Updated: Friday the 19th of December, 2014 A to Z of People: B

B, Dan - manager: Robuild London
B, Sharryn - MD: Langtons Catering
B, Mark - Sales: Ashford Print
B, Helen - Marketing: Emhart Teknologies
Baacke, M J - Technical Director: Measuring & Process Control Ltd
Baah, Adwoa - Marketing Executive: Nitro Digital
Baars, David - IT,Sales & Marketing Manager: Aqua Water Systems Ltd
Babak, Jack - Managing Director: Ajax Builders
Babbs, Greg - Sales and Marketing Manager: Touch Technology
Babbs, Colin - Managing Director: Ace Components Ltd
Babington, Gary - Sales Manager: Seagull Fittings Ltd
Baccanello, Marco - Director: Pyroguard
Bach, Jenny - : The Acclaimed Software Co Ltd
Bach, Tom - Director: Sensatech Research Ltd
Bachan, Andy - Director/ General Manager: Wood Group Fuel Systems Ltd
Bache, R G - Managing Director: Bache Pallets Ltd
Bachegalup, Joe - Product Specialist, Fire Resistant Cables: Industrial Cable Systems
Bachtiar, Arfanda - Sales Associate: SR International Logistics
Bacigalupo, Lorenzo - European Sales Manager: SELEE Corporation
Backhouse, Mark - Managing Director: West Midlands Foundry Co Ltd
Backhurst, Andrew - Director - Account: Portia Engineering Ltd
Backhurst, Tony - Managing Director: Portia Engineering Ltd
Backway, Roger - Owner: Waterfalls Landscapes
Bacon, Neil - Director : NB Equipment Ltd
Bacon, Eddy - Director: Lightspary Engineering (SE) Ltd
Bacon, Raymond - : Siesta Cork Tile Co.
Bacon, Nat - Owner: Energy Innovations
Bacon, Kevin - Director: Baconsdozen
Badcock, Caroline - : Terence Barker Ltd
Baddon, Mark - Proprietor: Signtifik
Badger, Jack - md: Jack Badger Carpentry & Masonry
Badger, Peter - Manager: Harmony Blinds Reading (Ltd)
Badger, Ollie - Website & Sales Executive: Artel Motorsport - Artel Rubber Holdings
Badham, Jeff - Director: Rosemary Jane
Badwha, Surjit - Managing Director: Roselec (Automation) Ltd
Bage, David - Proprietor: Profit Partnership
Bagg, Roger - Manager: ECU Testing
Bagg, Matt - Director: Stainless Steel Toolbox - Supertrailer Limited
Bagg, Matt - Managing Director: Springwave
Baggett, Mark - Sales Manager: CH Workspace Ltd
Bagley, Colin - Partner: CG Weld UK
Bagley, Rob - Sales Director: Voestalpine Elmsteel Ltd
Bagley, Gary - Sales Manager: Atlas Ball & Bearing Co Ltd
Baglioni, Antony - General Manager: BAF Graphics
Bagnall, Richard - Sales Administrator: Hydraulic Projects Ltd
Bagnell, Sue - SALES: Forest Dairy Ltd - Fowlers Forest Dairy Ltd
Bagridge, Tony - Technical Sales Manager: Berger Tools Ltd
Bagshaw, Robin - IT: W.Wright Cutlery & Silverware
Bagshaw, David - Director: The Packaging People Ltd
Bagshawe, Henry - Owner: Henry Bagshawe Furniture
Bagur, Begoña - Interactive Media Director: Di8it Ltd
Bagwell, Vince - Sales Manager: Mikrospin Ltd
Bah, Annas - Director: Telesonic
Bahra, Jas - MD: United Consulting & Training Ltd(UCAT)
Bahra, Jas - MD: Easylearn UK Ltd
Bahra, Jas - MD: United Consulting & Training Ltd(UCAT)
Bailey, Marc - Technical Director: Securitrac Ltd
Bailey, J - MD: Rudgwick Metals Ltd
Bailey, Mike - MD: Thames Side - Maywood Ltd
Bailey, David - : Tradesman4u.com
Bailey, Michael - Managing Director: Bailey Trailers Ltd
Bailey, Richard - Business Development: Techex Ltd
Bailey, Richard - Field Sales Engineer: Impalloy Ltd
Bailey, Steve - Manager: Midland Pallets Ltd
Bailey, Paul - Sales Manager: Wood-Mizer UK Ltd
Bailey, Lee - Office Manager: Enviro Technical Systems
Bailey, Johnathan - : Hi Vis Europe Trading
Bailey, Jason - Owner: GPS Trackers UK
Bailey, Mark - Specialist tiler: CD Tiling & Decor
Bailey, Mark - Technical Director: Lockwell Lectrics Ltd
Bailey, D - Engineering Director: David Brown Pumps Ltd
Bailey, Stephen - Managing Director: IK9 Security Services
Bailey, Steve - Marketing Co-ordinator: RCS Filling Machines Ltd
Bailey, Steven - Managing Director: Barrettine Group
Bailey, Jason - Owner: UK Printed Tape
Bailey, Lisa - Marketing Co-ordinator: ARJO
Bailey, Martin - Managing Director: Hampshire Feeding Systems Ltd
Bailey, Jason - Owner: MrWebsiteDesign
Bailey, Peter - Director: Euro Works
Bailey, Wayne - Managing Director: Bailey Glass Fibre Solutions Ltd
Bailey, Anthony - Sales Manager: Holbourne Industrial Plastics Ltd
Bailey, Joe - : Bailey Scaffolding
Bailey, Charles - Senior Manager: USB Recovery
Bailey, Martin - Director: Delta Rubber Ltd
Bailey, Chris - Managing Director: Techex Ltd
Bailey, Michael - MD: Essex Business Machines Ltd
Bailey, Gary - Sales Adviser: Jones, P. F. Diesel Services
Bailey, Roger - Sales Manager: Energy Level Systems
Bailey, Mark - Nu Kleen Cleaning Services London: Nu Kleen Cleaning Services London
Bailey, Jamie - owner: GO Service Centres Ltd
Bailey, Mark - External Sales Manager: KE Fibertec UK Ltd
Bailey, Mary - Accounts: Advanced Battery Care Ltd
Bailey, George - Proprietor: GB Enterprises
Bailey, Stephen - Managing Director: GB Security Solutions Limited
Bailey, Mike - MD: MB Components Ltd
Bailey, Michael - Director: M.R. Machine Knives Ltd
Bailey, Kevin - Sales: Javelin Irrigation Systems Ltd
Bailey, - Pricipal: Rider Design
Bailey, Caroline - Admin: Butler & England Ltd
Bailie, David - MD: Holemasters Demtech Ltd
Baillie, Chris - Managing Director: Baillie Business Supplies Ltd
Baillie, Scott - owner: Scott Baillie Cars
Baillie, Joe - Sales: Baillie Business Supplies Ltd
Baillie, David - Director: H T Servo Ltd
BaillieLane, Clara - UK Sales & Marcom Co-Ordinator: Fluke (UK) Ltd
Bain, Baina - Sales Administrator: Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research Ltd
Bain, Alan - Director: A1 Locksmiths (Hastings) Ltd
Bainbridge, Steve - MD: The Beat Suite
Bainbridge, N - MD: Janus Metal Products Ltd
Baines, Matthew - Sales Director: Merlett Plastics (UK) Ltd
Baines, Melanie - Manager: Sprayer Services (Grantham)
Baines, Stephen - Director: Tudor Wrought Iron Ltd
Bains, Sat - Chief Operating Officer: Arete Software Ltd
Baird, Deborah - Corporate Director: Commsplus Ltd
Baird, George - MD: Baird GMP Ltd
Bairner, John - Company Director: Tasman Industries Ltd
Bairstow, John - : Elevated Mast Photography Ltd
Baites, Terrance - CEO: Cutfoam
bajda, jacek - owner: Premier Tinting
Bajpai, Ashish - OIl And Gas: Pyramid Engineering & Consulting Limited
Baker, Kate - Marketing Manager: Spooner Industries Ltd
Baker, Les - Sales: Tradesman Electrical Distributors
Baker, Andy - Sales manager: Mercian Masterplan Ltd
Baker, Chris - Director: Rotech Machines Ltd
Baker, John - MD: Cedexx Log Cabins
Baker, Malcolm - Sales & Marketing Manager: Document Despatch Ltd
Baker, John - Managing Director: Big Plant Company Limited
Baker, Mike - Manager: Stayfast Ltd
Baker, David - Managing Director: David Baker
Baker, Len - Commercial Manager: SM Gauge Co Ltd
Baker, Oliver - Managing Director: GB Promotional Products Ltd
Baker, Mark - MD: Sheild Batteries Ltd
Baker, Robert - Partner: Cedar
Baker, John - MD: Eliza Tinsley & Co Ltd
Baker, Stuart - Commercial Engineer: Gage Technique International Ltd
Baker, Michael - Office Manager: Gelmec UK
Baker, Emma - Managing Director: Racecraft Ltd
Baker, David - Director: Baker Technilock Ltd
Baker, John - Utensils Sales Manager: North London Catering Equipment Ltd
Baker, Mike - Hire Business Manager: 2CL Communications Ltd
Baker, Laurence - Managing Director: Vaplas Ltd
Baker, Sid - Owner: Signs & Display Company
Baker, Gareth - Business manager: R Baker (Electrical) Ltd
Baker, Matt - Director: WJS (UK) Ltd
Baker, Kirsty - : Rotech Machines Ltd
Baker, Jamie - MD: G E Baker UK Ltd
Baker, Ian - Managing Director: Emmaco UK Ltd
Baker, Phil - MD: Invincible Rewinds
Baker, Roger - Director: The Definitive Window Company
Baker, Geoff - Sales: Tradesman Electrical Distributors
Baker, Jon - General Manager: E L G Carrs Stainless Steel
baker, smith - : Foot Pain SOS
Baker, Danny - Director: IPRT Group
Baker, Graham - Managing Director: PVA UK Ltd (Animal Health)
Baker, Mark - MD: Sheild Batteries Ltd
Baker, Daniel - Director: Cable Ties - Online
Baker, Dawn - Company Secretary: Baker Technilock Ltd
Baker, David - Chief Executive Officer: Baker Rose
Baker, Graham - MD: Scarbutts Printers
Baker, David - Manager: BIP [Oldbury] Limited
Baker, Jessica - MD: Chase Plastics Ltd
Baker, Sid - Owner: Signs & Display Company
Baker, Peter - : Bakermedia
Baker, Richard - Managing Director: Curtis Assemble & Test Ltd
Baker, Sid - Owner: Murals4u - Signs & Display Company
Baker, Di - MD: MentOrg
Baker, Mark - Owner: Mid Wales Leisure Products
baker, Isobel - Manager: T.H. Baker & Co.
Baker, Dunstan - Design and media: Practical Farm Ideas
Baker, Keith - Marketing & Sales: Alto Tower Systems
Baker, Alan - Managing Director: Zencus International Ltd
Baker, Tom - Marketing Manager: Easi360 Ltd
Baker, Sue - Marketing Manager: Greyhound Chromatography & Allied Chemicals
Baker, Jon - Managing Director: G.A. Valves Sales Limited
Baker, Pippa - Director: Careers in Design
Baker, Darren - Managing Director: Baker Environmental Lining Services
Baker, John - Country Manager : Automatic Systems Equipment UK Ltd
Baker, David - Managing Director: Perrite Business Solutions Ltd
Baker, Simon - Director: Multimarine Composites Ltd
Baker, Derek - Managing Director: Complete Filtration Solutions Ltd
Baker, Graham - mktg: Alistage Ltd
Bakewell, Colin - : Protive Security & Surveillance Ltd
Bakhtiar, Cuross - CEO: Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd
Balaam, Chris - Trading Director: Dalehead Foods Ltd
Balazy, Victor - MD: B & H Print Engineers
Baldock, David - Director: Institute for European Environmental Policy
Baldry, D M - ATC Services: Troy Systems Ltd
Baldry, Julian - Business Director: Netintent.co.uk Ltd
Baldwin, Robert - Sales Manager: ProMinent Fluid Controls (UK) Ltd
Baldwin, Martin - Sales Director: Marel Ltd
Baldwin, Steve - Director: Budgen Partnership
Baldwin, Stephan - Marketing Manager: Franchise Gator
Baldwin, Viv - Director: Dock Solutions
Baldwin, Tony - Blind Inspiration: Blind Inspiration
Baldwin, Graham - General Manager: Imofa (UK) Ltd
Baldwin, Stephen - Commercial Director: Poth Hille & Co. Ltd
Baldwin, Paul - Sales Office Manager: Rogers Ceramics
Baldwin, Nick - Marketing Director: Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd
Baldwin, Peter - Sales Director: The Sourcing Crew
Baldwin, Steve - Consultancy Director: Finglow Ltd
Baldwin, James - Area Manager: Autocolour
Baldwin, Kevin - Sales Director: Custom Transformers Ltd
Baldwin, Ken - Sales Manager: OPEN MIND Technologies UK Ltd
Baldwin, Darren - Sales Director: R H Claydon Ltd
Baldwin, Dave - Director: DJB Projects
Baldwin, Alan - Director: Impact Fire Ltd
Bale, Ethen - Manager: South Benfleet Locksmiths
Bale, Darren - Senior designer: DPB Creations
Balfe, Paul - Director: Merlin UK Ltd
Balfe, Andy - Director: Welmac UK Ltd
Bali, Surinder - Director: Tony Chapman Electronics Ltd
Balkema, John - Managing Director: Pyroban Ltd
Ball, Jason - Director: Equip Logistics Limited
Ball, Stephanie - : I Love Maps
Ball, Mike - Business Development Manager: Murata Electronics (UK) Ltd
Ball, Allan - owner: AJB Joinery
Ball, Kay - Director: Salix Stainless Steel Fabrications Ltd
Ball, Stephen - Finance Director: Matcon Ltd
Ball, Ashley - MD: ASC Industrial Products Ltd
Ball, Mike - MD: Ersta Abrasives Ltd
Ball, Clair - Head of Sales: RAJAPACK - Aid Pack Systems Ltd
Ball, Steve - Sales Director: Electronic Reading Systems Ltd
Ball, Ian - Director: Sirius Fire Safety Consultants Limited
Ball, Craig - Sales Director: Butyl Products Ltd
Ball, Janet - Marketing: Wavis 2000 Ltd
Ball, James - Internal Sales: PANalytical Ltd
Ball, S - Quality: OnSpec Oscillators Ltd
Ball, - Partner: Midland Electrical Services
Ball, Andrea - Director: BRPA Ltd
Ball, James - Sales & Consultancy Director: Intygra PPL
Ball, Sharon - Company Secretary: Mannequin World Ltd
Ball, Michael - Managing Director: Mannequin World Ltd
Ball, Vicky - Business Systems Manager: Impact Air Systems Ltd
Ball, Claire - Marketing Executive: Tincknell Fuels Ltd
Ball, Bob - Managing Director: W. E. Amies Plastics & Co. Ltd
Ball, Daniel - Director: First Choice Mobility Limited
Ball, Samantha - Marketing Executive: 1Spatial
Ball, Jenny - Proprietor: Captions Embroidery
Ball, Simon - Owner: Camlar Lighting Solutions - Camlar Ltd
Balla, Tony - Manager: Pullman Instruments
Ballan, David - Marketing Executive: Industrial Acoustics Company Limited (IAC)
Ballan, David - Marketing Executive: IAC Ltd
Ballance, Mike - Director: Tabor Audio
Ballantyne, George - Proprietor: Acclaim Fasteners & Turned Parts
Ballard, Lucy - Owner: Brides of Berkhamsted
Ballard, Paul - Managing Director: 3di Information Solutions
Ballard, Martin - Director: Acorn Bearings & Transmission Co. Ltd
Balle, Gary - MD: Chertsey Plant Hire Ltd
Ballentine, Alex - Chief Executive: Seed Potato Promotions (NI) Ltd
Ballett, Mark - Founder of Mark B Limited: Mark B Limited
Ballinger, Wayne - Managing Director: SEC Solutions Ltd
Ballinger, Graham - MD: Ballinger Media Solutions Ltd
Ballinger, Paul - National Sales Manager: UK Fasteners
Ballinger, Mike - Director: Builders Supply Stores (Coventry) Ltd
Ballum, Derek - : EBY (UK) Ltd
Balmain, Andrew - Director: Balmain & Balmain
Balmer, John - Bus Dev Man 0207 305 2067: Disposal Services Authority - DSA
Balmforth, Harry - : Foulds Ltd - of Ammeraal Beltech UK
Balmforth, Tony - Director: Deltaleigh Ltd
Balogh, Krisztina - : UK Stairlifts Direct
Balouch, Ahmad - Owner: THE IT MEDIX
Balyk, Megan - Marketing Manager: IDS - Independent Data Services
Balzi, Rob - Marketing: Ro-bal Steel Fabrication
Bamal, Archana - Owner: SANMAL
Bamber, Cristian - : Rockwell Automation Ltd
bamber, dawn - : Set In Stone - home improvement
bamber, dawn - owner: Set In Stone
bambridge, brian - MD: 1st Direct Limousines
Bambrough, Juli - Office Manager: Protak Woodflooring Ltd
Bamford, Dennis - MD: Spirit Couriers
Bamford, David - Director: Simplylabs Limited
bamford, Martin - : GUTTERCLEAN
Bamforth, Jonathan - Director: JB Stainless Ltd
Bamsell, Barry - MD-left: Avon Valley Precision Engineering Ltd
Banbery, Stuart - Sales and Marketing Manager: Contour Casings Ltd
Banbrook, Stuart - General Manager: Pro-Face UK Ltd
Bancroft, Jonathan - Sales and Marketing: Oceanscan Ltd
Bancroft, Rosemary - Sales Manager: Loheat
Bancroft, Brian - Managing Director: Faber Technology Ltd
Bancroft, Emma - Area Commercial Manager: Recycling UK Ltd - Head Office
Bancroft, Gill - Marketing Manager: Bifold Fluidpower Ltd
Bancroft, Matthew - Manager: Flowhire Ltd
band, fraser - : Fraser Band Photography
Bandharu, Naga - BDM & uk Sales: Angler Technologies
Bandy, B - Director: Seaford Laboratories Ltd
Banez, Euri - Marketing Director: Virgos Company
Banez, Euri - Managing Director: Century Medical Suppliers Limited
Banfield, Ken - Sales and Marketing: ProGRAPHICS
Banfield, Stephen - Managing Director: Tension Technology International Ltd
Banforth, Ian - MD: Unigate Dairy Crest
Banham, David - Technical Director: Ratio Design Associates Ltd
Bani, Ayoob - Managing Director: Banico Ltd
Banister, Diane - Managing Director: Intelligent Dialogue Ltd
Banka, Ravikant - CEO: Eggfirst
Banks, Tim - Director: Process Heating Services Ltd
Banks, Andy - IT Trainer: Get Me One Ltd
Banks, Chris - Managing Director: Eurotech Environmental Limited
Banks, Hazel - Office Manager: W & D Greenwood & Sons (Catering) Ltd
Banks, John - Managing Director: Ramsay Precision Engineering (Coventry) Ltd
Banks, Chris - MD: Hydrotechnik
Banks, Simon - Sales Manager: Bayram Timber Ltd
Banks, Simon - Managing Director: Tallboy Media Ltd
Banks, Glyn - Managing Director: QMX Laboratories Ltd
Banks, Trevor - Sales Manager: Quorum Print Services Ltd
Banks, Robert - Partner/Owner: Banks Garden Machinery
Banks, Richard - Director: CNC Support Ltd
Banks, Samantha - Partner/Owner: Banks Garden Machinery
Banks, Gavin - Director: Source UPS
Banks, Ian - Estimator: Tayban Developments Ltd
Banks, Adrian - MD: The Cubra Casting Company Ltd
Banks, Dean - Sales: Graves Aircraft Components
BanksFear, David - MD: Southern Springs & Pressings
Bannerman, Johnathan - Estimating Manager: Buchan Concrete Solutions Ltd
Bannerman, Johnathan - Estimating Manager: Buchan Concrete Solutions Ltd
Bannister, Roger - CEO: Pressvess
Bannister, Richard - Jt Managing Director: Criterion Packaging Ltd
Bannister, Brian - Motor Specialist: Marlin Stainless
Bannister, John - Managing Director: Extrusion Die Steels Ltd
Bannister, Rachel - Administrator: UK Pumps Ltd
Bannister, Victor - Director: PVS Services Ltd
Bannister, Mike - Commercial Director: Europa Bioproducts Ltd
Bannister, Charlie - Technical Manager, Foliar Nutrition: Headland Agrochemicals Ltd
Banqueting, Premier - : Premier House Banqueting
Bansal, Mike - Marketing Manager: Talentweb Ltd
Bansal, Ashok - Manager: Language Source Ltd
Bant, Stuart - Director: Platinum Transport Services Ltd
Banwell, Matt - sales manager: Nuts & Bolts
Baptista, Gonçalo - Managing Director: Endeavour Business Consultancy
Baraber, Graham - Sales: Watchrod Design & Build Ltd
Barak Chever, Barak - Makeover Builders: Makeover Builders
Baranowski, Peter - Owner: Best Movers Company
Barber, Alan - General Manager: Premaberg Manufacturing Ltd
Barber, Andrew - Partner: BARBER InSys
Barber, Alison - Financial Controller: Orffa UK Ltd
Barber, Andy - Owner: The London Decking Company
Barber, Jonathan - Sales Manager: S S White Manufacturing Ltd
Barber, Lee - Director: Automotive Production Technologies Ltd
Barber, Lesley - Office Manager: Goldsack Blinds & Contracts Ltd
Barber, Paul - : Bridging Finance 4U
Barber, Peter - General Manager: P D Pumps Limited
Barber, Adrian - Partner: Barber Jackson Ltd
Barber, Gary - Managing Director: Satellite Design Ltd
Barber, Tony - Managing Director: Buzzy Seeds UK Limited
Barber, John - Director: Farm & Country Ltd
Barber, Brian - General Manager: BHGS Limited
Barber, Julian - Sales Manager (Pumps): T.H.E Electric Motor Co Ltd
Barber, Elizabeth - Sales & Marketing Manager: Mowden Controls Ltd
Barber, A - Sales Director: Northern Dairy Supplies Ltd
Barber, Graham - Sales Manager: ISYS Interactive Systems Ltd
Barbera, Lisa - Commercial Assistant: Recycling UK Ltd - Head Office
Barbetta, Carmine - owner: Voucher Codes
Barbey, Christine - Global Business Team: Noble Denton Consultants Ltd
Barbour, Laura - Sales Director: The Green Acres Farming Co Ltd
Barchard, Ted - Sales Manager : Track & Rally Performance Driveshafts Manufacture
Barchard, Ted - Sales Manager: Hone-All Precision Ltd
Barchard, Ted - Sales Manager : Track & Rally Performance Driveshafts Manufacture
Barclay, Brydon - Director: Unst Inshore Services Ltd
Barclay, Andrew - Technical Manager: Wells Plastics Ltd
Barclay, Andrew - : Malvern Systems Ltd
Barclay, John - Owner & MD: B & J Industries Ltd
Barclay, Chris - : Metal Supplies Ltd
