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1Spatial, formerly known as Laser-Scan, has 35 years of experience in providing operational solutions to organisations with large spatial databases and we use that experience to provide superior tools and solutions for redefining, repurposing and reusing spatial data. We are the world leaders in spatial data quality control. The modern era demands the unconstrained sharing of spatial data between systems, business areas, organisations, and the public. We are the specialists in enabling spatial data to be part of cooperative infrastructures.



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VAT Number: GB816 3298 21
Founded:1 July, 2003 (16 years and 2 months ago)
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  • MapRelate MapRelate is a plug in component for AutoCAD that allows users to gain instant and direct access to their local or corporately held spatial data from within their native AutoCAD environment. A user can combine or overlay their design accurately against detailed spatial data, improving design precision and providing a simple solution to assist architects, engineers and data administrators with meeting legal and customer obligations. MapRelate utilises the power and flexibility of the cross-platform FDO (Feature Data Objects) technology for truly independent access to spatial data files and data stores.
  • Radius Check The Radius Check suite encompasses three versions of a user-friendly, Windows-based application that allows easy identification and administration of 2D, 3D and 4D spatial data that are held in Oracle databases. Using multi-thread processing, analysis on even large datasets can be executed quickly and efficiently and results are viewed through a colour-coded and accessible interface. Operations are performed using simple drop-down menus and the simplicity of the product means that all spatial data users, even those without a significant level of technical expertise, can use it. It can also be used as a learning tool for those new to Oracle Spatial Schemas, which negates the need for expensive training or support packages. The multiple versions provide the user with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate level of functionality for their purpose
  • Radius Clarity Radius Clarity is 1Spatial's platform for automated generalisation. It provides the facilities to build automated generalisation production flowlines, applying the equivalent of a human cartographer's intelligence to the resolution of conflicts, reaching an equivalent solution in a small proportion of time when compared with a manual solution. It does this whilst maintaining a consistently high level of data quality. The tool set within Radius Clarity enables smaller scale digital spatial data to be automatically derived from large-scale source data. Its approach to generalisation is based on intelligent software Agents and process sequencing that enables the automated production process to capture context sensitivity.
  • Radius Mobile Radius MobileT is the mobile version of Radius Vision, providing efficient, cost-effective data capture, input and verification in the field.
  • Radius Studio Radius Studio is a market-leading enterprise spatial data integration platform that enables users to rapidly analyse scattered geospatial data to assess their quality and content. It does so by allowing users to collaboratively define and apply business rules to measure and maintain geospatial data quality. Radius Studio provides data mining, rules-based conformance checking, data cleaning and re-engineering capabilities that facilitate data transformation and reuse. By automating these traditionally time consuming, ongoing and expensive tasks, significant time savings can be made and maximum return on investment can be realised. Radius Studio is interoperable and both independent of, and complementary to, GIS. It provides a certification platform that ensures the quality and consistency of geospatial data regardless of format or host and can be used within a web-services environment.
  • Radius Topology Radius Topology acts as both a data cleaner and a ?gatekeeper? by cleaning existing data and only allowing clean data to enter the Oracle database - a crucial requirement for enterprise-wide data management. The extra topology information managed by Radius Topology allows precise and ultra-fast techniques for analysing, auditing and enhancing the data within the database through automation while improving performance and efficiency across an organisation. Radius Topology is persistent in the database sousers can to be more confident about the quality of their data and therefore the accuracy and reliability of those services that use it. Real return on investment can be achieved by extracting information, and ultimately knowledge, from existing data, enabling organisations to improve and streamline their business pro
  • Radius Topology Wrappers
  • Radius Vision Radius VisionT is a powerful solution for digital map distribution, management and production. It is a scaleable system, equally at home on a single desktop or as an enterprise-wide mapping solution. Acting as a corporate toolset, Radius Vision provides end-to-end functionality for data capture and advanced topological editing, as well as a large set of tools for manipulation, quality control and supply of large volumes of digital geospatial data.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements