable flow system enables the machine to be integrated with a mould clamp, as well as a fill process written and repeated for individual products. Continued production is guaranteed thanks to its refillable containers.

Process Gear Mix (PGM) 101/102

Our entry level version of our gear metering systems, the Process Gear Mix (PGM) 101/2 processes low viscosity materials. The 101 processes materials at flow rates if 4 litres per minute using medium speed gear pumps, whilst the 102 dispenses against higher pressures using precision gear pumps. Inverter controlled, geared AC motors operate the individually driven pumps. The system can achieve pressures of up to 60 bar as the motors are directly coupled to the pumps. Potentiometers adjust ratio and flow and the system is easy to operate.

Process Gear Mix (PGM) 720

Our most powerful PGM is the Process Gear Mix 720; it can easily process multi-component materials using its larger inverter drives that feature up to 6kW as standard. The 720 will work on a variety of different materials and is able to run to 4 main components and 3 ancillary systems. Even awkward materials can be simply metered since the unit can be fitted with gear pumps, progressive cavity pumps or circumferential piston pumps for added control and enhanced repeatability. The unit can be used in range of off shore industry applications including large castings, filled materials and syntactic products.

Silicostar 902/922

A perennial product that has been in production with 2KM for over 30 years and is still a favourite, due to its efficiency and reliability. The SilcoStar features a revolutionary hydraulic cylinder which uses a linked design to make sure that the two drive motors work in tandem. The equally sized piston metering pumps that connect the pumps meter at a fixed ration of 1:1.

Silicostar 1950

Especially adapted for use in the electrical transmission industry, the SilcoStar 1950, meters, mixes and dispenses very high viscosity liquid silicone rubbers that are commonly used in producing high voltage insulators. Connected to a large mould tool and clamp system, the SilcoStar 1950 reduces the production of voids and entrapment of air as the materials are metered in under a pre written fill programme.  Cavities can be filled once the mould is full and has been pressurised. A servo hydraulic system drives the large displacement metering pumps, which receives the process information from the microprocessor based control system that has been pre programmed with custom made software. An additional feature is the ability to fit refillable containers and transfer pumps to the system to allow for a greater process capacity before refilling.

Process Flow Mix (PFM)

Using shot metering pumps in conjunction with hydraulic drive cylinders, the Process Flow Mix system (PFM), works to dispense the media with precision and control. The cylinder is filled using the pneumatic inlet valves, whilst the pre pressurisation process is controlled by the outlet valve. These valves make certain that the cylinder is ready to start the dispense cycle and is currently charged. An additional feature is the ability to be able to add flowmeters in order to confirm the ratio and help with gaining accurate feedback.

Process Flow Mix (PFM) Medical

2KM are always striving for ways to meet the needs of specific industries. For the efficient processing of liquid silicone rubber in medical clean room environments, the Process Flow Mix (PFM) medical system uses the latest servo actuators instead of the more conventional hydraulic drive, which allows the silicone to be metered more effectively. The system can be adapted to the customer’s needs and is equipped with ration monitoring, and level control, allowing customers to determine either the complete usage or the ration accuracy of the material containers.

Process Control Mix Laminat LF

A system entirely designed around the processing of high viscosity laminating adhesives straight from the supplied container. The heated metering pumps used in this system are submerged in the materials that are to be processed through sealed lids. The servo controlled pneumatic cylinders supply the motive power directly in line with the metering pump. The flowmeter monitors the speed and output of each pump at the outlet, adjusting the responding speed to meet the entered parameters.

Process Control Mix EasyBatch

Used for processing plural component laminating adhesives mixed with a relevant solvent, the entry level ‘Easy Batch’ can cope with material batches of up to 25 litres, that are allocated and distributed to the laminator. As the unit is able to apportion such large batch sizes, it can also handle wide metering ratios.

After each metering stage the components are blended to ensure they adhere to the supplier’s application criteria.

The ATEX rating of this unit means that it can be used with flammable solvents and is supplied with diaphragm pumps for material supply, with the users existing ring main providing the solvent.

ResinMix 2C

Our ResinMix 2C has primarily been designed for the infusions of large, composite, structures. The ResinMix 2C meters materials by using axial piston pumps, which generate high flow and are able to have the displacement varied in order for the pumps to be easily adjusted for optimising flow and ratio. These pumps offer strong and durable metering due to the geared AC 4.4 kW motors that the pumps are directly coupled to. Bulk Systems or IBC by diaphragm pumps feed the unit and there is also the option of using in line heating to condition the materials before use.

ResinMix RTM

Our ResinMix systems are flexible systems that can be adjusted to meet the needs of different markets. The Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) application allows the system to control the output dependant on mould pressure. The system can hold the material pressure in a mould by using the special geared drive motors in conjunction with precision metering pumps. There is also the option to add flowmeters to the system so that it is easy to check to make sure that the materials meet the desired specifications during the process

PowerSpray 2051/4051

A high pressure spray system, the PowerSpray comes in two models, the 2051 and the 4051.Both units are equipped with metering pumps that use a fixed ratio to distribute fast reacting materials.

The metering pumps on both units are directly coupled to have linked hydraulic cylinders, and the pumps are the double ball version featuring an external valve to lessen the need for regular maintenance.

PowerSpray 5300

The PowerMix 5300 is a variable ratio machine that uses in line hydraulic cylinders to control high pressure piston pumps. Each motor is driven by a servo drive allowing the pump speed to be adjusted, thus enabling the variable flows and ratios. A new and ground-breaking feature on the system is ‘jumps’ positioned at the top and bottom changeover that reduce the pressure drop and pulsations whilst maintaining the desired ratio at all outputs. A microprocessor controls the full process including the transfer pumps, which use 205 litre drums to feed the 5300 system.

PolyTool 8120

Used in the production of plugs and tools, expressly for medium to high specific gravity materials, the PolyTool 8120 is operated hydraulically and uses a fixed ratio system that makes it especially useful as an entry level tooling machine. Drums of 60 or 250 litres can be operated by the systems and the option to fit pneumatic rams certifies that the product is pushed into the metering system via the follower plate. The in line drive motor is fitted with chop check pumps.

PolyTool 8460/8420

Two systems the PolyTool 8460 and 8420 both use gear pump metering systems to process low density plates. The system can be adjusted to the materials being processed as it is fitted with inverter controlled, geared AC motors coupled to the pumps and both system use the standard PolyTool design. A lower capital cost is achieved by utilising gear pumps but compromises the processing of the very low density materials.

If required, the system can be fitted with the 2KM microprocessor and flowmeters to provide precise ration control and process monitoring.



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