Barcoe, Robert - Managing Director: Resmar Ltd
Barcoe, Robert - MD: Weaver-Vale Group of Companies
Barden, Derek - Director: Barden Engineering Ltd
Bardwell, James - Sales Director: Albert E James & Son Ltd
Barella, Tonny - Assistent: Find UK Accountant
Barella, Jose - Sales Manager: Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture Ltd
Barfe, Chris - Sales Director: Ibonhart (Norwich) Ltd
Barfield, Dave - Director: Groove Associates Ltd
Barfoot, Paul - Managing Director: Practical Bathing Ltd
Barfoot, Keith - MD: Staplethorne Ltd
Barford, John - Director: VTM (UK) Ltd
Barford, Cheril - Department Manager: Alfast Engineering Supplies Ltd
Barford, Mike - Sales: VTM (UK) Ltd
Barham, David - International Sales Manager: Redpack Packaging Machinery
Barham, Chris - owner: CB Roofing Salisbury
Baring, Stephen - Owner: Click Tempus
Barke, Lynne - Marketing Manager: Martin Cowman Ltd
Barker, John - Director - DW Projects: Bouygues E & S Infrastructure UK Ltd
Barker, A - Sales Manager: Jotun-Henry Clark Ltd
Barker, Lee - Managing Director: Fluid Pumps Ltd
Barker, M - Managing Director: George Barber
Barker, Jim - Director: Barker & Geary Ltd
Barker, Dave - MD: Nadella (UK) Ltd
Barker, Paul - Operations Manager: Eurobulk Ltd
Barker, Paul - Sales Director: SBA Ltd
Barker, Debora - Director: Economove Ltd
Barker, Karl - Managing Manager: Coler Supply Solutions (Intl) Ltd
Barker, John - Sales Director: Wateare Ltd
Barker, Matt - Managing Director: C S B Logistics Ltd
Barker, Michael - Director: Sinewave Systems Ltd
Barker, - Managing Director: Eastern Forge Agriculture Ltd
Barker, Lucy - Depot Director: Go Interiors
Barker, David - Partner: Digimerch
Barker, Gary - Director: MW Graphics Ltd
Barker, Neil - Project Manager: MP Plastic Building Products Ltd
Barker, Richard - Service Manager: County Cash Registers
Barker, David - Managing Director: DELF Coldwear Solutions - (DELF Freezer Wear)
Barker, David - Sales Manager: Cognis Performance Chemicals UK Limited
Barker, Roy - Director: Barker & Geary Ltd
Barker, Lorraine - Sales Manager: Premier-Frameworks Ltd
Barker, Peter - Director: PDS Instruments Ltd
Barker, Peter - Managing Director: Nitech Ltd
Barker, Peter - Marketing Manager: Thule Ltd
Barker, Patricia - Director: Hand Driers Ltd
Barker, Andrew - Managing Director: PBA Trading Limited
Barker, Paul - Sales Director: Barkair Ltd
Barker, John - Commercial Manager: Conquest Shipping Ltd
Barker, Will - Marketing Director: Watts Urethane Products Ltd
Barker, Richard - Managing Director: Kitmondo.com
Barker, Laura - Business Manager: Newcastle Premier Health
Barking, Safestore - Safestore Barking: Safestore Barking
Barkley, Greg - CEO: Logotech
Barksfield, Ron - Director: Batching & Blending Systems Ltd
Barkwill, Peter - MD: John Wainwright & Co Ltd
Barling, Martin - Director: ADEC Marine Ltd
Barlow, Tracy - Marketing Director: 24/7 Uptime Ltd
Barlow, Steven - Chartered Architectural Technologist: The Steven Barlow Partnership (TSBP-Architecture)
Barlow, Mike - Sales Director: Mercury Packaging
Barlow, Carol - Owner: Balloons 4 Fun
Barlow, Jackie - Estimator: J. Muir Bookbinders Ltd
Barlow, Faris - Managing Director: System Sense Technology Ltd
Barlow, Steve - Managing Director: Barlow Sheet Metal Ltd
Barlow, Darryl - Engineering Director: Envi Filter Ltd
Barlow, A - Chief Executive Officer: Hamworthy Combustion Engineering Ltd
Barlow, James - Director: Barlow (Henbury) Ltd
Barlow, David - Marketing Manager: KG Coating Ltd
Barlow, Paul - Owner: Saltaire Bathrooms
Barmer, Roger - General Manager: A W Jenkinson Sawmill Residues
Barnabas, Gary - Marketing Manager: IMC
Barnacle, Graham - Sales Manager: Cranlea Co
Barnard, Claire - manager: Châteauform'
Barnard, Diane - Quality Co-ordinator: Solutions 4 Plastic Ltd
Barnard, Dawn - General Manager: CMC Controls Ltd
Barnard, Shelia - Customer Services Mgr: Bamford Trading (UK) Ltd
Barnard, Pierre - Director: Testemp Ltd
Barnard, Ian - Owner: Cleveland Cascades
Barnes, Mark - Managing Director: Barnes Plastic Welding Equipment Limted
Barnes, Andy - UK & Eire Sales Manager: Yokogawa Measurement Technologies Ltd
Barnes, Matthew - Marketing Manager: Soloheat
Barnes, Alistair - Field Sales North: G English Electronics Ltd
Barnes, Anthony - Sales Director: Street Furnishings Ltd
Barnes, Terry - Owner: RubberStableMats.com
barnes, brendan - owner operator: Chem2clean
Barnes, Noel - MD: Specialist Steels Co Ltd
Barnes, Gary - Managing Director: Ferring Printing Co Ltd
Barnes, Brian - : Activideo Communications Ltd
Barnes, Michael - Director: Quad Logic Systems Ltd
Barnes, Warwick - Product Development: Laplace Instruments Ltd
Barnes, Ann - Manager: Rohmann UK Ltd
Barnes, Caroline - Owner: Barnes Corporate Travel
Barnes, Katie - Marketing: Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management
Barnes, Richard - Technical Director: Techsol Uk Ltd
Barnes, Graham - Chief Executive Officer: Simpac
Barnes, Adrian - Director: Justtech Ltd
Barnes, Chris - Business Development Manager: XL Precision Technolgies
Barnes, Ian - Managing Director: Barnes Publishing Ltd
Barnes, David - Creative Support: Smooth Design
Barnes, Hannah - Marketing Manager: Apropos Conservatories Ltd
BARNES, ALAN - Managing Director: MSM/DRH Limited
Barnes, Lloyd - Director: Joinerystore Ltd
Barnes, Andrew Barnes - Owner: The Green Squeegee
Barnes, Simon - Managing Director: Rohmann UK Ltd
Barnet, Barnet - Cleaner: Carpet Cleaning Barnet
Barnett, Craig - Managing Director: HPF Energy Services
Barnett, Alasdair - Design Director: DesignEdge Cambridge Ltd
Barnett, Stewart - Sales Manager: Pecks Agritrac
Barnett, Sam - Proprietor: SMB Business Solutions
Barnett, Paul - Director: Besco Abrasives Ltd
Barnett, Andy - Sales Director: Coventry Engineering Ltd
Barnett, A - Managing Director: Microcide Ltd
Barnett, Anthony - Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator: Istead Business Presentations Ltd
Barnett, Melvin - Manager: H. Goodwin (Castings) Ltd
Barnett, Gavin - Managing Director: K6 Design Group
Barnett, Stephen - Director: Sterling Workwear
Barnett, Andy - Sales & Marketing Director: CTL-Centreline Ltd
Barnett, Peter - MD: P J Barnett Associates
Barney, Henry - Director: Samuel Rose
Barnfather, Karl - Partner: Withers & Rogers
Barnfield, Anthony - Proprietor: ANTHONY BARNFIELD CHAUFFEUR
Barnhurst, Ian - Project Engineer: JAMES PAGET
Barnicle, Les - MD: Cosarnia (UK) Ltd
Barnicoat, Nick - Managing Director: Tabula Trading Co Ltd
Barns, David - Marketing Manager: GK Electrical Ltd
Barnshaw, Craig - Managing Director: Barnshaws
Baron, Tony - Managing Director: AK Stainless Limited
Baron, Peter - Executive Director: International Sugar Organisation
Barona, Samuel - Director: IZLY Group
Barr, Peter - Commercial Director: SIPCO Ltd
Barr, Daniel - Owner: Anglia Factors (Ipswich) Ltd
Barr, Eleanor - Finance Director: D & E Products Ltd
Barr, Deirdra - Marketing Manager: Trolex Ltd
Barr, Alistair - Director: Barr Gazetas Architects
Barr, Craig - Storeman/Buyer: D & E Products Ltd
Barraclough, Lynsey - Office Manager: Local Traders
Barraclough, Teric - Sales & Applications Engineer: Com Equipment
Barraclough, Simon - Sales Director: YPS Valves Ltd
Barratt, J W - Technical Director: NJ Froment & Co Ltd
Barratt, Darren - Product Sales Manager: Omniflex (UK) Limited
Barratt, Steve - : Safestore Liverpool
Barratt, John - Managing Director: Hamblys (Whitstone) Ltd - Head Office
Barraud, Daniel - Head of New Business: DCA Design International Ltd
Barre, Antony - proprietor: Fork Lift Trucks Telford
Barrett, Trevor - Photographer: Trevor Barrett Photography
Barrett, Simon - Director: Hooton Engineering Ltd
Barrett, John - Managing Director: Nexus (GB) Ltd
Barrett, Dave - proprietor: Barringtons Bookkeeping Services
Barrett, Emma - Marketing Coordinator: KCS Management Systems
Barrett, Alex - Director: Rocolec Ltd
Barrett, John - Director: Southfields Engineering
Barrett, Chris - Web Designer: Maxim Computers
Barrett, Honey - : Honey Barrett
Barrett, Kevin - Marketing Manager: Antony Rowe Ltd
Barrett, Nick - Director: BK Remedials - Barrett Kent Limited
Barrett, Chris - Sales & Marketing Manager: Veck Fasteners Ltd
Barrett, Stephen - Managing Director: Systems Services
Barrett, Dave - proprietor: Barringtons Bookkeeping Services
Barrett, Pat - MD: Primary Designs Ltd
Barrier, Dave - MD: Gravatom Engineering Systems Ltd
Barriman, Chris - Business Development Director: Merit Process Engineering Ltd
Barrington, Anna - : Percy WIlliams & Sons Ltd
Barron, James - Sales Engineer: Zwicky Valves
Barron, Lynne - Sales Manager: Nemesis Equipment Ltd
Barron, Lynne - Sales Executive: ITS Environmental Services
Barron, Mark - Managing Director: Barron's Electrical
Barron, Wayne - Marketing: DPB Engineering
Barron, Mick - MD: SRC Systems Limited
Barron, Steve - Director: Pest - Go Limited
BarronClark, James - Sales Director: Barron-Clark Castings Ltd
BarronClark, Anthony - MD: Barron-Clark Castings Ltd
Barrow, Hellen - CEO: Modish Living
Barrow, Ian - Director: Applied Storage Products Ltd
Barrow, Caroline - Sales Manager: Rutland Packaging Solutions Ltd
Barrow, Emma - Business & Marketing Manager: Cornwall Environmental Consultants Limited
Barrow, Craig - Sales Manager: Hindle Reman
Barrow, Tracey - Director: D H A Pollution Control Ltd
Barrow, ValerieAnne - Sales Manager: Business Travel Management
Barrowcliffe, Craig - Sales Director: Midland Jay
Barrs, Lindsay - Interior Designer: Amor Interiors
Barry, Katherine - Assistant: Eastwood Park Training & Conference Centre
Barry, Derek - Technical Director: Shentongroup
Barry, Mark - Director: Book Shelving
Barry, Anthony - Director: Torch London Ltd
Barry, Stuart - Technical Director: Pipe Support Ltd
Barry, Fiona - Sales and Marketing: TBS Fabrications Limited
Barsanti, Dean - Director: Bar Tech Systems
Barsanti, Fiona - Director: Bar Tech Systems
Barsby, Nick - Sales: Measom Freer
Bartels, K R - Technical Director: Technorton Ltd
Barter, Steve - Managing Director: King Builders (Gloucester) Ltd
Barth, Nathan - Director: Kent Electrical Solutions Ltd
Bartholomew, John - Admin and IT Manager: Advanced Battery Care Ltd
Barthorpe, Angela - Buyer: Theocrest Ltd
Barticzka, Karolina - Marketing Assistant: Crown Oil
Bartle, Andrew - : Acorn Office Accessories Ltd
Bartlett, Kay - Marketing Manager: eXception
Bartlett, Gregory - MD: Frozen Solid Cryogenics Ltd
Bartlett, P J - Director: M D Hughes & Partners
Bartlett, James - IT Manager: Carter Voce Ltd
Bartlett, Kay - Marketing Manager: eXception
Bartlett, Geoff - Managing Director: Streetways Services Ltd
Bartlett, Kelvin - Sales Manager: P R Signs
Bartlett, Ralph - Proprietor: Amersham Computers
Bartlett, Darren - Transport Manager: Davidson, John, (Pipes) Ltd
Bartlett, John - Sales Manager: The Lamp Co.
Bartlett, Robin - Managing Director: Collective Design
Bartlett, Deborah - Head of Marketing & Communications: Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd
BartlettMcCourt, Simon - Managing Director: Hannah Print
Bartley, Louise - Marketing: FWB Products Ltd
Bartley, Mark - Director: Limegreen Print Solutions
Barton, Rachel - Sales Office Manager: MACtac UK Limited
Barton, Janet - Proprietor: Typing for Business
Barton, Peter - General Manager: Victor Marine Ltd
Barton, Deenna - Boss: Deenna Boutique
Barton, Andy - Director: Rarebreed Limited
Barton, Paul - Sales & Marketing Director: The K92 Limited
Barton, Tom - PR Manager: Capgemini UK
Barton, Greg - Director: Nationwide Paper Traders Ltd
Barton, Graham - Marketing Director: Tribal Data Solutions
Barton, Richard - Director: Cover-Zone
Barton, Dave - Sales and customer services: CSM Electronics Ltd
Barton, Christopher - Owner: CJB Interactive
Barton, Steve - Sales: Press -Tech Engineering (UK) Ltd
Barton, Paul - Sales Director: SRM Industries
Barton, Paul - Sales & Marketing Manager: SRM Peakland Ltd - Head Office and Manufacturing
Barton, Julia - Managing Director: David Barton International Ltd
Barton, Mark - Account Executive: Palmar Avard & Galloway Limited
Barton, Alan - MD: Alan Barton Associates
Barton, Andy - Owner: AJB Web Design
Barton, Bert - Director: Pikrose Ltd
Bartram, Glen - Work shop manager: Elite Furnishings
Bartram, Christina - Designer: Elite Furnishings
Bartram, S - Office Manager: SMS Veneering Services Ltd
Bartrope, Steve - : Severn Bore Piling Ltd - Head Office
Bartucca, Nicoletta - Data Manager : SBID
Barwell, Peter - Director: Pmb Transport Training
Barwell, Jennifer - Director: Arena Personnel Ltd
Barwick, Chris - MD: Ovenden Earthmoving Company Ltd
Barwick, Terence - Partner: Phoenix (A.J.T.)
Barwick, Steve - Sales & Marketing Manager: Parafix Tapes & Conversions Ltd
Bas, Evrim - Director: All Natural Tiles
Basford, R I - Co Secretary: Littleton & Badsey Growers Ltd
Bashir, Mo - Operations Manager: Advanced Colour Coatings Ltd
Bashir, Sonia - Owner: The Phone Base
Basi, Raj - Account Manager: MultiSUITE Software
Basker, Anthony - Director: Ignition UK Ltd
Baskerfield, David - UK & European Sales Engineer: Versatile Controls Ltd
Baskerville, Heather - Sales Director: Craftwood Interiors Ltd
Baskott, Adrian - Sales Director: Alpeco Ltd
Baskott, Mike - Technical Director: Sterling Ltd
Bason, Ian - Sales Development Manager: Pollard Boxes Ltd
Bass, Simon - Sales: Team Refrigeration Ltd
Bass, Joanne - Owner: Early Learning Furniture
Bass, Clifton - MD: Navtech Engineers Ltd
Bass, Andrew - Partner: Murray Uniforms
Bass, Mark - owner: Anvil Shutters Ltd
Bass, - CEO: Bassy's Removals (Notts) Ltd
Bass, Peter - Account Manager: MultiSUITE Software
Bass, Jackie - Brand Manager: Display Solutions Ltd
Bass, Jason - Sales Manager, Hardware: Cerberus Ltd
Bassatt, David - Managing Director: Medland Sanders
Bassett, Mark - Projects Director: ULVA Ltd
Bassett, James - Sales Director: Nylaplas Engineering Ltd
Bassindale, Catherine - Director: SchoolGuru
Bastable, Myra - Proprietor: Satellite Office Solutions
Bastin, George - Director: South West Battery Charging Systems
Bastock, Keith - Managing Director: Gunn JCB Landpower Ltd - Head Office
Bastock, Tony - Managing Director: Contract Chemicals Ltd
Baston, Keith - Managing Director: P J Hare Ltd
Bastow, Vernon - : Three Hundreds Building Ltd
Batchelor, Andy - Sales Manager: Nomad Ltd
Batchelor, Ron - Production Director: Switched Mode Ltd
Batchelor, Joanne - Director: Batchelor Polyurethanes Ltd
Batchelor, Graham - Production Director: JCE Group - JCE Europe
Batchelor, Simon - Managing Director: Commerce Computers Ltd
Batchelor, Johnathon - Managing Director: Ramus Seafoods
Batchelor, Keith - Director: Batchelor Farm Supplies
Bate, David - Sales Director: Condor Cases Ltd
Bate, David - Head of Centre of Excellence: Nikon Metrology - X-Tek Systems
Bate, Steve - Sales & Marketing Manager: Bishton Spring Products Ltd
Bate, Chris - General Manager: JJ Engineering
Bate, Herb - MD: Argus Fire Protection Co Ltd
Bateman, Nigel - Export Sales: Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd
Bateman, Richard - Managing Director: R J Bateman Engineering
Bateman, Peter - Director: Bateman Thermotooling Ltd
Bateman, Nick - : ictinsite - ICT (NW) Limited
Bateman, Damien - : Bateman Thermotooling Ltd
Bates, Neil - Director: Creactive Design
Bates, Doug - Director (Consulting Exploration Geologist): GeoDivining International - Head Office
Bates, Peter - Sales & Marketing Director: Zepher UK Ltd
Bates, Nathan - Manager: Diamond Trowel
Bates, Stewart - Managing Director: Bates of Ash Ltd
Bates, N - Development Chef: Angelo Po UK - APCA United Kingdom Ltd
Bates, Ivor - Director: Bates Heating & Plumbing Ltd
Bates, Tom - Managing Director: Biggin Hill Metal Co
Bates, R - MD: Totternhoe Lime & Stone Co Ltd
Bates, Sue - Technical Sales - Training: Carl Stahl Evita Ltd
Bates, Dan - Production Director: M12 Engineering
Bates, Simon - Director: Fast Gaskets & Parts Ltd
Bates, Julie - Account Manager: Aikona Project Management Training
Bates, Rodney - Director: Firstcall Photographic Ltd
Bates, Stephen - Director of Communications: Envirocomms
Bates, Gary - Heating Engineer: GGB Heating Solutions
Bates, Nick - Managing Director: IExtreme Ltd
Bates, Clive - Technical Sales & Dealer Manager - North: Stanley Handling Limited
Bates, Darrel - Owner: Manchester Tyre Services Ltd
Bates, Edward - Managing Director: EB Equipment Ltd
Bateson, Brian - Managing Director: Bateson Trailers Ltd
Bateson, Robert - Managing Director: Flax UK
Bateson, John - Managing Director: Stratlab Ltd
Bateson, AnnMarie - Managing Director: AA Catering Disposables
Batey, Tom - Director: Eclipse Net Solutions Ltd
Bath, James - Manager: Guild Home Improvements Ltd
bathee, bathee - owner: Bathee
Baths, Waters - Waters Baths of Ashbourne: Waters Baths of Ashbourne
Baton, Phil - Operations Manager: Robbins & Myers (Moyno Inc)
Batson, Stephen - Joint Managing Director: Free Clix Ltd
Batt, Claire - Director: Akro Ltd
Battams, Gerald - Director: Tecstream Ltd
Batten, Idris - Director: Stovart Ltd
Batter, John - Director: The Mosaic Company Ltd
Batter, Christine - Director: The Mosaic Company Ltd
Batters, Derek - Manager: Vibratory Stress Relieving BAT
battersby, richard - Managing Director: Carter-Wells Business Solutions
Battersby, Catherine - Company Secretary: Arcomedical Infusion Ltd
Battershill, Lisa - Foot health practitioner: Feet Fixers
Battle, Hayley - Senior Sales: ReeceR Space Ltd
Battrick, Wendy - Director: Osco Ltd
Battrick, Wendy - Director: Osco Ltd
Battrick, April - Marketing Manager: Osco Ltd
Batty, Alan - Managing Director: Raynor JCB Ltd
Batty, Graham - Managing Director: Grampian Catering Equipment Ltd
Baty, Clive - Managing Director: LEN Ltd
Bauckham, Peter - Managing Director: Argos Inspection Co Ltd
Baugh, Adrian - MD: IF Solutions Ltd
Baum, Steve - Director: Pukka Signs - PVC Banners
Baum, Lisa - Sales Team Supervisor: D G Controls Limited
Baum, Simon - New Business: Yes People Marketing Ltd
Baumann, H - MD: Russell Ltd
Baume, David - Director: Hook Mason
Baverstock, Colin - MD: Cambertronics Ltd
Baverstock, Ivan - Managing Director: Foodesco Ltd
Bavington, James - Web Development Manager: Creare Group
Bavington, James - Owner: Mint Coaches
Bavister, Stephen - MD: LexisClick Online Marketing
Bax, Stephen - MD: Direct Paint Plant Services
Baxendale, January - Director: Lynvale Ltd
Baxter, Andrew - Sales Manager: Mail Electronics Ltd
Baxter, Sean - General Manager: Manor Packaging Ltd
BAXTER, JAYNE - DIRECTOR: Maltone Engineering Services Ltd
Baxter, Daniel - Business Development Manager: EWS - Grouphomesafe
Baxter, David - Director: British Bird Food
Baxter, Paul - Head of Sales & Marketing: Warwick Chemicals
Baxter, Lorna - Researcher: The Sales Recruitment Network
Baxter, David - Managing Director: Oakdale Project Management Services Ltd
Baxter, Nick - Owner: The Worcester Wine Co.
