1st Call Lockouts Ltd

Unit 1B
Charlotte Road
B30 2BT
United Kingdom

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1st Call Lockouts Ltd, of Birmingham, is proud to offer the Touchclone transponder technology that serves the automotive diagnostic industry with its unique car key cloning equipment. Four years of research and development have allowed us to bring to market a simple and effective tool for cloning car key transponders.

Our Touchclone technology offers a user-friendly interface to simplify the complicated process of cloning and creating car key transponders. The prerequisite technical knowledge for cloning car keys is reduced with our Touchclone technology.

We have launched Touchclone in a wide range of markets, from automotive locksmiths to high street 'heel' bars, i.e. shoe repair and key cutting shops – allowing this incredibly useful tool to be more easily and quickly accessed by consumers.

Touchclone's sophisticated technology also allows professional automotive locksmiths to have one tool for cloning keys and other advanced transponder functions – thereby simplifying and speeding-up the services they offer.

1st Call Lockouts has a long reputation for servicing and supporting companies such as the RAC, MOD, and Aldridges. We also offer services to open all kinds of locks – and we use non-destructive methods – as well as servicing or replacing locks. 1st Call Lockouts also maintains one of the UK's top locksmith training centres with an intensive five-day training programme. Our services are widely available in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Worcester.

What is Touchclone

Touchclone is a tablet-form tool with a touchscreen and a car key transponder reader/writer feature; it is the latest technology for cloning car keys and producing transponders, by programming the car key immobiliser device that comes standard with all modern automobiles. Touchclone's touchscreen features an intuitive user interface – this allows the user to easily and quickly clone car keys. Cloning car keys used to be a complex process – Touchclone makes it simple and fast. We offer free software updates for 12 months and other advanced features. Touchclone leads the field in automotive key production.

Technical Features

Technical features include advanced transponder cloning, to 4D and ID46 standards; fixed transponder cloning; Ford 4C, 4D, and 4D63 cloning without any additional hardware needed; transponder identification; transponder ID production; transponder pre-coded production; and in-circuit Eeprom and MCU reading; a remote control vehicle selector; a transponder pocket for ease of programming; and, of course, the easy-to-use touchscreen. We also offer direct technical support and a year of free software updates.

Additional Touchclone Information

Our customer focus group survey has said that the Touchclone technology is "a merging of technologies with added innovation"; this praise is further extended by the fact that Touchclone is a £2,295 investment for functionality that would cost £5,000 from other manufacturers for a less user-friendly product. 1st Call Lockouts is a UK company – hardware and software is developed in-house and our clients have direct access to the firm that engineered the product. We also offer thorough technical support and a rich Techzone library on our website for technical support and software updates.



Registration Number: 04807947
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:23 June, 2003 (18 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: n/a
Annual Turnover: n/a


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