Baxter, Laura - Marketing Manager: INOV8 Technologies Ltd
Baxter, Ray - Principal: Baxter Associates
Baxter, Martin - Regional Director: TeeJet North Europe
Baxter, John - IT Manager: Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd
Baxter, Simon - Sales & Marketing Director: Electroquip Ltd
Bayat, Thomas - MD: Optolink & Isocom Ltd
Bayes, George - Owner: Bayes Roofing (Suffolk)
Bayley, Tony - Partner: ABSCO Limited
Bayley, Paul - Sales Director: Newbay Engineering Ltd
Bayley, Mike - Sales & QA Director: Barric Ltd
Bayley, Spencer - MD: Baycom Optics Ltd
Bayley, Mark - Director: Mail Shot International Ltd
Baylis, Chris - Managing Director: Reclaimed Building Supplies
Bayliss, Nathan - Owner: Simply Advanced Limited
Bayliss, Phil - Managing Director: Hard Anodising Ltd
Bayliss, Nathan - Director: Blue Ridge Electrical Systems Ltd
Bayliss, Dan - : Abacus Masonry & Conservation Ltd
Bayliss, James - Operations Manager: Independent Integrity Inspection (Indei) Ltd
Bayliss, Mandy - Sales Office Manager: Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd
Bayliss, Justin - Owner: Justin Bayliss Ltd
Bayliss, A - Sales and Marketing Manager: Kingsword Limited
Baynham, Roger - Managing Director: Philip Tyler Polymers Ltd
Baynton, Rex - MD: Stephens Gaskets Ltd
Baynton, Piers - Sales Manager: Stephens Gaskets Ltd
Bazso, Deborah - Commercial Director: European Electrical Laminations Ltd
Beach, Damon - Industrial Sales Manager: Ultrawave Ltd
Beach, Michael - Managing Director: Hitex (UK) Ltd
Beacham, Michael - MD: Watermota Ltd
Beachill, John - Director: EZPZ Software Limited
Beachnall, John - Partner: R & PE Baker
Beacon, Chris - : Heatexchangers South West Limited
Beadle, Robert - Technical Design Manager: S G System Products Ltd
Beadle, Peter - : Flatpack Assembly Stevenage
Beafley, Wendy - Internal Sales Coordinator: Heil Trailers International
Beagle, Jenny - Director: Bridge Marine
Beale, Lynda - Administration Manager: Rapley & Co
Beale, Mick - MD: Mercury Thread Gauges Ltd
Beale, Richard - Managing Director: Stanford Livestock International Ltd
Beale, Sandra - Director: SJ Beale HR Consult
Beale, Darren - Director: Custard Computing Ltd
Beall, Graham - MD: Chess Systems
Beamand, Paul - Partner: County Business Systems
BEANEY, KARL - : Beaneys Design
Beard, Ivor - Works Manager: Gloucester Heat Treatment Ltd
Beard, Trevor - Sales Manager: Wells-CTI Europe
Beard, Jason - Company Secretary: C & M Recycling Skip Hire Ltd
Beard, Steve - Sales Manager: Arrowvale Electronics
Beard, Alan - General Manager: Euroquip Newent Limited
Beard, Julian - Director: Lime & Mortar Limited
Beard, Derek - MD: Fine Mesh Metals
Bearder, Denise - Financial Controller: E Flat Minor Ltd
Beardmore, Jude - Director: Dynamic Balancing Services Ltd
Beardow, N J H - Sales and Marketing Director: Beardow Adams
Beardow, Alan - Partner: Beardow & Associates
Beardsmore, A - International Sales Manager: Ecosyl Products Ltd - Volac International Limited
Beardsmore, - Marketing Manager: Niagra Lasalle UK Ltd
Beare, Jonathan - Director: Brompton Capital
Beare, David - Director: Corguv Ltd
Beare, Will - Director: Echo Video Productions Ltd
Bearne, Esther - Director: International Control Components
Beasley, Terry - Director: T & M Plant Hire Ltd
Beasley, Robert - Sales Director: Brownell Ltd
Beastall, Richard - MD : Wired4Digital
Beat, Malcolm - Director: Banner Fluid Power Ltd
Beaton, Iain - Sales Executive: Amari Plastics plc
Beaton, James - : StillMoving
Beaton, John - MD: Caldive Ltd
Beattie, Edward - Director: Polysec Coldrooms Ltd
Beattie, Laura - Marketing: CapRock Communications
Beattie, Ray - General Manager: Wilkie Engineering Ltd
Beattie, Odette - Marketing: Managed Enterprise Technologies
Beattie, Nic - Sales Director: Scotia Radio Services Ltd
Beaujean, K M - Director: Fire Defence Servicing Ltd
Beaumont, Paul - Managing Director: Beaumont (BIACS) Ltd
Beaumont, John - Sales Manager: Marposs Ltd
Beaumont, James - Office Services Manager: Headwater Holidays
Beaumont, John - Managing Director: Stanbridge Ltd
Beaumont, Martyn - : MSB Property Ltd
Beaumont, Richard - Managing Director: The E-learning List
Beavan, Jeremy - Director: Docuplus Print & Communication
Beaver, Derek - Owner: Beaver Industrial Coatings
Beavis, David - Director: UK Stationers
Beavis, Ivan - Manager: Marcaddy Cable Reel Systems
Beavis, Michael - Owner: BlueCube Building Services
Beavon, Marcus - Quality Supervisor: Laser Process Ltd
Beazley, Richard - Plumber: Priory Gas Heating
Bebee, Steve - Production Manager: Beta Industrial Finishes Ltd
Becherraz, Pascale - Administration Manager: Wells Plastics Ltd
Bechler, Pete - Sales Manager: George T Brown
Beck, Tim - Product Sales Specialist: Time & Frequency Solutions Ltd
Beck, Clifford H - MD: ON Beck & Co
Beck, Bill - Director: MCS Test Equipment
Beck, James - Director: Ocktcom Ltd
Beck, R L - Managing Director: R L Beck
Beck, CD - Parts and Account Man: GE Power Systems
Beck, Adam - Director: Ampfab Ltd
Beck, S A - Director: ON Beck & Co
Becker, Lawrence - Owner: YBS Composites
Becker, Lawrence - Owner: YBS Composites
Beckett, Mike - Propietor: Catchpole Recruitment Consultants
Beckett, Julie - HR Manager: Weston EU Ltd
Beckett, Yvette - Managing Director: My Marketing Ltd
Beckett, Andrew - MD: Maxey Moverley Ltd
Beckett, Geoff - Marketing Manager: GRM Development Solutions Ltd
Beckett, John - Director: Europac Metrology
Beckford, Margaret - Propriotor: Clearer Cleaning Solutions
Beckford, Abbie - Marketing and Communications Manager: 1Spatial
Beckingham, Kate - Partner: Clear Results
Beckingham, John - MD: Solar Microfilm Equipment Ltd
Beckingham, Philip - MD: Heraeus Metal Polishing Ltd
Beckingham, Andrew - Western Manager: Lincolnshire Machinery Ring Ltd
Beckman, Howard - Director: Ct Graphics Ltd
Beckwith, George - Sales Manager: R C Boreham & Co
Beddoes, Brian - Managing Director: Beddoes Bros
Beddow, Charles - Chairman: Blitz Communications Ltd
Beddows, Haydn - Sales Director: Micron Sprayers Ltd
Bede, Mark - : KD Marine Ltd
Bedford, Greg - Business Development Manager: Eurotubes UK Ltd
Bedford, Ken - Sales Manager: KB Blinds
Bedford, Micheal - Managing Director: CA Grant Ltd
Bee, Jon - Director: Bee Safe Leisure Ltd
Beebee, Robert - Managing Director: IPU Group
Beeby, Mark - Company Director : ProTech AllWeather
Beeby, P - Manager: Rayner JCB
Beeby, Mark - Director: Pro-Moulds (Midlands) Ltd
Beech, Clive - MD: Industrial Calibration
Beech, Jeremy - Director: Swanley Computers Ltd
Beech, David - Director: Braithwaite Engineers Ltd
Beech, Matt - Sales: Plastim Ltd
Beech, Mick - Machine Sales Manager: Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions Ltd
Beech, John - Managing Director: Beckett Abrasives Ltd
Beech, Ian - MD: Cloos (UK) Ltd
Beech, Kevin - National Sales Manager: Bendex Plastics Ltd
BeechAllen, Peter - Principal: Wessex Forum
Beecham, Darryl - Sales Director: Rotamec Ltd
Beecham, Sylvia - Pre-Press Manager: Hobbs the Printers Ltd
Beecham, Emma - Support Desk Manager: Lonsdale Health & Safety Consultants
Beecher, Derek - Sales Director: Wasp Switches Ltd
Beeching, Alan - Director: PLP Fire & Security Ltd
Beedell, Alan - Technician: Ultimate Steel Ltd
Beeden, Ashley - MD: Croft Engineering
Beer, Judy - Director: Boxline Ltd
Beerling, Colin - Owner: Spectrum Printing & Mailing Services
Beesley, John - Managing Director: Saturn Spraying Systems Ltd
BeesleyReynolds, Christopher Robin - Owner: Harlequin Training
Beeston, Alan - Sales Office Manager: Eurovent Ltd
Beeston, Mark - Purchasing manager: MultiFactor Europe Limited
Beet, David - Marketing Manager: United Cast Bar Limited
Beetham, Mike - Senior Consultant: Isoquest
Beeton, Stuart - Sales Director: Iveco Ltd
Beg, Peter - Owner: 1st Class Executive Private Hire/Chauffeur Service
Begbie, Jason - Sales Manager: ClearTel Ltd
Begent, James - Manager: Detect 2 - Reboot Media Ltd
Begg, Calam - Port Manager: Forth Ports plc
Beggs, Gordon - Works Manager: Mallinson Fabrications Ltd
Beglar, Ali - Director: Toga Design Ltd
Begum, Zarda - Customer Service Coordinator: FOSVA Training
Begum, Zarda - Customer Service Coordinator: Freelance Office Services & Virtual Assistance Limited
Beharall, Derek - Managing Director: Doff Portland Ltd
Beharie, Robert - Partner: Imaginehowe Design
Behiels, Anthony - MD: Annequin Displaywell
Beil, Audra - Business Owner: Let Cleanness Be Ltd
Beken, N - Sales Manager: Alan Barton Associates
Belchamber, John - MD: Clearway Explosives Services Ltd
Belcher, Perry - Director: TAG Plastic Extrusions Ltd
Belcher, Julian - Sales Administrator: M.I.P Ltd
Belcher, Stuart - Owner: Auto Access
Belgrave, Nigel - Director: Shades Window Films Ltd
Belgrove, Kevin - Operations Director: Photo Data (Hitchin) Ltd
Belk, Jonathon - Sales Account Manager: A1 Shutters
Bell, Tom - Artistic Director: Reckless Invention Street Theatre
Bell, j - : Trec Nutrition
Bell, Nick - Development Director: DataOnline (UK) Ltd
Bell, David - Sales: Preline Limited
Bell, Stephen - MD: Wardson Machine Knives Ltd
Bell, Ian - Manager: Crystal Sigma Ltd
Bell, Gordon - Director: Home Energy Surveys Ltd
Bell, James - Sales Director: Maxebar Ltd
Bell, George - MD: Techno-Vision Systems Ltd
Bell, Ian - Key Account Director: OPM Group
Bell, Mark - Technical Manager: Decra Roof Systems Ltd
Bell, S - : John H. Rundle Ltd
Bell, Martin - Managing Director: Orlin Technologies Ltd
Bell, Keith - UK Country Manager: Ortho Europe Ltd
Bell, M - Managing Director: Quisine Foods Ltd
Bell, Clive - M.D: PR Circuits Ltd
Bell, Alasdair - Managing Director: Bell Machinery Ltd
Bell, Andrea - Domestic Sales: NRF (Northern Resin Flooring) Ltd
Bell, Tom - : Fly Guides UK Fly Casting Instructors
Bell, Jon - Technical Sales Manager: CK Isotopes
Bell, Jim - Manager: Voltek Automation Ltd
Bell, Michael - Managing Director: Iridian Ltd
Bell, Warren - MD: Murray Productions Co. Ltd
Bell, Nathan - Managing Director: Openda Ltd
Bell, Andrew - : The Data Hospital
Bell, SunnieBell - executive: Smart Scooters
Bell, Stuart - Owner: Creative Creations - Head Office
Bell, Helen - Sales Manager: Keytracker Ltd
Bell, Martin - MD: Uin Foods Limited
Bell, Keith - Managing Director: Design 4 Plastics Ltd
Bell, Ivan - Marketing Manager: National Security Systems Group
Bell, Derek - Commercial Manager: Spear & Jackson Ltd
Bell, Dave - MD: D G B Hydraulic Services (South Wales) Ltd
Bell, Stephen - UK Manager: Stuvex Safety Systems Ltd
Bell, Robert - MD: Ricardo-AEA
Bell, Lorraine - General Manager: Bailey Norman (Engineers) Ltd
Bell, Joe - MD: Kverneland Group UK Ltd
Bell, Mark - Engineering Director: Hazardous Technical Services Ltd
Bell, David - Head of Projects : Butterworth Laboratories Ltd
Bell, David - Manager: The Station
Bell, Jon - Technical Sales Manager: CK Special Gases Limited
Bell, James - Author: Avacade Investments
Bell, Daniel - Director: Conservenergy
Bell, Steve - New Business/Projects Director: Recycling UK Ltd - Head Office
Bell, Andrew J - Director: National Masonry Ltd
Bell, Darren - Sales Manager: Murray Productions Co. Ltd
Bell, Clive - Managing Director: Fluidair Ltd
Bell, John - Sales Executive: Clan Tools & Plant Ltd
Bell, Ken - Director: Bells of Erdington (1963) Ltd
Bell, Isobel - Office Manager: Exchange Communications Ltd
Bell, Bob - Associate: Petts Consulting Limited
Bell, Doug - Director: Diemaking & Diecutting Supplies Ltd
Bell, Tracey - Marketing Coordinator: European Land Solutions Ltd
Bell, Simon - Operations Manager: Simmons (Mouldings) Ltd
Bell, Donna - Director: Telmec Engineering Limited
Bell, Gavin - Managing Director: A & M Macrete Ltd
Bell, David - Managing Director: Assyst Bullmer Ltd
Bell, Kevin - Sales Manager: Kranlyft UK Ltd
Bell, Michael - Project Manager: Peerless Systems
Bellamy, G N - Partner: Fentons of Bourne
Bellamy, Richard - : Richard Bellamy MBIAC
Bellamy, Christopher - Managing Director: Bellamy Seafoods Ltd
Bellamy, M G - Partner: Fentons of Bourne
Belle, Justin - Director: Carva Car & Van Ltd
Bellerby, Douglas - International Purchasing Manager: Purification Products Ltd
Bellerby, Eileen - Company Secretary: Rotary Systems Limited
Bellm, Pat - Sales and Marketing: ITW Plexus
Bellwood, Steve - Managing Director: HB Technologies Ltd
Belt, Simon - Web and Technology Consultant: Simply Better It
Belte, Agris - Director: Windows Apps Factory
Belton, Katie - Sales & Marketing Manager: Epinet Communications plc
Belverge, Antoine - owner: A-Fire
Belverge, Antoine - owner: A-Fire
Bence, Robert - Representative: Rescue My Pension
Bend, Gary - Sales Manager: Isolated Systems Ltd
Bend, Patricia - Sales Manager: Textiles By St. Anne's
Bendal, RKA - Managing Director: Tech International
Bendrien, Helen - National Manager: Greenfield Trading UK Ltd
Beneduce, John - MD: B & I Fabrications Ltd
Benet, John - Uk Seo Service: seomatrics.co.uk
Benfield, Robert J - Director: Robert J Benfield Engineering Ltd
Benham, Gary - : Interchange Services Ltd
Benham, Peter - Projects Manager: Emerson Process Management - Bettis UK Ltd
Beniamous, Dean - Employee: KB Ferguson
Benjamin, Michael - Marketing Executive: Contextured
Benjamin, Harris - Owner: Harris Benjamin Photography
Benjamin, Allen - Marketing: The Cornish Clearance Company
Benktander, Jonas - Managing Director: Innova Editions Ltd
Benn, Elizabeth - Office Manager: Music Marketing Services Ltd
Benner, Paul - Director: Cheap Flooring 4U
Bennet, Anthony - Managing Director: Legacy TV Group
Bennet, Jamie - Sales Manager: Planer plc
Bennett, Simon Bennett - : Venture Flooring
Bennett, Ian - Partner: A C I A Engineering Acoustics
Bennett, Stuart - Partner: Metalform
Bennett, George - Publisher: Industrial Technology Ltd
Bennett, Margaret - Director: Marshire Engineering Co. Ltd
Bennett, Jamie - : MB PAT Testing & Maintenance
Bennett, Paul - MD: CE-TEK
Bennett, Melanie - Operations Director: Viking Industrial Products Ltd
Bennett, Richard - Sales Manager: Messer Cutting Systems
Bennett, Jeremy - MD: Imperial Office Furniture Ltd
Bennett, Richard - Technical Sales: Letterbox Solutions
Bennett, Alan - Technical Director: Advanced Structures Ltd
Bennett, David - Director: Clwydian Ecology
Bennett, Paul - Director: Fast Fix Direct Ltd
Bennett, Brian L - Author Publisher: Object Communication
Bennett, Jim - Marketing Manager: Smith's Environmental Products Ltd
Bennett, Chris - Parts : Marine Engine Services Ltd
BENNETT, MICHAEL - SALES MANAGER: South Midlands Communications Ltd
Bennett, Graham - Creative Director: Sibling Media Ltd
Bennett, Ted - MD: Heathyards Engineering Co Ltd
Bennett, Steve - Managing Director: Midas Precision Metalwork Ltd
Bennett, Arthur - : Land Of Rugs Online Ltd
Bennett, Chris - Consultant: Park Chemicals Ltd
Bennett, Pete - IMAX SEO: IMAX SEO
Bennett, Rodney - Proprietor: Mid Norfolk Manchinery
Bennett, Simon - Sales Director: Holmbury Ltd
Bennett, Wendy - Sales & Marketing Director - 07889 812 580: Lost Wax Development Ltd
Bennett, Craig - customer services manager: Blaze Europe Ltd
Bennett, Ian - Engineering Engineering: Canning Conveyor Co Ltd
Bennett, Richard - Managing Director: Data Connect Ltd
Bennett, Gordon - Director: Marshire Engineering Co. Ltd
Bennett, Alex - Sales Manager: CE-TEK
Bennett, Bob - Sales Manager: MTT Technologies Group
Bennett, Colin - Managing Director: Viking Industrial Products Ltd
Bennett, Colin - Owner: Colin E.J. Bennett Transport
Bennett, Tony - Sales Director: Non Entry Systems Ltd
Bennett, Mike - Director: PCG Glass
Bennett, Rebecca - Cleaners Carpet: Cleaners Carpet
Bennett, Joey - Marketing Executive: Kennington Removals
Bennett, Ian - Managing Director: Heat & Power Services Ltd
Bennett, Nicola - Director: Intergrated Office Solutions Ltd
Bennett, Nicola - Sustainability Project Manager: Corus Steel Packaging Recycling
Bennett, Paul - MD: Fascia Graphics Ltd
Bennett, Malcolm - Technical Manager: Techniquip Limited
Bennett, Natasha - owner: Quite Great Music Marketing
Bennett, Graham - Director: Fast Fix Direct Ltd
Bennett, Ian - MD: Mercer Print (UK) Ltd
bennette, matthew - Online Marketing Manager: ICS Heat Pumps
Bennetts, Phil - Owner: TAG Services
Bennetts, Phil - Owner: Smallholder Directory
BennettSime, Isobel - Administration Manager: MSA Manufacturing Ltd
Benning, Bob - Director: Roben Equipment
Bennison, H M - Managing Director: Technorton Ltd
Beno, Harish - Pci Compliance: Pci compliance
Beno, James - Mobile Phone Signal Booster: Smart-boost
Benoit, Virginia - : Cindele Ltd
Bensky, Pat - Managing Director: Catbase Software Ltd
Bensley, Gordon - MD: Triac Services Ltd
Benson, Greg - Studio Manager: Adris Ltd
Benson, Vicki - Office Manager: Centre for Facilities Consultancy Ltd
Benson, Mike - Managing Director: Airware International Ltd
Benson, A P - Owner: A P Benson Roofing Contractors
Benson, Steve - Sales Director: Showmaster Ltd
Benson, Justin - Managing Director: ISL Component Cleaning
Benson, Greg - Studio Manager: Adris Cad Studio
Benson, Steve - owner: 1st Call Builders - Steve Benson Building Contractors
Benson, Richard - Managing Director: F R Benson & Partners Ltd
Benson, Justin - Managing Director: Impregnation Services Ltd
benson, martin - manager: SUNTRUST LIMITED
Benson, Patrick - Technical and Marketing Director: Plascoat Systems Ltd
BensonSmith, Ali - : Restaurant & Catering Consultancy
Bent, Keith - Manager: Paxford Ltd
Bent, Melanie - MD: Paxford Ltd
Bent, Richard - Owner: Safeclean Hillingdon
Bentall, Doug - MD: Iona Communications
Bentham, Robert - Managing Director: Benoil Services Ltd
Bentham, Darren - Managing Director: Perry Process Equipment Ltd
Bentham, Naomi - Reception: NRF (Northern Resin Flooring) Ltd
Benthan, Robert - Managing Director: Sign Up Ltd
Bentley, Adrian - Partner: Vibratory Stress Relieving Co.
Bentley, Mike - Energy Consultant: MJ Bentley
Bentley, Julie - General Manager: Hospitality Av
Bentley, Tom - MD: Priory Hardwoods Ltd
Bentley, Peter - Director: Air Movement Systems Ltd
Bentley, Amanda - Financial & Commercial Manager: MY Healthcare Ltd
Bentley, Bob - Manager: I Net Sales Ltd - Head Office
Bentley, Trevor - : P & M Services (Rochdale) Ltd
Bentley, Brian - Owner: LJB Designs
Bentley, Bernard M - Joint Managing Director: L B Bentley Ltd
Benton, Cheryl - Director: Supoffac Wholesale
Benton, Mike - Technical Director: Independent Protective Coatings Ltd
Benton, Rob - Director: Heightworks Ltd
Benton, Roger - Marketing Manager: Bosch Rexroth Ltd
Benton, Keith - Director: Air Energy Ltd
Bentwood, Howard - Founder and Managing Partner: Cedar
Benz, Karl - Managing Director: Benz Ltd
Benzie, Tom - Engineering Director: RFT Systems (Aerospace) Ltd
Berbank, Laura - Sales: Uniware Systems Ltd
Berenger, Ricardo - IT Manager: ABRA Wholesale Ltd
Beresford, Chris - Director: Bereton Electronics Ltd
Beresford, Ed - Sales & Marketing Manager: Brit European Transport Ltd
Beresford, Gordon - Director: Beresford Roofing Ltd
Beresford, Ernest - Director: Beresford Roofing Ltd
Berger, Jan - Managing Director: Trigon Mailing Services
Berger, Gerard - Manager: Warwick Machine Tools Ltd
Bergin, John - Sales Manager: Texcel Technology plc
Bergman, Alan - Managing Director (CEO): Dans-Ez International Ltd
Bergman, Steven - marketing: Removals and Storage London
Berka, Richard - Export Manager, MCM Ltd: MCM (Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd)
Berkit, John - Owner: Assured Gate Services
Berkley, Warren - Director: Prospects4Corporate Travel - Corporate Travel Recruitment Agency
Berman, Derek - Managing Director: Dorcom Ltd
Bernard, Andy - Photographer: Video & Memories
Bernard, I - Project Manager: NT Security Ltd
Bernard, Elena - Marketing Manager: Canon Copiers
Bernie, Brian - General Manager: Gray Fabrication Ltd
Berrell, Sean - Marketing: Pop-Up Banners
Berrett, Lisa - Sales Director: CLB Precision Engineers Ltd
Berridge, Simon - Proprietor: Barnwell Trailers
Berrie, Sally - Owner: Little Chef Big Chef
Berrie, Kenny - Technical Manager: Dieselec Thistle Generators
Berrow Court, Berrow - : BerrowCourt
Berry, Paul - Company Director: Officeworx Ltd
Berry, Peter - Managing Partner: VIP Labels
Berry, HK 'Chuck' - Principal: HKB Humidification
Berry, John - Sales Manager for Heavy Industry: Bosch Rexroth Ltd
Berry, John - Sales Director: Kasdon Electronics Ltd
Berry, Dave - Web Designer: Fireflash Web Developments
Berry, Maurice - Director (retired): Crossfield Excalibur Limited
Berry, Miles - Financial Director: Automatic Components Ltd
Berry, Bob - Proprietor: Bob Berry, Fencing
Berry, Steph - Customer Service Manager: GF-GB Limited
Berry, Clare - Customer Service Team Leader: Polytone Limited
Berry, Mark - PremiAir: PremiAir
Berry, Chris - MD: Nason Foster Ltd
Berry, Thomas - International Internal Sales Engineer: IntraAction Europe
Berry, Lynsey - BIG Badge Senior Account Manager: B.I.G
Berry, Andy - Group Commercial Manager: Weston EU Ltd
Berry, Peter - Proprietor: Peter Berry Associates
Berry, Jamie - Contracts Manager: Electrical Testing Ltd
Berse, Bill - General Manager: Fircroft Engineering Services
Bertellotti, Remo - Owner: Blue Dot Signs
Berthiaume, Nicky - Director: Advance Shutters Ltd
Berthonneau, Alex - Web Marketing Manager: iGadgetsRecycled
Berthoud, Philippe - Proprietor: Arcadia Irrigation
Bertie, Oliver - sales: Cb Digital Group Ltd
Bertie, Sara - Sales and Marketing Manager: ES Global Ltd
Bertuello, Roy - Director: Procol Limited
Berwick, Alexina - Sales and Marketing Manager: ChemOvation Ltd
Bessell, Paul - Director: UK Industrial Pallets (Southern) Ltd
Bessell, Steve - Business Services Manager: Amcor Flexibles
Best, John - MD: Hobday Ltd
Best, Nigel - Director: Electrician Courses 4U
Best, Will - Manager: PAT Labels Online - Leedmarque Labels & Print
Best, Sarah - Director: Soda Design Ltd
Best, Will - Manager: Label Bar
Best, Nigel - Business Manager: Schenck Ltd
Best, P - Projects Director: Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd
Best, Anthony - Chairman: Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd
Beswick, J - Managing Director: Edeco Petroleum Services Ltd
Beswick, Kerry - Managing Director: KB Logic Limited
Beswick, Paul - Director: Gentech Electrical (UK) Ltd
Bethell, George - Managing Director: George Bethell Ltd
Bettany, Andy - Director: Bettaquip
Bettesworth, Steve - Director: SB Security Solutions Ltd
Bettinson, Roger - Managing Director: Bettinsons Fertilizers Ltd
Betts, Daniel - Mktg: Stephen Betts & Sons Ltd
Betts, Chris - Sales Manager: Dectek Ltd
Betts, Stephen - Principal: Aroma Training Academy
Betts, John - Sustainability Director: Isys International Ltd
Betts, David - Managing Director: Kentinental Engineering Ltd
Betts, Paul - Owner: Need PC Repair
Bevan, John - Managing Director: Submex Ltd
Bevan, Kathy - Sales Manager: Cottam Brush Ltd
Bevan, Harry - Manager: Timber Treatments (Southern) Ltd
Bevan, Martin - Director: Oracle Window Solutions
Bevan, Malcolm - Managing Director: Executive Futures Ltd
Bevan, Anthony - Partner: Phoenix (A.J.T.)
Bevan, Mark - Director: SWL Ropes, Lifting & Testing Ltd
Bevan, Richard - Director: Website Design
Bevan, Wesley - Freelance Web Designer: Freelance Web Designer - Wes Bevan
Bevan, Bryn - Interim Management Associtate: Cedar
Bevan, Marcus - : AquaGard Roofing Solutions
Bevan, Anthony - Partner: Phoenix (A.J.T.)
Bevan, Terry - Director: Trends Business Research Ltd
Bevens, Roger - Sales Estimator: Biogas Technology Ltd
Beveridge, Finn - Managing Director: Hydratron Ltd
Beverley, Jim - Managing Director: Beverley Steel Ltd
Bevington, Chris - : Hydraline Engineering Ltd
Bevins, John - Director: Newfold Ltd
Bevis, Andy - Special Projects: Porvair Filtration Group Ltd
Bevis, James - : Get Going Media
Bevis, Andy - Special Projects: Porvair Filtration Group Ltd
Bewers, Keith - Director: Llewellyn Plant Hire
Bewley, Nick - Managing Director: CCL Software Ltd
Bewry, Sharon - Company Secretary: Access Integrated Systems Ltd
Bewsher, Tony - Marketing Manager: Umoe Schat-Harding Ltd
Beynon, Jon - Sales Director: Bete Ltd
Beynon, Richard - Sales Manager: Tecsec Europe Ltd
Bezendi, Andrea - Sales: Brunel Engineering Services
Bhabra, J - MD: IQC International Ltd
Bhabra, Amrik - MD: Adecs Ltd
Bhaji, Sunny - Director: Cars 4 Rental
Bhamra, Parminder - Technical Director: Systems Maintenance & Support Ltd
Bhangoo, Paul - Director: Bristol SEO Partnership
Bharwani, Meb - MD: Promo Products
Bhaskar, Amit - Managing Director: Webmirer
Bhatoa, Amandeep - Director: Computine Ltd
Bhatt, Andy - Director: Abee Signs (London) Ltd
Bhogal, - Commercial Manager: Hyflex Roofing
Bhogal, Paul - Head of Business Development: Ashbury Training
Bianco, Michael - SEO Consultant: Michael Bianco Internet Marketing Consultant
Bianco, Michael - SEO Consultant: Michael Bianco Internet Marketing Consultant
Biant, Manjit - Director: Organic Skin Care Products
Biant, M - Owner: Final Events
Bibby, Dennis - Sales & Marketing Director: Ross & Bonnyman Ltd
Bickerton, Aaron - Industrial Sales Mgr: Kavlico Corporation
Bickham, Paul - Managing Director: Sure Languages Limited
Bicknell, Glen - Director: PCG Glass
Bicknell, Dean - Samples / Art Studio Manager: Keylogo
Biddiscombe, Laura - Product Manager: Sarsen Technology Ltd
Biddle, Steve - Owner (MOBILE 0385 530002): Drain Serve
Biddle, Fiona - Managing Director: National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy
Biddlecombe, Alan - Operations Director: Protec Technical Ltd
Biddlecombe, Mandy - Sales Office Supervisor: Autonumis Limited
Biddleston, John - Owner: The BIG Consultant
Biddulph, N S - MD: Rossendale Engineering Co Ltd
Biddulph, Terry - Managing Director: Discus Systems plc
Biddulph, Eric - Director: Kenex Engineering Ltd
Bidwell, Stephen - MD: AP Technology Ltd
Bieg, Martin - Power Contact Business Unit Manager: Icore International Ltd
Biegaj, Jaroslaw - Company Director: Insulation Shop
Bielby, Paul - Production Director: Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd
Biffet, Elaine - Personel Manager: Torin Ltd
Biffet, David - Director: Luton Metal Castings Ltd
Biggin, Peter - MD: Steel City Marketing Ltd
Biggin, Rachel - : Adamson Jones
Biggins, Dene - Sales Administrator: Kelpack Ltd
Biggins, Rob - Director: Arboles UK Ltd
Biggins, Duncan - Managing Director: BG Controls Integrated Systems Ltd
Biggins, Rebecca - Director: Cream Castles
Biggs, Tony - Shipping Manager: C.F.S Freight Forwarding Ltd
Biggs, David - Commercial Director: Brett Martin Daylight Systems
Biggs, Brian - MD: Hempstead Hydroponics
Biggs, John - Managing Director: FAD (UK) Ltd
Biggs, Edward - Managing Director: Milbrooke Printers
Biggs, John - Managing Director: Bexwell Tractors Ltd - Head Office
Biggs, Steven - Technical Sales: Howden Electro Heating (Howden Electroheating)
Bignal, Mark - Director: Dowlings Ltd
Bignall, David - Managing Director: Grammer Seating Systems Ltd
Bignell, Charles - Finance Director: Fluid Transfer International Ltd
Bignell, Paul - Managing Director: Castlemount Ltd
Bigster, Dave - Plant Manager: MetoKote (UK) Ltd
Bilal, Debora - : Dheminis
Bilan, Parmjit - Pharmaceutical Testing Manager: Lucideon
Bilgorri, Chloe - Marketing Manager: Power Systems International Ltd
Bill, Glyn - Chicken Coop: Chicken Coops 2u
Bill, David - Sales Director: Dorlain Ltd
Billany, John - Director: Linden Group Ltd
Billing, Jonathan - Marketing Programmes Manager: Lynx Technology Ltd
Billingham, Andy - Managing Director: EMKA (UK) Ltd
Billingham, Steve - Managing Director: Geotech
Billingham, Terry - General Manager: F C Parry
Billingham, Peter - Sales: Structural Glass Solutions Ltd
Billings, Lynnn - Research and Development Director: Finglow Ltd
Billings, Clive - QA Manager: AIC Technology (Europe) Ltd
Billingsley, Andrew - Managing Director: AXT Ltd
Billingsley, Bryn - Director: Blastcom (UK) Ltd
Billington, Frank - Director: Billington Gas Springs
Billington, Andrew - Service Sales Manager: HG Service & Support
Billington, Jo - Web Designer: Indigo Web Design
Billows, Colin - Joint Managing Director: Billows Protocol Ltd
Bills, B - Technical Engineering Manager: Yeovil Circuits Ltd
Bills, D - MD: Holtite Ltd
Bills, Tim - MD: ARBIL Ltd
Billson, Scott - Power & Transport Sales Manager: Harland Simon Power Solutions
Bilston, david - Sales Manager: Osborn Metals Ltd
Bindeeba, Godwill - Project Manager: Quick Lingo Ltd
Binder, Richard - Partner: Binder Ltd
Binder, Charles - Partner: Binder Ltd
Binder, Wallace - Partner: Binder Ltd
Bingham, Clive - Principle Consultant: CAB Consulting
Bingham, Ellen - Admin: vTrain
Bingham, Bill - Director: Bingham Precision Engineers Ltd
Bingham, David - MD: Switchgear & Systems Ltd
Bingley, Chris - MD: Capricorn Coating Services Ltd
Binks, Martin - Website Controller: Beaver International
Binney, Roger - Managing Director: Produce Studies Ltd
Binnie, Chris - General Manager: Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd
Binnington, Richard - Manager: AlphaGraphics Bristol
Binns, Nigel - Director: Pestex Services
Binns, Kimberley - Sales & Marketing Coordinator : Extract Technology Ltd
Binns, Sharon - Sales: George Baker (Shipping) Ltd
Bint, Rob - Operations Manager: Kensite Services Ltd
Birbeck, Peter - Managing Director: Calderprint Ltd
Birch, Simon - Managing Director: JustifyDigital
Birch, Elizabeth - Operations Manager: Market Shape Ltd
Birch, Tim - Contracts Manager: Bingham Rail Ltd
Birch, Clive - Director: Astute Engineering Limited
Birch, Clive - Production Manager: Thin Metal Films Ltd
Birch, Anthony - Industrial Marketing Manager: ITW Finishing Systems & Products
Birch, Robin - Owner: Pier Design
Birch, Carl - Sales Manager: Wells Plastics Ltd
Birch, Jacqui - Sales Manager: Bulgin Components - Elektron Technology
Birch, Jonathan - Business Development Manager: Stadium Crayons Ltd
Birch, Joanne - Commercial Director: Newey & Bloomer
Birch, John - Operations Manager: HFT Forklifts Ltd
Birchall, Julie - Sales Manager: SMG
Birchall, Steve - Partner: City Fire Protection & Maintenance Services LLP
Birchall, Keith - MD: Kesan Automation Ltd
Birchall, Richard - Principal: Richard Birchall Associates
Bircham, Adam - Product Support: Cherry & White
Birchenhough, A - Managing Director: Melstock AG Ltd
Birchley, Anthony - Proprietor: Birchley Products
Birchmore, Paul - Lab Sales Manager: Lenton
Bird, Andrew - Workshop Manager: Taylor Bends Ltd
Bird, Justin - Director: BuildIt Shop
Bird, Phillip - Director: Fylde Shopfittings
Bird, Steve - ArcGen Spare Parts Sales Advisor: Arc-Gen Hilta
Bird, David - Director: Javelin Irrigation Systems Ltd
Bird, Martin - Finance Director: Abbey Extrusions Ltd
Bird, John - Director: Bell Contractors Ltd
Bird, Total - : Total Bird Control
Bird, Kenneth - Proprietor: Ross Control Systems
Bird, AD - Sales: Parker Kislingbury Ltd
Bird, Tim - Sales: Storage Design Ltd
Bird, James - Director: ESB Environmental Ltd
Bird, E - Managing Director: West Country Grain
Bird, Martin - Director: Birdhouse Design Limited
Bird, John - Director: Maritime Consulting Associates Ltd
Biriyok, Cass - MD: Superior Security Services (London) Ltd
Birkdale, Graham - Technical Sales Director: Protek Electronics Ltd
Birkenshaw, Carl - Managing Director: NRF (Northern Resin Flooring) Ltd
Birkett, Neal - Director: Birkett Electric Limited
Birkmyre, Marcus - Sales: Nylon Fasteners Ltd
Birks, Richard - Account Manager: Argent Litho Ltd
Birks, B - MD: B Birks & Co Ltd
Birley, Paul - Director: Nationwide Bearing Co Ltd
Birley, Simon - Manager: Www.Irwebonline.com
Birley, Suzanne - Commercial Manager: Sizer Pelleting Solutions
birmingham, builders - Builders Birmingham: Builders4birmingham
Birney, John - Software Developer: John Birney - Software Developer
Birney, R - Laboratory Manager: Aquatron Breathing Air Systems
Birnie, Gavin - MD: Styropack UK Ltd
Birrell, Peter - Operations Director: Dynamic EMS Ltd
Birtswhistle, David - MD: DB Engineering Services UK Ltd
Birtwistle, Harold - Managing Director: PQE Ltd
Bisby, Mike - Resource Manager: Project Management Professional Solutions Ltd
Bischoff, Melissa - CEO: Party
Bisgrove, Richard - Director: Pure Choice
Bishop, Sebastian - Director: Fluffy Side Up
Bishop, Sam - owner: Bishops Group
Bishop, Gus - Marketing Manager: Nederman Ltd - Dantherm Filtration
Bishop, Andy - Director: Sub-it Co Uk
Bishop, Sean - Owner: Direct Building Services
Bishop, Jamie - Regional Marketing Manager: Tait Mobile Radio Ltd
Bishop, Chris - Technical Sales Engineer: DMS Flow Measurement & Control Limited
Bishop, Mark - MD: Protech Research Ltd
Bishop, Alison - Owner: Aquaworks Plumbing & Heating Ltd
Bishop, David - Managing Director: FAF Installations Ltd
Bishop, Stephen D - Centre Manager: CGG Processing - Compagnie Generale De Geophysique
Bishop, David - Managing Director: Tin Technology
Bishop, Theo - Company Director: Top Cleaning Supplies Ltd
Bishop, Adam - Sales: Engineered Air Treatment Ltd
Bishop, Mark - Manager: DrainTec Services - GroundTec Civils Ltd
Bishop, Peter - Director: CRMS Ltd
Bishop, Paul - Director: FAF Installations Ltd
Bishop, Paul - MD: Cranwell Systems Ltd
Bishop, Janine - Owner: J9 Dzine
Bisram, I - Managing Director: Standrange Ltd
Bisset, Charles - MD: Caps Cases Ltd
Bisset, Peter - Managing Director: Devoted Domains
Bisset, Edward - Principal: Bisset & Ross
Bissett, Gordon - General Manager: The Webb Agency
Biswell, Ben - Commercial Director: Veritas Design & Innovation Ltd
Bithell, Bethan - Proprietor: Cherry Tree Country Clothing
Bithrey, Robin - Technical Sales Support Engineer: ZF Electronics UK Ltd - (Formerly known Cherry)
Bizzey, Alex - Senior Consultant: Close Resource Management Ltd
Bizzey, Alex - Managing Consultant: Austin Banks (Financial Recruitment) Ltd
Blaber, David - MD: Adept Heating & Mechanical Services Ltd
Blaber, Emilia - Marketing: Adept Heating & Mechanical Services Ltd
Blacck, Jason - Manager: J.B. Window Cleaning
Black, Roger - : KIMO UK
Black, Charles - Nasstar Hosted Desktops: Nasstar plc
Black, Judith - Business Development Manager: Management Forum
Black, Claire - Sales and Production Manager: Cyberpac
Black, Andrew - Andrew Black: Relentless Plant Services
Black, Nigel - Technical Manager: Glosfume
Black, Ann - Business Development Manager: Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd
Black, April - : Signways
Black, Martin - Director: Rexson Systems Ltd
Black, Adam - : Baby Cards Now
Black, Roger - Chairman: Blacks Equipment Ltd
Black, Robert - Director: Black's Worldwide Movers & Storers
Black, Chris - Director: Sea-Chem Ltd
Black, Julian - Sales Director: The Box Office - Pack-Online Ltd
Blackbrough, Mike - Service: Bomford Turner Ltd
Blackburn, Chris - Director / Buyer: Acorn Feed Products Ltd
Blackburn, - Director: Morton & Crowder Ltd
Blackburn, Martin - Sales Office Manager: EasiPoint Marketing Ltd
Blackburn, Mark - Director: Churchill Developments UK (Northern) Ltd
Blackburn, Dave - Sales: Marketing Quotes
Blackburn, Rachel - : APCO UK
Blackburn, Mark - Proprietor: GM Supplies
Blackburn, Rob - Sales Manager: Interface (DCB) Technology
Blackburn, Gary - Sales: Tompla UK Ltd
Blackburn, David - Regional Director: Business Doctors Surrey
Blackburn, Bill - Producer: Claremont Media Group
Blackburn, Richard - Engineer: Vicotory Machine Tools Ltd
Blackhurst, Lee - : LB Plastering
Blackie, Bill - MD: Webmaster Internetional Ltd
Blackman, Donna - Spares: Utile Engineering Co. Ltd
Blackman, Julie - Director: Improvia Ltd - Customer & Market Research Services
Blackman, Dave - Engineer: UK.Groundworks
Blackman, Dave - Engineer: UK.Groundworks
Blackmore, Matthew - Marketing: Norton Hydraulics Ltd
Blackmore, Sean - Owner: Renew Metal Finishing
Blackmore, Ron - Service manager: D T M Petrol & Diesel Injection Specialists Ltd
Blackmore, Garry - Owner: Technology Media Bradford
Blackmore, Edward - Manager: Techfil (Europe) Ltd
Blackmur, Tony - Creative Director: ABDA Ltd
Blackshire, Ian - : Sandler Training South East
Blackstone, Steve - Director: Pack & Pallet
Blackwell, John - Finance Director: Hima-Sella Ltd
Blackwell, John - Manager,Test & Maintenance: PTSG Electrical Services
Blackwell, Jan - Director: Barton Management Services Ltd
Blackwell, Warren - Transport/ Logistics: Phoenix County Metals Ltd
Blackwell, Paul - Sales & Marketing Manager: RMC Aggregates (Western) Ltd
blackwell, mark - owner: Definition Audio Visual
blackwell, mark - Owner: Definition Audio Visual
Blackwell, David - Owner Driver: Blackwell Light Haulage
Blackwood, Marcia - Sales Office Manageress: La Maison des Sorbets Foods Ltd
Blades, Mark - Managing Director: Blades Power Generation
Blades, Richard - Managing Director: RGB Solutions Ltd
Blagden, Brian - Director: Blagden Hydraulic Ltd
Blair, James - Director: WMD (Yorkshire) Ltd
Blair, Martyn - Managing Director: F Geo Robinson Ltd
Blair, David - Manager: Beanworks
Blair, Michelle - Director: Full Stop Ltd
Blair, David - European Sales Manager: Spiralock of Europe Ltd
Blair, Vanessa - Office Manager: U-MARQ Ltd
Blair, Marion - Sales Director: Pump International Ltd
Blair, Jock - Marketing Director Marketing Director: Bosuns Locker (Production Yachts Port Edgar) Ltd
Blair, Anita - Customer Services Manager: Jiffy Packaging Company Ltd
Blair, Patrick - Director: Brondes Group
Blake, Steve - CEO: TelephoneEngineerSolutions.co.uk (Eazi Systems Ltd)
Blake, Tony - Estimator: Brandwells Construction Co Ltd
Blake, Richard - Sales & Marketing Director: Microbus Ltd
Blake, Rosemary - Business Support Consultant: AltogetherChange Coaching and Training
Blake, Christine - : Kenyon Specialist Coatings
Blake, Keith - MD: Lovewell Blake's
Blake, Robert - Marketing Manager: Watchfinder.co.uk
Blake, Alex - Managing Consultant: Samson Francis Recruitment
Blake, Phil - Partner: PRB Services
Blake, C J - Chairperson: H G Blake (Costessey) Ltd
Blake, Darren - Director: Insight IT Training Ltd
Blake, Daniel - Owner: Easyprint T-Shirts Ltd
Blake, Alison - Director: Add Agency Ltd
Blake, Adrian - Owner: Roof-Craft PVC Roofing Systems
Blakeburn, Matthew - Sales Manager: Apex Cables Ltd
Blakeley, Peter - Proprietor: Essential Deliveries Ltd
Blakeley, Jo - Office Manager: Essential Deliveries Ltd
Blakeman, Peter - Managing Director: Jonic Engineering Ltd
Blakeman, J P - Partner: Clarke Nicholls & Marcel
Blakemore, Malcolm - Operations Director: JMB Partnership Ltd
Blakemore, James - Managing Director: JMB Partnership Ltd
Blakeney, Sally - SLB Events: SLB Events
Blakesley, Mary - Administration Officer : West of England Aerospace Forum
Blakey, Peter - Joint Chairman: TM Services Ltd
Blakey, Nichola - Sales Executive: Century Art Ltd
Blakey, Dominic - Sales Director: Salehurst Paper Ltd
Blamford, John - Director: Acadian Engineering Ltd
Blanch, Johnathon - Proprietor: Creoda Plant Hire
Blanche, Steven - Sales Manager: V A Tech Peebles Transformers Ltd
Bland, Ian - MD: Tuffnells Parcels Express Ltd
Bland, Darran - Owner: DJB Recycling Ltd
Bland, Trevor - Director: Smartlift Bulk Packaging Ltd
Bland, Charles - Managing Director: Unique Print Solutions
Bland, Ally - Director: Tecsew Ltd
Bland, Jonathan - Sales Director: Manor Farm Feeds
Blandy, Robin - Proprieter: ECU Castings
Blandy, John - : Almec EAS Ltd
Blank, James - Managing Director: Keylogo
Blanks, Paul - General Manager: Squibb Demolition Ltd
Blanthorn, Ian - Business Development Manager: Recruitment Solutions
Blashkiw, John - Director: Line Equipment
Blau Davies, Chloe - Director: Supplyline CNC Ltd
Blaylock, Cliff - : Deep Blue Yacht Charters
Blazdell, Paul - Sales Manager: Consort Frozen Foods Ltd
Bleasdale, Lawrence - Marketing Manager: Quinton Hazell Automotive Ltd
Blechner, David - Principal: Star Computers Ltd
Blenkinsop, Stephen - : SADE [Safety & Driver Education] Limited
blenkinsopp, Edwin - technical manager: Image2output Ltd
Blenkisnop, Anthony - Director: Washington Lighting Centre
Blessington, Howard - Office Manager: Oscal Saber
Blessitt, Sean - Proprietor: Microsoft Office Training
Blest, Alistair - Marketing: Sterling Thermal Technology Ltd
Blewett, Lloyd - Mkt Mgr: Samuel Heath Ltd
Bligh, Adrian - Company Secretary: EB Marketing Services Ltd
Bliss, Derek - Managing Director: Greenslade Taylor Hunt
Bliss, Tony - Sales Manager: Caplugs Ltd
Blissitt, David - Senior Hydraulics Engineer / Sales: Transnordic Hydraulics Ltd
Blithing, Richard - Operations Manager: Austin Benn Consultants Ltd
Blizzard, Chris - MD: Bondline Electronics Ltd
Blockley, Damian - Director: Vision Packaging Ltd
Blockley, Kevin - MD: Vibrotech Reliability Services Limited
Blocksidge, Geoffrey - owner: Swordcrown Caravans
Blomfield, Chris - MD: Railton Products Ltd
Blomley, Mel - MD: Applikon Biotechnology Ltd
Blomquist, Ian - Skipper: Seadogz
Blood, Brian - Managing Director: Dolmetsch Musical Instruments
Bloomer, Robert - Sales Manager: Rheintacho UK Ltd - (Formerly Foundrometers Instrumentation Ltd)
Bloomfield, Joanne - Tiller: Bloomfield Plumbing
Bloomfield, Sharon - Marketing Executive: Celtic Recycling Ltd
Bloomfield, Tony - Director: Corporate Supplies Ltd
Bloomfield, Ian - owner : Caraconnect
Bloomfield, Ian - Plumber: Bloomfield Plumbing
Bloomfield, Iain - MD: Financial Data Management Ltd
Bloomfield, Robert - Director: Flowquip Ltd
Bloon, Rob - Sales & Marketing Manager: PR Plus Ltd
Bloor, Alan - Sales & Marketing Director: Paul Fabrications Ltd
Bloor, Richard - Operations Manager: Anodising Solutions LLP
Blore, Martin - Director: Showbizworks.com
Blore, Richard - MD: D I S (East Anglia) Ltd
Blount, Dave - Retail Manager: Woods Fold Sawmill & Fencing Centre
Blowen, - Manager: Southbridge Building Supplies Ltd
Blower, Dave - Sales Director: Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Ltd
Blowers, Dan - Pre Contract Support: J P J Installations
Blows, Jon - MD: Catalus Ltd
Bloxham, Nigel G - MD and Company Secretary: Seafare Products Ltd
Bluck, Darrell - MD: Adelante Software Limited
Bluck, Fred - MD: H L C Burrowes Ltd
Blue, Bob - Director: Suff Marine (Europe) Ltd
Bluemink, Tom - SEO/PPC Advertising: WSI Power on the Web
bluewhalemedia, bluewhalemedia - Web Design Manchester - SEO Manchester - Blue Whale: Blue Whale Media Ltd
Bluff, Nichola - Sales Manager: MSI Quality Forgings Ltd
Blundale, Steven - Manager: Aquamat
Blundell, Andy - Export Manager: Bemrose Booth Paragon Ltd
Blundell, Don - Commercial Manager: John Hatcher & Co Ltd
Blundell, Ed - sales: Brook Water Design
Blundell, John - Sales Executive: Unisys Ltd
Blunden, Giles - Owner: James Gilbert and Son
Blunsdon, Tracy - Marketing Manager: Mannington International (UK)
Blunt, Les - Director: B & S Threaded Products
Blunt, Niel - : Door Loading Services
Bly, Roy - Director: Datamark (UK) Ltd
Blyden, Matthew - Director: Beyond Computers Ltd
Blye, Perry - Sales Manager: QB Glass Ltd
Blyth, Chay - Chairman: The Challenge Business International Ltd
Blyth, Phillip - : War Memorial Restoration Co
Blyth, Ronnie - Contracts Manager: ABC Diesels Ltd
Blythe, David - Director: Property Tectonics Ltd
Blythe, Tim - Director: Jay Bee Plant Sales Ltd
Blythe, Neil - Joint MD: Foam Techniques Ltd
Boa, Quint - CEO: Shoot You Video Production
Boad, Gary - Director: Cubed Creative
Boaden, James - MD: Meccasonics Ltd
Boaden, MW - Partner: Boaden, MW & Son
Boaden, Jay - CEO: Midas NDT Systems Ltd
Boaden, RM - Partner: Boaden, MW & Son
Boag, Colin - Financial Controller: United Fish Products Ltd
Boak, Stewart - Commercial Director: A & P Group
Board, Jane - Director: Berkshire Blinds
Board, Roger - Managing Director: Balvin Engineering Ltd
Boardman, Dean - Director: Cool Breeze Air Conditioning & Refgeration Ltd
Boardman, Martin - MD: Boardman Transformers Ltd
Boardman, Phil - Owner: Mike's UK's No1 Dive Stores
Boardman, Mark - National Operations Manager: Daniel Thwaites Brewery
boas, James - gainsborough carpets: Gainsborough Carpets & Flooring
Boba, Simon - MD: Silkmead Tubular Ltd
Bobeszko, Mark - Director: AMPG IT Services Ltd
Bockh, Michael - Home Office Design Specialist: Magenta Office Furniture
Boddington, Alan - Managing Director: AB Linear Services Ltd
Boddy, Richard - Managing Director: Statistics for Industry
Boden, Samantha - Digital Marketing Manager: FUCHS Lubricants (UK) plc
Bodie, Grant - Consultant: Mount Recruitment Limited
Bodley, Janet - Company Secretary: Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd
Bodley, Christopher - Technical Director: Hamilton Laboratory Glass Ltd
Bodman, Duncan - Hire Desk Manager: Manton Hire & Sales Ltd
Body, Louise - Sales: Tanks Direct UK
boe, john - director: Essex Tapes
Bogadala, G - Director : Raga Foods Ltd
Boggis, Tom - Director: Equipe Real Estate Advisors
Bogue, James - Director: CRM4business Ltd
Bohen, Adam - Owner: Multi Clean
Boito, Julian - Managing Director: InterParts
Bojduniak, Robert - Editor: FARM BRIEF
Boketta, Joerg - Sales Manager: Warner Lewis
Bokhari, Syed Farrukh Ehsan - Director: London College of Business Management
bokhoory, sai - director: Spectrum Accident Repair Ltd - LONDON
Bokros, Rob - MD: LOBO Systems Ltd
Bolam, Brian - CEO: Columbus Logistics Corporation Ltd
Boland, Michelle - Financial Director: Stirling Technology
Boley, Bill - Marketing Manager: Bill Boley Ltd
Boley, Melvyn - Technical Director: Curtis Machine Tools Ltd
Bolger, Declan - Technician: Classic Portable Appliance Testing
Bolger, Michael - Managing Director: Badger Associates Ltd
Bolhman, Steve - : Basildon Skip Hire
Bolland, Ralph - Office Manager: Agrisales & Services Ltd
Bollmann, Klaus - Chief Executive Officer/Executive Chairman: Network Technology plc
bollt, gregos - director: Locksmith New Cross
Bolsover, David - Director: Executive Facilities Limited
Bolt, David - Partner: Oakwood Photography
Bolton, John - Partner: Vale Farm Services (Evesham)
Bolton, Scott - Business Development Manager: PLANIT
Bolton, Nick - Marketing Manager: Seedcote Systems Ltd
Bolton, Jason - Owner: Fused Uk Pat Testing
Bolton, Michael - Managing Director: John Staniar & Co.
Bolton, Samantha - Sales Executive: Charles Dean Developments Ltd
Bolton, John - Proprietor: Construction Technical Services
Bolton, James - Partner: Eternal Computing
Bolton, Gary - Communications Manager: Europa
Bolton, Peter - Managing Director: Sinclair & Rush Ltd
Bolton, Alison - Sales Support Manager: Scientific Computers Ltd
Bolton, Jeremy - Managing Director: Jepson Bolton & Co Ltd
Bolton, W - Director: Concordia International Fowarding Corp
Bolton, AJ - Managing Director: AL Starkie Ltd
Bolton, Dean - double glazing: Elements uPVC Windows & Doors
Bolton, laura - Owner: Simple Accounting (NW) Ltd
Bolton, Steven - Managing Director: SNB Electronic Services Ltd
Boltt, Duncan - Owner: www.customised-t-shirts.co.uk
Bomberg, Alex - CEO: International Intelligence Limited
Bomberg, Alex - CEO: Intelligent Armour Limited
Bomford, Steve - Product Support: Sulzer Metco (UK) Ltd
Bonandrini, Marc - Sales and Marketing Manager: Subsea 7
Bonar, James - Owner/Operator: BONAR-DIRECT
Bonas, Paul - Director: Atlas Handling UK Ltd
Bond, John - General Manager: LINPAC Metal Decorating Caldicot
Bond, Henry - : Anglian Events
Bond, David - : PHVC Ltd
Bond, Simon - Marketing Administrator: iPRO Solutions Ltd
Bond, P - Director: Nordsea International
Bond, S - Director of Internet Services: IceStar Media
Bond, Graham - Sales Manager: Stroud Instruments Ltd
Bond, Bill - MD: B.W Lift Truck Services
Bond, Chris - Owner: The Rug Retailer
Bond, Charlotte - Sales and Marketing Manager: Conformance Ltd
Bond, Steve - IT Consultant: SCA Solutions
Bond, Andrew - Sales & Marketing Manager: ETL Systems Ltd
Bond, Stephen - Managing Director: Apollo Electronics Corporation Ltd
Bond, Neil - Sales, South East & Southern Ireland: Westcon Equipment (UK) Ltd
Bond, Phillip - Managing Director: APB Trading Ltd
Bond, Phil - Director: Scanners GB Ltd
Bondar, Dmitri - Director: Fraser Trading Co Ltd
Bone, Richard - M.D: RJB Projects Ltd
Bone, Tony - Director: Tressider Marketing Ltd
Bone, Ann - Director: Des Bone Limited
Bone, David - MD: Ocean Energy & Resource Ltd
Bone, Andy - Sales Director: Formaplex Machining Ltd
Bone, Richard - Director: Des Bone Limited
Bone, Ian - Partner: Balloon Mad
Boneham, Roy - Principal Consultant: New Alchemy Training & Consultancy Organisation
Boneham, Peter - Company Secretary: Boneham & Turner Ltd
Boneham, M - Managing Director: VDM UK Ltd
Bonfiglio, Mario - Director: L & M Eurotrading
Bonham, Phill - Technical Sales Manager: Haworth Castings Ltd
Bonham Christie, Peter - : Straight Eight Logistics
BonhamHorton, Colin - Director Business Development: Bht Marketing Ltd
Boniface, Ann - Director: Athena Steel Products Ltd
Boniface, Simon - Sales Engineer: Star Instruments Ltd
Bonne, Paul - MD: Volumatic Ltd
Bonnell, Trevor - MD: Consolidated Fine Steels Ltd
Bonner, Jason - Stockton Machine - Managing Director: Stockton Machine Company Ltd
Bonner, Andrew - Managing Director: Cupio Yestech-Europe
Bonner, Kevin - Director: Your Choice Mobiles
Bonnet, Clive - MD: Aquanet International Ltd
Bonnett, Tony - Proprietor: Eastgate Damp Courses
Bonnett, Roger - Proprietor: RDB Services (Ockendon Road)
Bonney, John - Sales Director: Leadbank UK
Bonser, Jo - Managing Director: Bonsers (Nottingham) Ltd
Bonteanue, Maria - assistant manager: Walders Ltd
Boo, E M - MD: Bemas International Packaging Ltd
Boocock, Steven - Managing: SRB JOINERY Ltd
Booker, L - Company Secretary: A to Z Glazing Ltd
Booker, Kim - Owner: Raffelinas
Booker, Jemma - Marketing: EWS - Grouphomesafe
Booker, Matt - Sales Manager: Howard Handling
Bookman, Esme - Director: Air Power & Hydraulics Ltd
Boomers, Frank - Consultant (The Netherlands): Mind Gliding Ltd
Boon, Hanneke - Designer: James Wharram Designs
Boon, Steven - Sales Manager: R & R Packaging Ltd
Boon, R W H - Partner: Boon, L R & Sons
Boon, David - Marketing Coordinator: SIMONSWERK UK Ltd
Boon, Paul - Director: Anglia Time Recorders Ltd
Boon, Richard - Director: Aire Valley Cleaning Services
Boon, Jordon - Managing Director: The T Shirt Man
Boon, K L - Partner: Boon, L R & Sons
Boon, Will - Managing Director: Landowner Liquid Fertilisers Ltd
Boon, Neville - Managing Director: Allergy Plus Ltd
Boor, Alan - Director: Alldrives & Controls Ltd
Boost, Robert - Partner: Boost Machine Co
Boot, Phil - Director: Alliance UK
Boote, Robert - Managing Director: ARB Audio & Visual Hire Ltd
Booth, Chris - Sales: Riley Dunn & Wilson Ltd
Booth, Donna - Proprietor: Wheel B There
Booth, John - Production Manager: ABI Electronics Ltd
Booth, Philip - Owner: Datatrack Labs Ltd
Booth, - Director: Sayles & Booth Ltd
Booth, - Director: John Booth Engineering Ltd
Booth, Alistair - Proprietor: Fire Blind Systems
Booth, Carl - Managing Director: Swindale Parks (Sales & Marketing) Recruitment
Booth, John - Director: Morton-Roberts Consulting Engineers Limited
Booth, Jonathan - Spares Sales : Doug Booth (UK) Ltd
Booth, Stephen - Director: Oakwell Packaging Ltd
Booth, Steve - Commercial OperationsManager: GE Betz Ltd
Booth, R J - Owner: R J Booth Fabrications
Booth, Gary - MD: AWT
Booth, Robert G - MD & Company Secretary: Sudburys Gloves Ltd
Booth, John - Joint Managing Director: Geotechnics Ltd
Booth, Adam - Director: Cabriolet Transport Ltd
Booth, Tom - Owner: 999tom Motor Recruitment
Booth, Roger - Managing Director: Sandring Ltd
Booth, James - Director: Subheat Ltd
Booth, David - Partner: Labels 'n' Signs
Booth, Richard - MD: Altus Group Ltd
Booth, Adam - Director: 3SIXTY Real Estate
Booth, Doris - Marketing Coordinator: TAH Europe
Booth, Jim - Managing Director: Motus Traffic Ltd
Booth, Paul - Sales Director: Doug Booth (UK) Ltd
Booth, Linda - Marketing Manager: Thermographic Measurements Ltd
Booth, Frances - Sales: Marlec Marine Ltd
Booth, Tina - Director: Mad Cow Designs
Booth, Chris - Managing Director: Kalmar Ltd
Booth, Carrie - Freelance Translator: French Translation | Carrie Booth
Booth, Alistair - The HR Booth Ltd: The HR Booth Ltd
Booth, Allan - Contracts Manager: Beacon Fencing Contractors Ltd
Booth, Jessica - : Leeds Removals
Boothroid, Linsey - Sales & Marketing: Colston Manufacturing (Engineering) Co Ltd
Boothroyd, Lee - Digital Director: The Bigger Boat
Boots, Graham - General Manager: Jet-Lube (UK)
Bordiak, Greg - Technical Officer: British Compressed Air Society Ltd - BCAS
Boreham, Bob - Managing Director: Tamatec
Boreham, Matt - Sales Executive: R C Boreham & Co
Boreham, Nigel - Partner: R C Boreham & Co
borg, lewis - : Smarter House Servicing
Borg, Darren - Engineer: Priority Circuits
Borg, John - Director: Strongman Products Ltd
Borg, Natalie - Customer Support and Admin: Office Drinks Direct
Borgman, David - Director: Broadcrown Ltd
Borkowski, Artur - Director: Builders in London - Artdom Construction Ltd
Borley, Penny - Office Administrator: PM Tech Services Ltd
Born, Nigel - Sales Manager: Cubewing Systems Ltd
borne, John - Precision Poured Concrete: Precision Poured Concrete Ltd
Boros, P N - MD: Premier Guillotine Systems Ltd
Borris, - Proprietor: Hoopers of Ebley Ltd
Borthwick, Steven - Director: Subsea Rov and Diving Services
Bortkevich, Olga - Online Marketing Executive: Cavendish Group International
Bortkevich, Olga - Online Marketing Executive: Cavendish Group International
Bos, Conrad - Managing Director: Bosta UK Ltd
Bosa, Evita - Owner: Shermi Design
Bosch, Genevieve - Office Manager: FreshMinds Ltd
Boscott, Paul - Manager: Copernica Ltd
Bosher, Leslie - Camera Engineer: Les Bosher - Camera Engineer
Boskey, Marcus - PR & Marketing Manager: Evans Cooling Systems UK
Boskey, Marcus - PR & Marketing Manager: Hydra Technologies Ltd
Boskey, Marcus - PR & Marketing Manager: Evans Cooling Systems UK
Boskey, Marcus - PR & Marketing Manager: Hydra Technologies Ltd
Bosley, James - : Dilliway & Bosley Equine Veterinary Surgeons
Bosley, Carl - Branch Manager: Bearing Man Limited
Boss, Anne - : Mardix Critical Power Services Ltd
Boss, Linda - Partner: Monahans
Bossi, Lorenzo - Business Development Manager: Advanced Design Technology
Bostock, Sindy - Event & Marketing Manager: Team-Action Ltd
Bostock, John - Managing Director: Team-Action Ltd
Boston, John - Managing Director: Custom Interconnect Ltd
Boston, Irene - Proprietor: IB Secretarial Services
Boswell, Martin - Director: Pancentric Ltd
Boswell, Emma - Marketing Executive: 0800 Carpet Cleaning
Boswell, Phil - : Soundranger Ltd
Boswell, Chris - Partner: FourSquare Innovations LLP
Bosworth, Phillip - Marketing & Sales Director: Richard Pearson Ltd
Bosworth, Diane - Sales Office Manager: IAC Plastics
Bosworth, J - Director: Techelec (Southern) Ltd
Botham, Stuart - MD: Dolphin Boats
Bothwell, Andrew - Proprietor: 2000 Test Equipment
Bott, Irene - Company Secretary: Permat Machines Ltd
Bottazzi, John - Director: Duckworth & Kent (Precision Components) Ltd
Botterill, John - Owner: Coast2Coast Bouncy Castle Hire
Bottin, Andre - Managing Director: Enterprise AB Ltd
Bottjer, Mark - MD: Boxperfect - Boxperfect Presentation Packaging Ltd
Bottomley, Steve - M.D.: Marine Electrics
Bottomley, Peter - Chairman: Qualitair Engineering Services Ltd
Botts, John - Director: Songbird Finance (Two) Limited
Bouchard, Xavier - Mechatronics Sales Engineer: Reliance Precision Mechatronics
Boucher, Laurent - Head of Group Marketing & Sales: Pryor Marking Technology Ltd
Boufennane, Fouad - International Sales Manager: Gall Thomson Environmental Ltd
Boughey, Les - Proprietor: Central Crop Sprayer Services
Boughton, Paul - Corporate Development Director: Consort Medical plc
Boughton, Andrew - Sales: Selco Ltd
Boughton, Paul - Technical Director: Pipe Solutions
Boughtwood, Andrew - Managing Director: Protimeter plc
Boulby, Simon - Field Sales Engineer: Electroparts Ltd
Boult, John - Director: Product First Ltd
Boulton, Nigel - Account Director: Occasional Gifts Ltd
Boulton, James - Partner: Rase Steels
Boulton, John - MD: Clean Air Ltd
Bourini, Ahmad - Business Development Director: Ideal Solutions Europe Limited
Bourke, Dick - : Scorebuddy
Bourke, Andrew - Absolutely HR Ltd: Absolutely HR Ltd
Bourn, Alan - Senior Partner: Drilltec Diamond Drilling UK LLP
Bourne, Mark - Marketing: Bradlee Boilers Ltd
Bourne, Gary - Partner: MJG Electrical Controls
Bourne, Mark - Works Manager: J W & C J Phillips (1969) Ltd
Bourne, Chis - Product Manager: Eldon Electric Limited
Bourne, Mark - Managing Director: Bourne Technical Mouldings Ltd
Bourne, Lorraine - PA to Director: Alvan Blanch Development Co Ltd
Bourne, Peter - Sales Manager: Precision Ceramics Ltd
Bourne, Peter - Managing Director: Prototype Build Solutions Ltd
Bourne, Sue - Sales Director: Maxim Technology Ltd
Bourne, Greg - Managing Director: Press Dispensary
Bourton, Phil - Managing Director: Debugg-IT
Bousfield, Maria - Owner: Bousfield's PAT Testing
Boutle, Geoff - CEO: Geoff Boutle
Bouy, Crony - Marketing Manager: Plumb Centre
Bouyssou, Damien - Spares Executive: Mono Equipment
Bovill, Giles - Sales Director: R C Treatt & Co Ltd
Bovington, Ernie - Manager: Farrington Industries Ltd
Bovo, Julian - Development/Marketing Manager: Mediama Ltd
Bow, Andy - MD: St. Clare Engineering Ltd
Bowden, C Nigel - Managing Director: Yokogawa Marex Ltd
Bowden, Jane - MD: R & A Air Tool Services Ltd
Bowden, J - Director: PD Technologies UK Ltd
Bowden, Henry - Partner: E Bowden & Sons
Bowden, Dawn - Sales Manager: Beaumonts, Beaumont House
Bowden, Shaun - Chief Executive: Techsol Ltd
Bowden, Derek - Partner: E Bowden & Sons
BowdenBrown, Colin - Partner: Aries Ram Pumps
Bowditch, Cathy - Partner: JCM Shackles
Bowdler, Colin - : DeLina Engineering
Bowe, Jordan - Sales & Marketing: Bowe Digitl:access Ltd
Bowe, Richard - Director: Bowe Digitl:access Ltd
Bowe, Elaine - Partner: Wilf Bowe & Son
Bowe, Karen - Director: Bowe Digitl:access Ltd
Bowen, Colin - sales manager: Gas & Electricity Engineers
Bowen, Gary - Sales: Virtualapps UK
Bowen, Jan - Manageress: Cambridge Courier Services Ltd
Bowen, Dave - Sales Engineer: Wellman Robey Ltd
Bowen, Ray - Director: Green Deeds Ltd
Bowen, Gareth - Service manager: Stadium Auto Repairs Ltd
Bowen, Tony - Managing Director: Automation Software Engineering Ltd
Bowen, Cyril - Sales Manager: Niagara Lasalle
BowenJones, John - Managing Director: JBJ Machinery Ltd
Bowens, Terry - marketing: house-removals.org.uk
Bower, Helen - Project Manager: IAB Lab Ltd
Bower, Clint - Ops Manager: Intercomp
Bower, Mike - Consultant: Norton Bowers
Bower, Andy - Bus Development Mgr: Graveson Energy Management
Bower, Bridget - Sales manager: Hodkin & Jones Group
Bowerman, Mike - MD: HFM Pyrotechnics Ltd
Bowerman, Sean - Partner: HeadlineMK
Bowers, Mark - Director: Bowers Semiconductors Ltd
Bowers, Paul - Sales & Marketing Director: Calomax Ltd
Bowers, Christopher - Consultant: Euro Etch Consultants
Bowers, Louise - Production & Marketing Manager: FrontRange Solutions UK Ltd
Bowers, Martin - Managing Director: Laystall Engineering Co. Ltd
Bowers, Paul - Director: Gloves N Stuff Ltd
Bowett, James - Director: Hancox Ltd
Bowie, Bill - Manager: Tricore Ltd
Bowie, Colin - Owner: Hennessy Bowie & Co
Bowie, Theresa - Partner: Petersfield Business Support
Bowie, John - Partner: Bowie Lockwood Structures Ltd
Bowker, John - Managing Director: Aaron Metal & Plastic Supplies Ltd
Bowkett, TD - Sales Director: Hill & Osbourne
Bowkett, MJ - Sales Director: Evergreen Tractor & Equipment Ltd
Bowler, Sally - Solicitor: Seth Lovis & Co. Solicitors
Bowler, Paul - Managing Director: Takbro Ltd
Bowler, Neil - Head of Finance: The Debt Recovery Bureau
Bowler, Robert - MD: David Bowler & Sons Ltd
Bowler, Mick - : Goldcrest Labels
Bowler, Tim - Director: National Association of Paper Merchants
Bowles, James - Owner: BPM-UK - (Bromsgrove Print Management UK)
Bowles, JF - Managing Director: Scott Gibbin Ltd
Bowley, Katie - Marketing Manager: CDS Global
Bowley, Nigel - Senior Partner: Aero Metals International
Bowley, Katie - Marketing: Capita Group plc - Capita IT Services
Bowman, Adrian - Principal: Focus Driver Training
Bowman, Matthew - Sales Director - Right Contact: Infodata Systems Ltd
Bowman, Neville - Sales Manager: Cafe Living
Bown, M H - Joint Managing Director: J Bown & Co (Dukinfield) Ltd
Bown, Phil - Marketing Manager: T N T UK Ltd
Bown, D G - Joint Managing Director: J Bown & Co (Dukinfield) Ltd
Bown, Alan - Sales Director: W & L Dingley Co
Bowness, Malcolm - M D: Reelcare Ltd
Bowring, Stephen - Managing Director: Bowtech Products Ltd
Bowskill, Robert - Managing Director: Standtu
Bowyer, Gary - General Manager: Croylek Ltd
Bowyer, Fiona - Marketing Manager: A. & J. Gummers Ltd
Box, Jim - Director & Consultant: Be-Smart Solutions Ltd
Box, Maurice - Sales and Marketing Director: Moog Fernau Ltd - Navigation and Surveillence Systems
Box, Matthew - MD: Inclusion.Me Ltd
Box, Richard - Chief Executive: Hoverwork Ltd
Boxall, Len - Marketing Manager: Kennett & Lindsell Ltd
Boxall, James - Director: Three Point Productions
Boyce, Glen - office manager: CFP Hydraulics
Boyce, Ron - Partner: UAC Heat Transfer Equipment Ltd
Boyce, Beatrix - Marketing: Harrow Cleaning Services
Boyce, Peter - Managing Director: StorageMAKER
Boyd, Stewart - Regional Director: The Sales Recruitment Network
Boyd, Scott - Managing Director: Securi-Guard Fire and Security - Securi Guard Limited
Boyd, Mike - Managing Director: Thanehall Ltd
Boyd, Henry - Managing Director: Oil Management Services Ltd
Boyd, Bill - Sales Manager: Quisine Foods Ltd
Boyd, Neil - Sales Director: LASNEK Ltd
Boyd, David - MD: Boyd Food Machinery
Boyd, Robert - Director: Energy Designers & Constructors Limited
Boyd, John - Director: MIM-NI Ltd
Boyd, Rosie - marketing assistant: Boyd Digital
Boyd, Peter - Director: Automated Designs Ltd
Boyden, M - Sales & Marketing Manager: TSC Inspection Systems
Boydon, Garry - Manager: Reel Paper Company
Boyers, Jack - Sales and Development: AvantGuard Ltd
Boyes, Steve - Director: Yorkshire Electrical Services Ltd
Boyes, David - Special Operations Group Director: Advanced Engineering Solutions Ltd
Boyle, Frank - Business Manager - Building Services: Redwood Engineering Recruitment Ltd
Boyle, Craig - Director/Partner: D.L. Installations Ltd
Boyle, Jacqui - National Sales and Marketing Manager: Park Street Furnishing
Boyle, Bernard - Managing Director: EziFix Fastenings Ltd
Boyle, Andrew - Technical Sales Engineer: Hallam Plastics Ltd
Boyle, Chris - Web Marketer: The Consortium Care
Boyle, Sharon - Sales Manager: Advance Tapes International Ltd
Boyle, Clive - Director: QDS Environmental Ltd
Boyles, Stella - Publisher: Property One Stop
Boyles, Colin - Managing Director: Timesync Controls Ltd
Boyles, Steven - Sales Director/Marketing manager: A & G Retail Superstore
Boyles, M - Managing Director: A & G Retail Superstore
Brabbin, Sarah - Owner: Glo
Braben, Andy - Operated Hire: Tracked Access Hire
Brace, Tony - MD: AMB Engineering (UK) Ltd
Brace, Andrew - Sales Manager: Vinco Sales Ltd
Brace, Andy - Operations Manager: Orbimatic (UK) Limited
Bracey, Guy - Purchasing Manager: Acorn Fasteners Ltd
Bracey, David - Director: David Bracey Play Safety Inspections Ltd
Brach, Bill - Director: Ultravalve Ltd
Bradbrook, David - Marketing Director: Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd
Bradburn, Nigel - Director - Energy Practice: NBS Norman Broadbent
Bradburn, William - Managing Director: Bradtech Ltd
Bradbury, Russell - Commercial: Surface Technology Products Ltd
Bradbury, John - Director: Victory Leasing & Finance - Southern Office
Bradbury, Jo - Director: Blades Artificial Grass
Bradbury, Dan - Director: POS Displays Ltd
Bradbury, Jo - Customer Service Manager: APS Environmental
Bradbury, Scott - Director: POS Displays Ltd
Bradbury, David - : SAV Systems Ltd
Bradbury, Lewis - Designer: POS Displays Ltd
Bradbury, Dave - MD: Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE)
Bradbury, Paul - UK General Manager: Libra Energy UK Ltd
Bradbury, S - Joint MD: Approved Electronics Ltd
Bradder, Grenville - Managing Director: Support IT Centers Limited
Braddick, Jonathan - Architect: Architects Devon
Braddy, Paul - Sales Manager: Oxford Plastics Systems Ltd
Brades, Pauline - sales administrator: Nields Plastic Co Ltd
Bradfield, Howard - External Sales Engineer: Nylacast Ltd
Bradfield, Neil - Sales Manager: Cables Britain Ltd
Bradford, Warren - Marketing: Acton Finishing Ltd
Bradford, Tim - MD: N J Bradford Ltd
Bradford, Neville - Sales Manager: Plowman-trailers.co.uk
Bradford, John - Director: The Radio Academy
Bradford, Robert - Manager: Nuttall Packaging
Bradford, Darren - UK Sales Mgr: Allpure Filters Ltd
Bradley, Amanda - Production Manager: Controlled Systems Ltd
Bradley, Paul - Technical Director: Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd
Bradley, Mark - Sales Director: Medica Packaging Ltd
Bradley, Caroline - Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator: SIMSCI Ltd
Bradley, R - Director: Lindgreat Ltd
Bradley, Jane - Sales Manager: Beeswift Ltd
Bradley, Karen - Sales Director: Linden Signs Ltd
Bradley, Cyril - Director: B.A.B. Office Supplies Ltd
Bradley, Jack - SEO: Website Store
Bradley, Paul - Managing Director: P M Bradley Fabrications Ltd
Bradley, - Marketing: DB Crane & Electrical
Bradley, Lance - Commercial Manager: J-Flex Rubber Products
Bradley, Gary - Warehouse Manager: Stabarn Ltd
Bradley, Andrew - Managing Director: Miller Weblift Ltd
Bradley, Peter - Sales Manager: Dore Metal Services Ltd
Bradley, John - Managing Director: NRH Engineering
Bradley, Linzi - Director: Venda Valet
Bradley, A W - MD: Wilton Bradley Ltd
Bradley, Ian - Managing Director: Mentorport Ltd
Bradley, Mark - Sales: Computer Proof Ltd
Bradley, Steve - Director: Metal Contract Management Ltd
Bradley, Edward - regions2014: All Regions
Bradley, Lea - Sales & Mkting Director: Cable Systems Ltd
Bradley, Richard - General Manager: FT Transformers Ltd
Bradley, Margaret - law: HUBBARD PEGMAN & WHITNEY LLP
Bradley, John - Director: John Bradley Limited
Bradnam, Colin - General Manager: DJB Labcare Ltd
Bradshaw, Stuart - Managing Director: Terrain Geotechnical Consultants Ltd
Bradshaw, John - Managing Director: Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd
Bradshaw, Phil - MD: PB Interfaces Ltd
Bradshaw, Rob - Service Manager: GE Energy Services Ltd
Bradshaw, Jamie - : Strategic Logistics Solutions
Bradshaw, Howard - Director: Express CNC Ltd
Bradshaw, Gary - UK General Manager: Omniflex (UK) Limited
Bradshaw, Emma - Customer Service: Morton Medical Shop
Bradshaw, Jan - Sales Director: Accent Fresh Ltd
Bradshaw, Darryl - Director: Valley Fasteners
Bradshaw, Mark - : Ardath Video
Bradshaw, David - General Manager: Retsch (UK) Ltd
Bradshaw, Russell - Managing director: DB Print & Design Ltd
Bradwell, C - Director: Stubbs, WB (Hawksworth) Ltd
Brady, Shaun - MD: Plastic Mouldings Direct.com
Brady, James - Marketing: Online Lighting - Mustang Enterprises Ltd
Brady, Giles - Managing Director: Cepec Career Management Limited
Brady, George - M.D.: Kaltek Automation (UK) Ltd
Brady, Charles - Chief Executive: Wilmington Group plc
Brady, Chris - Managing Director: Stratton Technologies
Brady, James - Marketing: ASC Direct
Brady, Richard - RB Plumbing & Tiling: RB Plumbing & Tiling
Brady, Liam - Owner: Manchester Plumbing And Heating
brady, carl - owner: C P B Building Solutions
Brafman, Julian - Sales Director: Peerless Designs Limited
Brafman, Julian - Sales Director: Latera Shelving Solutions
Bragg, P - Managing Director: Adept Scientific plc
Brailsford, Alan - Sales Director: Powersense Technology Ltd
Braithwaite, Frank - Managing Director: Christeyns UK Ltd
Braithwaite, James - Sales Manager: Wanstor
Braker, Andrew - Product Manager - Building Automation: WAGO Ltd
Bramah, Sallianne - Director: Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd
Bramley, Paul - Technical Director: Automatic Systems Laboratories Ltd
Bramley, Damian - DJB Photography: DJB Photography
Brammer, Robert - Sales Director: Volspec Ltd
Bramwell, James - Sales & Marketing: Transicon Ltd
Branch, Russell - MD: InnoMedia Systems Ltd
Brand, Ashleigh - Sales and Marketing Co Ordinator: HB Rentals Limited
Brand, Ian - MD: D & SMB UK Ltd
Brand, Robin - Proprietor: New Forest Electronics
Brand, James - MD: United Cast Bar Limited
Brand, Lisa - owner: Humphrey and Brand Residential
Brand, Mike - Business Development Manager: DEDICATEDengines Ltd
Brander, W J - Managing Director: Potter Cowan & Co Ltd
Brandon, Geoff - Technical Director: Robert Cupitt Ltd
Brandon, Simon - Director: Simon Brandon Marketing
Brandon, Simon - Director: 1st Website Design
Brandon, Steve - Director: KAS Shopfittings - KAS Shopfitting Ltd
Branfield, Neil - uk sales manager: Garwood Europe Ltd
Brankling, Joanne - Director: Oilfield Chemical Technology Ltd
Brankling, David - Managing Director: Oilfield Chemical Technology Ltd
Brannon, Paul - MD : A I S Sheet Metal Ltd
Bransby, Richard - Partner: Facilities Staff Training
Branson, Peter - : PB Graphics
Branston, Paul - Managing Director: Stontronics Ltd
Branston, William - Sales and Marketing Manager: Stontronics Ltd
Branton, Trevor - Principal: Trevor Branton Independent Financial Advisor
Branton, Matthew - Director: Helix Precision Machining Ltd
Branyan, Lawrence - Managing Director: Lancashire Data Solutions Ltd
Brareton, Peter - Sales /Marketing Manager: Dawn Cardington
Brass, Eric - Course Director: The Languages for Business Centre Ltd
Brass, Carla - Director: The Languages for Business Centre Ltd
Brassell, Iain - Principal Consultant: IS Recruitment Ltd
Brassett, Keith - Proprietor: BullsEye Engineering Glasgow
Bratby, Roy - CEO: Institute of Acoustics Ltd
Bratt, Geoff - Sales: Atlantechs Ltd
Brattle, Andy - Director: Beyond Design UK Limited
Bratwurst, The - CEO: The Bratwurst
Bray, Paul - : Phoenix Scaffolding (SW) Ltd
Bray, Stuart - Training & Development: Vantage Training Ltd
Bray, Chris - Director: Logo Design & Marketing
Bray, Duncan - Sales Manager (Motors): T.H.E Electric Motor Co Ltd
Bray, Joel - : Interbuild Derby Ltd
Bray, Geoff - Proprietor: Bray Plastics Ltd
Bray, Keith - MD: Electric Bray Ltd
Bray, Linda - ISO/REACH Coordinator: Gawler Tapes & Plastics Ltd
Bray, Richard - General manager: Peterson Spring Europe Ltd
Bray, Nicola - MD: HP Plotter
Bray, Nigel - Managing Director: Nigel Bray Ltd
Braycotton, Stan - Sales Director: Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd.
Braykov, Branimir - Director: Royal Clean
Brayne, Keith - Manager: Press & Forge Machinery & Equipment
BrayneNicholls, Richard - Commercial Director: Aquapurge Ltd
Brayson, W R - Chairman: White Young Green Consulting Engineers - Group Principal Office
Brazg, Gavin - CEO: The Advisory
Brazier, Andrew - Group Export & Projects Manager: HPF Energy Services
Brazil, Chris - Transport Manager: Aylesford Couriers Ltd
Breakspear, Graham - Managing Director: Forward 2000 (Oxon) Ltd
Breakspear, Nicky - Sales Manager: Medash Signs Ltd
Breakwell, Paul - Chief Operating Officer: Oxera
Breakwell, Harry - Senior Manager: Breakwells
Breamw, Mike - Sales Direstor: Cs Milne Gas Management Services
Brearley, Neil - Safestore Leeds Central: Safestore Leeds Central
Brears, Paul - Director: Machineco Ltd
Breatherton, Peter - Marketing Communications Manager: Scott Bader Co Ltd
Brebner, Brian - Manager: Brebner Carriers
Brechin, David - UK District Manager: Scientific Drilling
Breckell, Chris - Proprietor: CB Stainless Fasteners
BreckonRowe, Jonathan - UK Sales Manager: Kramer Electronics UK Ltd
Breeden, Richard - Sales Manager: Aldercote Limited
Breedon, Gary - Managing Director: GRF Engineering
Breedon, Paul - Sales Contact: Display Lighting Ltd
Breedon, Richard - Manager: H.S.C Mobility
Breen, - MD: Raldon Precision Engineers Ltd
Breen, Brendan - Director: Bayfield Bespoke Ltd,
Breen, Gerard - Sales: Britains Heritage
Breen, Michael - MD: Blitz Communications Ltd
Breet, Barney - IT Support Technician: AV Services Ltd
Breet, Barney - Webmaster: SM Business Services
Breeze, Alan - Account Director: Levo Web Development Ltd
Breeze, Nigel - Director: Alanco-Alamatic Ltd
Breeze, Andrew - Commercial Manager: Van Dijk Foods Ltd
Bremner, Jonathan - Managing Director: Elektro Magnetix Ltd
Bremner, Phil - Operations Manager: Streamline Shipping Agencies Ltd
Brennan, Stephen - Operations Manager: Professional Gas Services
Brennan, Tasha - General Office Manager: Shred Pro Ltd
Brennan, Terry - Sales & Marketing Manager: Broughton Electro-Air Products Ltd
Brennan, Gerry - Sales Director: Just-Ask Services Limited
Brennan, Martin - Sales: Warwick Dryers
Brennan, David - Chairman: Building Solutions Ltd
Brennan, Amanda - Partner: AJ Business Services
Brennan, Kevin - Director: Brinkworth Design
Brennan, Peter - Area Business Manager: Ross & Bonnyman Ltd
Brennan, John - Company Proprietor: AAA Security Guards
Brennan, Nick - Installations Manager: NJD Electrical Services
Brennan, Kevin - owner: Brennans Roofing Services Leicester
Brennand, Mandy - General Manager: Wolfenden Concrete
Brenner, Steve - Sales/ Marketing: Terotest Ltd
Brenner, Mitch - MD: 1stContainers.co.uk
Brent, niel - MD: Brent Precision
Brenton, Scott - Sales Manager: Focus Electronic Distribution Ltd
Brereton, A H - Director: Davies, C A, & Sons Ltd
Brereton, M - Director: Composite Metal Services Ltd
Brereton, John R - Director: Composite Metal Services Ltd
Bretherton, Paul - Managing Director: Outdoor Clothing Embroidered - Springfield
Brett, Russell - Sales Director: Ross Farm Machinery Ltd
Brett, Denis - Managing Director: Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd
Brett, Alan - Managing Director: Brett Brothers
Brett, Peter - : Footwear Products Ltd
Brett, Antony - Instructor: Amb Training
Brett, Ian - Project Co-ordinator : Toyota Tsusho UK Ltd
Brew, Marcus - Business development manager/SRF & RDF expert: UNTHA UK
Brewer, Paul - Owner: ACE-FX
Brewer, Martin - MD: Comcount Ltd
Brewer, Sue - : Make Decent Coffee
Brewer, Edward - General Manager: Auditel (UK) Ltd
Brewer, Nick - Sales Director: T Brewer & Co Ltd
Brewer, Ray - IT Support: Bournemouth IT Support
Brewer, Sue - Finance Director: Multishades Limited
Brewin, Ian - Sales Manager: Prosep Filter Systems Ltd
Brewin, Paul - Director: Rise Executive Search & Recruitment Ltd
Brewin, Roger - Sales Office Manager: Radiant Control Ltd
Brewis, Alan - Commercial Manager: Del Mar Reynolds Medical Ltd
Brewis, Rod - Owner: Brewis Engineering
Brewster, Adrian - Business Development Manager: TA Manufacturing Ltd
Brewster, John - Director: Genus Marine & Leisure
Brewster, Paul - Proprietor: eapb Digital Marketing
Brewster, John - Director: Sun Coast Realty
Brian, Sarah - Office Manager: Alan Johnston Partnership
Brian, Matt - Direct Marketing Manager: Impsport (Lincoln) Ltd
Briant, Steve - : BrazilianBerry UK
BriantEvans, Hugh - Proprietor: South West Horticultural Supplies
Briar, Timothy - Kitting Manager: Seatech International (UK) Ltd
Briar, Tim - Purchasing Manager: Electronic Assembly Services (EAS) Ltd
Briars, Andy - Technical Director: Techsil Ltd
Briceland, Bill - director: Debt Collect UK Limited
Bricknell, B R - Chairman: Bicknell Holdings plc
Brickwork, Liam - Owner: Hampshire Brickwork
Bridge, Phil - Sales Manager: Red Forge Ltd
Bridge, Simon - European Marketing Executive: Guyson International Ltd
Bridge, Nigel - Managing Director: 7827 Agents Limited
Bridgeman, Michael - Owner: Red Cherry Retail Design & Fittings
BridgenPage, Kate - MD: Columbus Precision Mouldings Ltd
Bridger, J - : Pinnacle PAT Testing Ltd
Bridger, Lee - Managing Director: Premier Pallets Supplies Ltd
Bridger, John - Sales and Marketing: Deacon CAD Consultancy Ltd
Bridger, Lawrence - MD: Bridger Packaging
Bridgewood, Gary - : Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd
Bridgwater, Anthony - Managing Director: Bridgwater Filters Ltd
Bridson, David - Operations Manager: Workstream Construction Services Ltd
Bridson, James - Director: LeoTel Software Systems Limited
Bridson, David - Business Development Manager: Workstream Construction Services Ltd
Bridson, Steve - Sales and Marketing Director: 4B Martinvest Ltd
Brierley, Joss - : Business Assist
Brierley, Linda - Marketing and Sales: Peerless Fencing Limited
Brierley, Keith - Technical Manager: Britcast Limited
Brierley, Paul - Sales Director: Weldbank Plastic Co. Ltd
BrierleyJones, Philip - Managing Director: IT Training Solutions Limited
Briffitt, Fred - Development Manager: FGH Controls Ltd
Brigden, Mark - Technical Director: Biopac UK Ltd
Brigginshaw, Oliver - Managing Director: Amarinth Ltd
Brigginshaw, Alex - Marketing Director: Amarinth Ltd
Briggs, W - Director: Briggs Irrigation
Briggs, Chris - Managing Director: Glassfusion Manufacturing Ltd
Briggs, Philip - Owner: BWE Scales & Cash Registers
Briggs, Allan - Managing Director: Cache Instrumentation Ltd
Brigham, Eric - Proprietor: J S Wilson & Son Bookbinders
Brigham, Rob - Marketing Manager: Kinetrol Ltd
Brigham, Eric - Managing Director: J S Wilson & Son Bookbinders Ltd
Bright, Gary - Managing Director: Ideal Lifts Ltd
Bright, Robert - Sales Director: BTT Comms Ltd - UK Office
Bright, Anthony - MD: Abbey Internet
Bright, Nigel - Manufacturing Manager: Porvair plc - Porvair Filtration Group
Bright, Sheldon - Managing Director: 5 J's International Ltd
Brightman, Steve - Sales Manager: SPI (Materials) Ltd
Brightman, Tony - Managing Director: B & EM Welding
Brightmore, Mick - Owner: Mp Industrial Plastics
Brightmore, Mick - Owner: Mnp Plastics
Brightmore, Mick - Owner: MP Plastic Building Products Ltd
Brightmore, Michael - Managing Director: Industrial Plastics & Coatings
Brightmore, Michael - : Water Tanks & Services Ltd
Brighton, Shane - Director: Adytum Systems Management Ltd
Brighton, Will - Partner: Brighton Handrails - W. Brighton (Handrails)
Brightwell, Simon - Marketing Director/Structural Investigation: Fugro Aperio Ltd
Brigstock, Andrew - Sales Director: Smithpack Limited
Briley, Mike - Sales Director: Access Irrigation Ltd
Brimble, Neil - Director: Abbey Business Equipment. Ltd
Brimble, Paul - : Windhager UK
Brimmell, Clive - Sales Manager: Anderson Precision Gearing Ltd
Brimmer, Duncan - Director: Bubble Automation
Brimshaw, Peter - MD: Omnipak (1983) Ltd
Brindle, Ivor - Proprietor: Craftsman Springs
brindley, nick - contracts md: Sussex Repointing Specialists
Brindley, Chris - Director: Brindley Chains Ltd
Brindley, Stuart - Director: Polarwarm Ltd
Brindley, Paul - : Midlands Business Recovery
Brindley, Paul - Director: Brindley Chains Ltd
Brine, Tony - Manager: Classic Finish UK Ltd
Brine, Damian - International Sales: Chief Industries UK Ltd
Brinicombe, Denis - Company Chairman: Denis Brinicombe Group
Brinicombe, Stuart - Sales Director: Vacava
Brinicombe, James - Group Managing Director: Denis Brinicombe Group
Brinkman, Alan - Partner: Brinkman & Martin Engineering
Brinkworth, Adam - Director: Brinkworth Design
Brisby, George - Manager: Always Locksmith
Briscoe, Stuart - Business Development Manager: Thomas Smith Fasteners
Briscoe, M A - Proprietor: Dynamic Sports
Briscoe, Derek - Financial Director: Heaps Arnold & Heaps Ltd
Briscoe, Barry - Joint Managing Director: Lockwood Shipping Ltd
Bristoll, Jamie - Sales Director: Process Heating Services Ltd
Briston, Dee - Manager: DeeWP Bespoke Audio Transcription Services
Briston, Dee - Project Management Officer: Audiosec Audio Transcription Service
Bristow, Stefan - : Abermed Limited
Bristow, Lisa - Office Co-ordinator: Fibre Optic Communications (FOC) Ltd
Bristowe, Mark - Managing Director: Leomarc Systems Ltd
Britnell, Andy - Consultant: Renaissance Search
Brittain, Wendy - Client Services Director: DGC Asset Management Limited
Brittain, Andrea - Sales and Marketing Coordinator: SPOCE Project Management Ltd
Brittain, Piers - MD: Wysewood - Floor Sanding Bristol
Brittain, Robert - Proprietor: Robert Brittain D.V.M., M.R.C.V.S.
Brittain, Piers - MD: Wysewood - Floor Sanding Bristol
Britton, Steve - Marketing: Rotork plc
Britton, Paul - Director: Stratadata Ltd
Broad, Andrew - : Beaufort Interiors Ltd
Broad, Danielle - Marketing Manager: Kaba Door Systems Ltd
Broad, Simon - General Manager: Production Pattern (Bristol) Limited
Broad, Tim - Managing Director: Broad Energy Development Ltd
Broad, Dave - MD: Broad Power Solutions Ltd
Broadbent, Steven - Director: Cristel Graphics Ltd
Broadbent, James - Proprietor: Cogmans Farm Machinery Ltd
Broadbent, Duncan - Sales Manager: EMC Computer Systems (UK) Ltd
Broadbent, Stuart - Technical: Dunsley Heat Ltd
Broadbent, Chris - Director: Dec UK Ltd.
Broadbent, John - : South Devon Leadwork (John Broadbent)
Broadhurst, Brandon - MD: Marine Lighting Design UK
Broadhurst, Simon - Senior Partner: AD
Broadhurst, Brian - Sales Manager: EAD (Edgar Allen Danite) Ltd
Broadhurst, Catherine - Sales Manager: Vetoquinol UK Ltd
Broadley, Nick - MD: Chell Instruments Ltd
Broadley, Simon - Owner: Broadleys
Broadley, Susan - Marketing Co-ordinator: Educational Printing Services Ltd
Broadway, Richmond - Director: Broadway & Co Ltd
Broadway, Richmond - MD: Richmond Silver
Broard, - IT Manager: Sunscource Europe
Brock, Ian - Key Accounts Manager: Davin Optronics Ltd
Brock, Thomas - Owner: Brock Roofing Ltd
Brock, Steve - Factory Manager: Sundown Products Ltd
Brock, David - Director: KDS Solutions Ltd
Brock, - Partner: J Brock & Sons
Brock, Iain - General Manager: Optical Surfaces
Brockerton, Stephen - Photographer: Shutterpoint
Brockerton, Stephen - Architectural Photographer: Architectiv - Architectural Photography
Brocket, Alan - General Manager: Rocklift Ltd
Brocklebank, Sara - Marketing: DEUTZ UK
Brockman, Tom - Business Development Manager: Alrad Instruments Ltd
Brockman, Graham - Manager: Ashgood Fire Protection
Brockwell, Phill - Charter Manager: Centreline Air Charter Ltd
Brodersen, Neils - MD: Brodersen Control Systems Ltd
Brodest, Tim - Business Development: Edu-Chem
Brodhurst, Robin - Managing Director: Aravco Ltd
Brodie, Geoff - : Air Quality Assurance
Brodie, Philip - Director: Formula Power
Brodie, Ian - Managing Director: Lighthouse Business Consulting
Brodie, John - Sales Director: STRIX (UK) Ltd
Brodrick, Trevor - Sales Director: Trevor Brodrick Welding Supplies
Brogan, Lee - Product Manager: Fluidwell UK Ltd
Brogan, Lee - Product Manager: Bell Flow Systems Ltd
Brogarth, Yvette - Director: Conference Style Ltd
Brogon, I - MD: John L Seaton & Co Ltd
Bromham, Graham - Company Owner: Solsis
Bromley, Mandy - Sales & Marketing Director: Celsia Systems - A M Bromley Limited
Bromley, Kelli - Sales Manager: Jellyhead 3d
Bromley, Graham - Operations Director: Hobbs the Printers Ltd
Bromley, Julian - Director: Jbp Projects Ltd
Bromley, Martyn - Consultant: Ryeden Consulting Ltd
Bronsdon, A - Managing Director: Stock Electronics Ltd
Brook, Robert - owner: Sanctuary Photography
Brook, Mark - Managing Director: BJ Control Panels Ltd
Brook, Michael - Director: JM Brook Ltd - ManageMyStuff - The Internet Despatch Warehouse
Brook, - MD: Cantel Ltd
Brook, Viki - Call Centre Manager: Goliath International Tools Ltd
Brook, David - Owner: Mains-Cables-R-Us
Brooke, Xavier - Director: Soft Surfaces Ltd
Brooke, Andrew - Partner: T & A Precision Plastics
Brooke, Jennifer - Director: Business Centre Association - BCA
Brooke, Marcus - MD: Sonifex Ltd
Brooke, Stan - Managing Director: Technical Alarm Systems Ltd
BrookeJones, Helen - Associate: Wilson Gunn Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys
Brooker, Craig - Director: Coretech Electrical Services Ltd
Brooker, Paula - Receptionist: Samurai International Sportswear Ltd
Brooker, I - Managing Director: Amorco Engineering Ltd
Brookes, Gary - Sales Manager: Beck Prosper Limited
Brookes, Simon - Sales Director: Boston Matthews Machinery Ltd
Brookes, Rachel - content curator : Meridian Press
Brookes, John R - Managing Director: Brookes & Adams Ltd
Brookes, C T - MD: Boston Matthews Machinery Ltd
Brookes, Jacqui - CEO: Federation of Communication Services - FCS
Brookes, Daniel - Director & Designer: Broox Web Design
Brookes, Richard - Marketing Manager: Boston Matthews Machinery Ltd
Brookes, J H - Technical Director: Phoenix Hydraulic Systems Ltd
Brookes, Kathy - Director: Countryside Art Ltd
Brookes, Ged - Owner: Carbon-monoxide-detectors.co.uk
Brookes, Chris - Director: CJ Hygiene Services
Brooks, Alistair - Proposals Engineering Manager: Wozair Limited
Brooks, D - : Turnkey Instrumentation Ltd
Brooks, Nick - Managing Director: 4CM Ltd
Brooks, Steve - Proprietor: A & D Fasteners
Brooks, Nick - Managing Director: Hansford Sensors Ltd
Brooks, John - Owner: Flameshield
Brooks, Paul R - Managing Director: ThePowerstore.com - (CCL Components Ltd)
Brooks, Peter - Owner: Office Watercoolers
Brooks, Ian - Managing Director: Concept Consulting
Brooks, Elaine - Director: B C Marketing Limited
Brooks, Paul - Director: Capita Symonds Structures Ltd
Brooks, Chris - president: Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd
Brooks, Peter - MD: Zero 88 Lighting Ltd
Brooks, David - MD: Leslie Group Limited
Brooks, Gaynor - Sales & Marketing Manager: Crown Graphic
Brooks, Michael - MD: MPower UPS Ltd
Brooks, Doug - Technical Director UK: Ferrotec (UK) Ltd
Brooks, Steve - Proprietor: Kryle Technical Services Ltd
Brooks, Brian - Director: PEP Civil & Structural Ltd
Brooks, Tammy - Sales and Marketing Executive: The Fuelcard People
Brooks, Neil - Sales Manager: SDP Print Solutions
Brooks, Zoe - Proprietor: A & D Fasteners
Brooks, James - Product Director: Solo TI Ltd
Brooks, Colin - Owner: B Safe Forklift Training
Brooks, Tim - Owner: R Brooks & Sons
Brooks, Mark - Sales Manager: J+J Automation UK Ltd
Brooks, Mark - Partner: Canada One Enterprises
Brooks, Andrew - Owner: ABC Polishing & Engineering Supplies
Brooks, Chris - Director: Fastplas Technical Moulding Ltd
Brooks, Steven - MD: Brooks Forgings Ltd
Brooks, Paul R - Managing Director: CCL Components Ltd
Brooks, David - Purchasing manager: Wellvil Engineering Co Ltd
Brooks, P D - Director of Business Development: Strachan & Henshaw Ltd
Brooks, Gary - Sales: Thompson Metals
Brooksbank, David - Area Sales Manager - North of England: Tox Pressotechnik Ltd
BrooksHill, Julie - Director: Wheely Down Forge Ltd
Broom, David - MD: Custom Electronic Design Services Ltd
Broom, Jim - Sales Director: European Circuits Ltd
Broom, Steve - Sales: Stevenage Glass Co. Ltd
Broom, Michael - Proprietor: Broom, Michael
Broome, Raymond - Proprietor: RB & Associates
Broome, David - Director: Proline Rainwater Systems Ltd
Broomes, Veronica - Principal Trainer: Executive Solutions (Training) Ltd
Brophy, David - Patents: FRKelly
Brophy, Denis - Sales & Marketing Manager: Nu-Tech Engineering Services Ltd
Brosch, Richard - General Manager: Lymore Escapes
Brough, Nigel - MD: T & W Brough Ltd
Brough, Graham - Sales Manager: Thessco Ltd
Brough, Keith - Technical Sales Representative: British Harlequin plc (Harlequin)
Brough, Ben - Managing Director: BEKA Associates Ltd
Broughton, David - Senior Partner: BMH Feedgear
Broughton, Vincent - Director: Merlin Repair Specialists LTD - Merlin Contracts
Broughton, Dan - Owner: 4 Walls Website Design Company
BroughtonSmithers, Karl - : Weatherform Ltd
Brow, Angus - MD: Brow Packaging
Brown, Pippa - Sales Administrator: Miller Weblift Ltd
Brown, Paul - Service Manager: Paragon Fire & Security Systems Ltd
Brown, Andy - MD: Banana Cable Co Ltd
Brown, Stuart - Chairman: Stairrods (UK) Ltd
Brown, Robert - General Manager: BTL Ltd
Brown, Vic - Principal: V Brown Limited
Brown, Gary - Director: Gary Brown Steels Ltd
Brown, Viv - Managing Director: Hugh Page Ltd
Brown, T - CEO: Tech Works Asia Limited
Brown, Christopher - Web Designer: Highflight Web Design
Brown, Clive - Director: Frank Brown & Son (Luton) Ltd
Brown, Nigel - CEO: Plain & Simple Carpets
Brown, Carol - MD: CAB Training Ltd
Brown, John - Owner: John Brown 4x4 Ltd
Brown, Stuart - Business Development Manager: McNealy Brown Ltd
Brown, Mark - Director: Insurance4mobiles
Brown, P E - Proprietor: PNR Design Services
Brown, Greg - Proprieter: Adept IT Solutions
Brown, John - Managing Director: Intech Developments Ltd
Brown, Melissa - Manager: Staines Locksmiths
Brown, Martin - Managing Director: Anixter Component Solutions
Brown, George - Manager: Schering-Plough Ltd
Brown, Robert - Director: Specnow Ltd
Brown, Paul - Editor In Chief: Print Pages
Brown, Martin - Marketing Manager: Varivane Industries Ltd
Brown, Tim - Proprietor: George T Brown
Brown, Claire - Office Manager: MG Scaffolding (Oxford) Limited
Brown, Julian - Sales Estimator: Plasflow Ltd
Brown, Rob - Sales Manager: MCL Energy Ltd
Brown, Andre - Business Development director: Hartham Ltd
Brown, Jim - Business Development Manager: Tony Gee & Partners
Brown, Paul - Director: Reaction Exhibitions
Brown, Rob - Sales Director: LMK Thermosafe Ltd
Brown, L - MD: Browick Engineering Co Ltd
Brown, David - Director: DDS Europe Ltd
Brown, Siobhan - Telemarketing Manager: Exchange Communications Ltd
Brown, Simon - Owner: Lizard Audio Hire
Brown, Steve - Director: Display Print Solutions Ltd
Brown, Kevin - Owner: Firestop Safety
Brown, Joanna - Manager: Contract Bench Seating
Brown, Ralph - Managing Director: Harper Window Systems Ltd
Brown, Martin - Managing Director: Browns Agricultural Services
Brown, Tony - Consultant: FIAS Agriculture
Brown, Glen - Marketing Director: Milos Structural Systems - Milos UK Ltd
Brown, Tom - Technical Manager: Holders Technology UK Ltd
Brown, Jim - Sales Manager: Davidson, John, (Pipes) Ltd
Brown, Thomas - Managing Director: Thomas Brown Engineering Ltd
Brown, Ian - Manager: Paisley Engineering
Brown, Patrick - : Printsasia.co.uk
Brown, Iain - Sales Manager: Spectral Dynamics (UK) Ltd
Brown, Alan - Proprietor: Wear for Work - Alan A. Brown Work Wear
Brown, Kevin - Director: Composite Metal Services Ltd
Brown, Tony - Owner: Tony's Locksmith
Brown, Heather - Marketing and Operations Manager: International Fire Consultants Ltd (IFC)
Brown, Phil - Director: Apple Sound Ltd
Brown, Cassandra - Managing Director: Med-EL UK Ltd
Brown, Martin - Managing Director: James Brown Industries Ltd
Brown, Paul - Sales Manager: Brit Bit Ltd
Brown, Irene - MD: Mitech Systems
Brown, Tracy - IT Manager: Lawson Mardon Sutton Ltd
Brown, James - Internal Sales Co-ordinator: Thermaco Ltd
Brown, Stephen - Owner: EuroScience
Brown, Simon - Sales Manager: Weston Plant Ltd
Brown, Cheryll - : Young Black Ltd
Brown, Gavin - Sales Manager: Armfibre Ltd
Brown, Martin - Manager, equipment division: Aslotel Ltd
Brown, Russell - Business development manager: Inventas Ltd
Brown, Katie - Marketing Manager: Ritherdon & Co Ltd
Brown, Nigel - CEO: CoemarUK
Brown, - Business Development Manager: Complete Technology Solutions Limited
Brown, Trevor - Director: Pumex (UK) Ltd
Brown, John - UK Sales Manager: Berthoud Sprayers Limited
Brown, Stuart - General Manager & ProjectsDirector: The Sound Solution
Brown, Mike - Director: European Corrosion Supplies Ltd
Brown, Andy - Director: Look Real Lawns
Brown, Peter - Director: Bannershop Ltd
Brown, Rachel - Owner/Proprietor: Need a Cake
Brown, Andrew - Manager: Pace Retail
Brown, Jim - Sales & Marketing Manager: Optical Sources Ltd
Brown, Simon - Managing Director: Meshweb Ltd
Brown, Jacky - Sales: The Washer Factory Ltd,
Brown, Sue - mktg: Tenkay Electronics Ltd
Brown, Kevin - Director: Fluid Routes Limited
Brown, James - Sales Director: Belvoir Engineering Services
Brown, Grahame - Director: Pumpmasters Ltd
Brown, Chris - Director: WHL Group Ltd
Brown, Helen - Director: Frank Brown & Son (Luton) Ltd
Brown, Edmund - Partner: Environment Advice Ltd
Brown, Julian - Commercial Director: Nortech Management Ltd
Brown, Kevin - Managing Director: Effekta (UK) Ltd
Brown, Steve - Managing Director: C A Design Services Ltd
Brown, Ken - Sales Director: Radshape Sheet Metal Ltd
Brown, Steve - MD: Caunton Access Ltd
Brown, Chris - General Service Manager: Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd - Head Office
Brown, Jennifer - Pampeano: Pampeano
Brown, Stuart - Sales Manager: Sealpump Engineering Ltd
Brown, Stuart - Business Development Manager: McNealy Brown Ltd
Brown, Steve - BUILDER: M T Building Services
Brown, Michael - Director: Cb Digital Group Ltd
Brown, George - : Software 4 Dentists
Brown, Richard - Technical Manager: PNR Design Services
Brown, David - Director: EPC Marine Automation Ltd
Brown, Simon - Managing Director: Homacastors - Escadean Ltd
Brown, James - : Apricot
Brown, G - Partner: Cranworth Farm Services
Brown, Paul - Director: AgentBase UK Sales Agent Register
Brown, Juliet - Marketing Contact: Squarezone Ltd
Brown, E A - Managing Director: E A Brown
Brown, Peter - : DRAIN24/7
Brown, Vicky - Office Manager: Conservatory & Window World
Brown, David - Financial Director: West & Senior Ltd
Brown, M - Marketing: Leicester Removals
Brown, P T - Works Manager: D & G Hunter Ltd
Brown, Karl - Marketing: H. Roberts & Sons (Dial Indicators) Ltd
Brown, Stuart - Sales: Selectron (UK) Ltd
Brown, Nick - Operations Manager: Blue Mountain Water
Brown, K M - Managing Director: KM Brown
Brown, Tim - Sales Manager: Power Capacitors Ltd
Brown, Adrian - : Urmston Carpets Warehouse
Brown, Mack - owner: Vantage Global Ltd
Brown, Tony - Marketing Manager: Kromschroder Ltd
Brown, Fraser - Manager: Peter Cox
Brown, Andrew - Director: Flue Trader
Brown, Gemma - Chiswell Street Dining Rooms: Chiswell Street Dining Rooms
Brown, Tracy - Commercial Director: Bovill & Boyd (Engineering) Ltd
Brown, Richard - Owner: RKB Carpentry & Locksmiths
Brown, Mark - Owner Operator: Browns Wedding Favours
Brown, Duncan - Foreman: Almit Metal Finishing Ltd
Brown, Richard - Managing Director: G & A Moulding Technology Limited
Brown, Shane - Director: Structure Solutions Ltd
Brown, - Director: Brown's Antiques, Billiards & Interiros
Brown, Gareth - Aford Awards: Aford Awards
Brown, Steve - : Just Beds
Brown, Gareth - Founder: Target Local
Brown, Mat - Director: Service Plus
Brown, Jim - Managing Director: Browns Agricultural Machinery Ltd
Brown, Derek - Uk Sales Director: Circulating Pumps Ltd
Brown, Andrew - Director: Airtherm Engineering Limited
Brown, Adrian - Director: Hollinwood Welding & Engineering Co Ltd
Brown, Keith - CEO: Courier Freight Exchange
Brown, Norman - Director: ABC Structures
Brown, George - Managing Director: George Brown & Sons Engineers Ltd
Brown, Kevin - Manager: Slater Drive Systems
Brown, Paul - MD: Florenta Workwear
Brown, Gary - MD: Swan Seals (Aberdeen) Ltd
Brown, Martin - MD: Lingarden Sales Ltd
brown, kimber - director: East Point Construction Services Ltd
Brown, Stuart - General Manager & ProjectsDirector: The Sound Solution
Brown, Steve - Director: Nationwide Paper Traders Ltd
Brown, Tim - Director: Apple Sound Ltd
Brown, Michael - MD: Protobase Ltd
Brown, Paul - Project Manager: Inveresk Exhibitions
Brown, Jon - Photographer: Jon Brown Photography Ltd
Brown, Zoe - Business Development Assistant: Geoprober Ltd
Brown, Steve - Commercial Director: Amps International Ltd
Brown, - MD: Brown Cayton Coach Work Ltd
Brown, Paul - IT Manager: Tithebarn Ltd
Brown, Daniel - Sales Engineer: Southern Temperature Sensors Ltd
Brown, N - Partner: Environment Advice Ltd
Brown, Ian - UK Sales Director: Thwaites Ltd
Brown, Dave - Sales Manager: Brevini (UK) Ltd
Brown, Tony - MD: Arete Software Ltd
Brown, Paul - Director: Unitemp Ltd
Brown, Andrew - Director: Applied Explosives Technology Ltd
Brown, Alan - Managing Director: MKA Management Consulting Ltd
Brown, Mark - Director: Abracadabra Removals
Brown, David - MD: Jebron Ltd
Brown, Chris - Director: Turpin Smale Catering Consultancy
Browne, Phil - Sales Director: Quadtronix Business Systems Ltd
Browne, Patrick - Sales Director: Hydrapower Dynamics Ltd
Browne, Sam - Managing Director: Plant I Ltd
Browne, Peter - At Your Service Marketing: At Your Service Marketing
Browne, Daniel - General Manager: VIP Bin Cleaning Ltd
Browne, D - Director: Dowlstone Architectural Restoration Specialists
Browne, Matt - Technical Manager: Brandwells Construction Co Ltd
Browne, Gerald - Director: Becker (Sliding Partitions) Ltd
Browne, Alex - Director: Premier Measurements Ltd
Browne, Michael - owner: Stanmore Locksmiths
Brownell, Joe - Marketing: JBT Engineering
Brownett, George - Managing Director: YED Limited
Brownhill, Paul - Chairman: EcoTech (Europe) Ltd
Brownhill, Michael - Director: Static Coatings (Coatings) Ltd
Browning, Lee - Director: Barcoding Solutions Ltd
Browning, Peter (Snr) - : ABC Aerials
Browning, G D - Sales: Annequin Displaywell
Browning, Phil - Sales Director: Cowen Signs Ltd (EP Cowen Co Ltd)
Brownjohn, Phil - : Opus Maxim Ltd
Brownlie, Jennie - Marketing Manager: Proact Medical Ltd
Brownlow, Mark - sales: Ramsbottom Stoves
Brownlow, Roger - Proprietor: Westwood Farm Services
Brownsdon, Sally - Product Marketing Director: XN Hotel Systems Ltd
Browse, Simon - Managing Director: Executive Jet Support Ltd
Bruce, Richard - Chief Executive Officer: The Hartington Group
Bruce, George - General Manager - Europe/Africa: Core Laboratories (UK) Ltd
Bruce, Simon - Training and Marketing Manager: Fineapply Limited
Bruce, Sebastian - owner: Locksmith Erdington
Bruce, Peter - Managing Director: Bruce Anchor Ltd
Bruce, Martin - Associate Director: Donut Safety Systems Ltd
Bruce, Chris - General Manager: Plantforce Rentals Ltd
Bruce, Gordan - Owner : Ferryman Polytunnels Ltd
Bruce, Nic - Director: Reclaim Resources Ltd
Bruce, Callum - Managing Director: North Star Shipping - Craig Group Ltd
Bruce, Neil - Website Manager: Toolstop Ltd
Bruckshaw, Steve - Director: SB Web Consulting Ltd
Bruehl, Lianne - Sales Director: Elite Bags
Bruen, Raymond - Sales Manager UK: Guala Closures UK Ltd
Bruessau, Martin - : Samson Controls Ltd
Brumbridge, Paul - Proprietor: PB Landscapes
Brumpton, John - Sales Director: United Plant Sales
Brumwell, William - Sales Account Manager: Envases UK Ltd
Brundell, Karl - MD: Carter Manufacturing Ltd
Brundle, Chris - Director: CBS-CAD
Brunger, Peter - Director: Inscyte Limited
Bruning, Dominic - Managing Director: Axis Communications (UK) Ltd
Brunisholz, R - Director: HTT (UK) Ltd
Brunt, Martin - President: Business Improvement Group
Brunton, Ray - Managing Director: Central Peripherals Ltd
Brunton, Steve - MD: Sematic (UK) Ltd
Brunton, Marion - Director: Central Peripherals Ltd
Brusford, - Marketing Manager: Fire Training Videos Ltd
Bruster, Krys - Sales Manager: Riggot & Co. Ltd
Bruton, Robert - Owner: W J Richardson Glazing Ltd
Bruton, Pauline - Director: Bruton Solutions Ltd
Bruton, Stephen - Partner: Cedar
Bruty, Jeremy - Technical Director: Centerprise International Ltd
Bryan, Graeme - Sales Director: Total Marine Contracts Ltd
Bryan, David - copd treatment : Powerbreathe - HaB International Ltd
Bryan, John - Tier One Design: Tier One Design
Bryan, Derrick - Sales Manager: Nuu Media
Bryan, A - Managing Director: M & B Systems Power Instrumentation Ltd
Bryan, Andy - Technical Sales: Bernstein Ltd
Bryan, M - Owner: MJB Flooring Ltd
Bryan, Steve - Sales Manager: Rubbertech 2000 Ltd
Bryan, Vivienne - Freelance Designer: Bigwig Designs
Bryan, Paul - Paver: Sampaving
Bryan, Iris - Maintenance Department: Elevation Lift Services Ltd
Bryan, A J - MD: A J B Haulage Ltd
Bryan, James - Managing Director: Stragith2work
Bryan, James - : County Interiors
BryanJones, Gerald - Managing Director: G Bryan-Jones Ltd
Bryans, Tim - : Polyformes Ltd
Bryant, Richard - Sales - Deutz-Fahr: Same Deutz-Fahr UK Ltd
Bryant, Garry - Website Adminisitrator: Ruskin Air Management Ltd
Bryant, Julian - Sales Manager: Briggs Drums
Bryant, Pam - Managing Director: Expo Display Service Ltd
Bryant, Steven - MD: International Passive Fire Ltd
Bryant, Dominic - Owner: Bryant Electrics
Bryant, Richard - Business Development Manager: TeleNet Services Ltd
Bryant, Steve - Owner: Steve Bryant
Bryant, Christopher - Managing Director: Subsea Vision Ltd
Bryant, Vincent - Managing Director: PI Consulting
Bryant, Christopher - Director: CJB Bouncy Castles
Bryant, Garry - Website Administrator: Naco
Bryant, Robert - Sales Engineer: APDS Limited
Bryant, Val - Proprietor: Frenzy Designs
Bryant, John - Director: CJB Bouncy Castles
Bryant, Paul - Managing Director: PJB Systems Technology Ltd
Bryant, Garry - Website Administrator: Actionair
Bryant, David - Director: RSF Technologies Limited
Bryce, Stuart - business owner: SJB Construction Services Ltd
Bryce, Stuart - business owner: Lothian Skip Hire Ltd
Bryce, Forbes - Director: ActionCOACH Glasgow
Bryce, Roy - General Manager: Willis Brothers (Agricultural) Ltd
Bryceson, Jeremy - Area Sales Manager: Endevco UK Ltd
Bryer, Tony - Director: Survey Design Associates Ltd
Bryl, Ken - MD: Gummitt (UK) Ltd
Brymer, Gary - Owner: ASL Asbestos Services - Surveys & Removals
Brymer, David - Proprietor: Dawn 'til Dusk Printers
Bryson, Clarance - marketing: Removals Man and Van
Bryson, George - Director: Hydraulic Parts Direct
Bryson, George - Director: Howford Hydraulics Ltd
Bu, Amy - Sales Representative: Watson International Ltd
Buchalter, Gary - Site Director: British Polythene Industries plc - bpi.films
Buchan, Laura - Sales Co-ordinator: Corporate Insignia Ltd
Buchan, A C - Managing Director: Buchan, J & Sons Ltd
Buchan, Brian - Chief Executive: SSL International plc
Buchan, Raymond - Operations Manager: Industrial & Welding Systems
Buchan, Finlay - Technical Director: Datum Dynamics
Buchan, Stephen - MD: Jackson Netting Systems
Buchanan, Nick - Managing Director: N & J Aluminium Linings Ltd
Buchanan, Ian - European Manager: Spectrex Inc
Buchanan, Donald - Photographer: Scottish Panoramic
Buchanan, J - Managing Director: Buchanan J & J Ltd
Buchanan, Brad - Director: Fasco Gulf UK Ltd
Buchanan, Julia - Sales Director: N & J Aluminium Linings Ltd
Buck, Geoff - Principal: Aspen Environmental
Buck, Neil - Proprietor: The Personnel Dept
Buck, Andrew - Shipping Administrator: Inter - Ways Limited
Bucke, Anthony - Transport Manager: DOBLEXPRESS Ltd
Buckell, Tony - Managing Director: Gemini Intergrated Eletronics
Buckell, T - Director: Electronic Manufacturing Services
Buckeridge, Zoe - Production Director: Print Direction Limited
Buckfield, Jon - Owner: Buckfield Joinery
Buckingham, Darrin - Managing Director: Alert Fire (Essex) Ltd
Buckingham, Miles - Marketing: Plastic Development Techniques Ltd
Buckingham, Margaret - Director: Balloonacy
Buckland, Tom - Owner: Hq SEO
Buckland, Maurice - MD: Victoria Precision Co (Birmingham) Ltd
Buckland, Tom - Owner: SEO Division
Buckland, Tony - Joint MD; Technical/Sales: Investacast Ltd
Buckland, Don - Sales Manager: Continua
Buckle, Garry - Sales Director: J E Buckle Engineers
Buckle, Steve - Director: Sands Recruitment Ltd
Buckle, Harry - MD: Somerton Motorcycle Engineering
Buckle, Mark - Operations Director: Subsea Protection Systems Ltd
Buckle, Harry - Managing Director: B & Y Engineering Ltd
Buckles, Jack - Administrator: Bold Spirit Financial Services
Buckley, Terry - General Manager: Narvik - Yarway Ltd
Buckley, Ian - Marketing & Business Co Ordinator: Cross Services Engineering Ltd
Buckley, John - Managing Director: Buckley (Clayton West) Ltd
Buckley, Les - Director: Special Piping Materials Ltd
Buckley, Roger - Sales & Marketing Manager: IGG Component Technology Ltd
Buckley, G W - Managing Director: Superior Signs Ltd
Buckley, Colin - Sales Director: Hardy & Collins Machinery Ltd
Buckley, A - Process Vacuum: Hick Hargreaves & Co Ltd
Buckley, Frank - MD: Halesowen Components Ltd
Bucknam, Brian - Technical Director: Flow-Line Communications Ltd
Bucknell, Garry - : The System Works (GB) Ltd
Bucks Loans, Bucks Loans - : Bucks Loans
Buddin, Richard - Director: Diaphragm Pumps Ltd
Budell, Simon - Director: S. M. Contracts Ltd
Budsworth, Paul - Director: Johnson Diversey
Budzynski, Arkady - Manager: Arcadia Building Contractors
Buffin, Chris - Warehouse Manager/Sales: Grayshott Stoneware
Bugayeva, Tanya - Account Executive: September Marketing - Web Design
Bugbee, Tracey - Sales Office Manager: Intime Electronics Ltd
Bugler, Chris - Managing Director: Transboat Ltd
Buik, Zoli - Owner: Dreams Model
Build, SCH - : SCH Build
Bulbrook, Mark - Sales Director: Middlemas Lord
Bulcraig, Graeme - Director: Touch Digital Ltd
BulfordCooper, Teresa - Proprietor: Tbc Training
Bulka, Simon - Sales Director: Multimetal Stockholders Ltd
Bull, Jamie - Owner: Tecmaster
Bull, Tony - Managing Director: Triumph Air Repair (Europe) Ltd
Bull, Brad - Managing Director: SCES Air Conditioning Ltd
Bull, Jez - General Manager: SAMCO Silicone Products
Bull, Garath - Sales Estimating: Havant Sheet Metal Co. Ltd
Bull, Richard - Managing Director: Enercon Industries Ltd
Bull, Ken - Partner: Fusion Services
Bull, Simon - MD: Castle Group Ltd
Bull, Darren - Director: The Sauce Co (UK) Ltd
Bull, Steve - General Manager: Air Charter Partners - ACP Worldwide Ltd
Bullard, Darren - General Manager: ATI Tank Hire Ltd
Bulleid, Dean - Owner: UK Wood Pellets
Bullen, Ian - Director: Codi International Ltd
Bullen, Steven - Design Engineer: Pioneer Weston Ltd - A Division Of WYKO Specialist Technologies
Bullen, James - : South West Business Brokers
Bullen, Kathryn - Business Administration Manager: Pilot Drilling Control Ltd
Bullen, Matthew - Director: Respace Acoustics Ltd
Bullions, Alastair - Owner: Bullions Ltd
Bullivant, Alex - Consultant: Roxbourne
Bullivant, Sean - Creative Manager: Roxbourne
Bullman Junior, Sam - Proprietor: Bullmans
Bullock, Simon - Owner: Ink UK Limited
Bullock, Alan - MD: Insafe International Ltd
Bullock, John - Sales Director: Fleet Electrical & Safety Direct Ltd
Bullock, Sara - Sales Mktg Director: AMG Systems Ltd
Bullock, W - Director: Meadowview Electronics
Bullock, Tom - Director: Thermofax Ltd
Bullock, Adrian - Consultant: Quadrant Business Services - Software Development
Bulman, Linda - : Manchester Metrology Ltd
Bulman, Fiona - Sales Manager: Jacquet UK Ltd
Bulman, Paul - Director: Manchester Metrology Ltd
Bulman, Fiona - Sales Manager: Jacquet (UK) Ltd
Bulmer, Andrew - Managing Director: Advanced Engineering (Driffield) Ltd
Bulmer, Paul - Sales Manager: Netlog Technology Ltd
Bulmer, Jon - Director: Kent Building Plastics
Bulsara, Kevin - MD: General Professionnal Mastics
Bultitude, Graham - MD: Bristol Batteries Ltd
Bultitude, Graham - MD: SouthWest Batteries
Bunce, Andrew - Sales Director: Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd
Bunce, Mike - Director: Polymer Recruitment Services
Bundy, Adrian - Operations Director: Newmax Precision Ltd
Bungay, Steven - Senior Process Engineer: GleesonECL
Bungay, David - Business Manager: DLServe
Bungay, Steve - Partner: A X L Security Systems
Bunhu, Shepherd - Production Manager: BN Laser Systems International Ltd
Bunker, Lauren - SALES OFFICE MANAGER: Marco Beverage Systems Ltd
Bunkle, Adrian - Sales Manager: Rediweld Rubber & Plastics Ltd
Bunkle, Cheryl - Director: From Pen to Post
Bunn, Sally Anne - Sales & Customer Co-Ordinator: Anglia Door Systems Ltd
Bunn, Jo - Marketing Assistant: White Space Software Ltd
Bunner, M G - Director: R H Bunner & Son Ltd
Bunni, Maryanne - Senior Consultant: Retail Search & Selection Ltd
Bunning, Robin - Director: G T Bunning & Sons Ltd
Bunning, Sheila - Admin Assistant: SWARCO TRAFFIC Ltd
Bunting, Phillip - Director: Www.Look-after-yourself.com
Bunting, Chris - General Sales Manager: Jubilee Clips Ltd
Bunting, Keith - Sales Manager: Keay Fasteners Ltd
Bunting, Phillip - Director: Www.Look-after-yourself.com
Bunton, Peter - Director: Pumps (UK) Ltd
Buntrock, Clyde - Group Marketing Manager: Allport Cargo Services
Burbridge, Chris - Director: Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
Burbridge, Andrew - M Hume and Son Ltd: M Hume & Son Ltd
Burbridge, George - Managing Director: Michael Burbridge Ltd
Burbridge, Andrew - M Hume and Son Ltd: M Hume & Son Ltd
Burbridge, Karl - Business Manager: American MSI Corporation (UK)
Burch, John - Managing Director: Edward Holt Manufacturing & Marketing - (J F Burch Ltd)
Burch, Robert - Managing Director: Beronworth Standby Systems Ltd
Burchall, Alan - MD: Stockton Engineering Ltd
Burchell, Timothy - Private Investigator: UK Private Investigators
Burcher, Richard - Marketing Manager: Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd
Burchett, Paul - Managing Director: SB Electronic Systems Ltd
Burchnall, Tony - Managing Director: OfTec Ltd
Burd, - Director: Corfield, Morris & Co Ltd
Burdekin, M - Marketing: C D Measurements Ltd
Burden, Norman - Managing Director: Burdens Group Ltd
Burden, Tony - Managing Director: Burden, Tony
Burdett, James - Proprietor: Soho Paper Products
Burdett, Allen - Commercial Director: RLR Engineers Ltd
Burdon, John - Company Director: East Midland Decorative Concrete
Burdon, Michael - UK Business Area Manager: MSA (Britain) Ltd
Bureau, London Speaker - London Speaker Bureau: London Speaker Bureau
Burford, Anthony - Director: Compac Fluid Power Ltd
Burge, Keith - Marketing Director: Economic Research Services Ltd
Burge, Carl - Proprietor: Remember When UK
Burge, Phil - Marketing Manager: SKF (UK) Ltd - Head Office
Burger, JeanPierre - London Sales Manager: A F Switchgear & Control Panels Ltd
Burgess, Mark - Live Life Fitness: Live Life Fitness
Burgess, Jackie - Personel: Kembrey Wiring Systems Ltd
Burgess, John - Account Manager: Herald Electronics Ltd
Burgess, Max - Director: Yachtmaster Insurance Services Ltd
Burgess, Graham - Managing Director: Supply Chain Logistics Consulting Ltd
Burgess, Stuart - Sales Director: R & B Switchgear Services Ltd
Burgess, Melanie - Online Marketing: CallCare
Burgess, Bill - Partner: Burgess Systems
Burgess, Jeremy - MD: Sparex Ltd
Burgess, Elfie - Assistant Director: Veritas Language Solutions
Burgess, Edward - : Timber Windows of Fornham
Burgess, Ken - Managing Director: Vinyl (GB) Ltd
Burgess, Dale - Sales and Marketing Manager: Berforts Group
Burgess, Mike - MD: Westell Ltd
Burgess, Kieth - Sales Manager: Industrial Automation Systems Ltd
Burgess, Dean - Sales: The Day Group
Burgess, Kevin - Director: B.I.G. (Brackets & Bolts) Ltd
Burgess, Lee - Director: Burgess Electrical Supplies Ltd
Burgin, Dean - : Alertex Limited
Burgoine, Mike - Owner: Ability Resourcing Ltd
Burgon, Lynn - Sales Contact: Imperial Connector Systems
Burgoyne, Alan - Sales Manager - UK Northern: Expo Technologies Ltd
Burgoyne, Mark - Sales Manager: Secure IT Disposals Ltd
Burholt, Tony - : Amadeus Associates Ltd
Burke, Barrie H - Sales Director: Poletech Systems Ltd
Burke, Lesley - Company Secretary: Rock Solutions Ltd
Burke, Matt - Director: MB4IT
Burke, Matthew - Director: Aide Automotive Ltd
Burke, Neil - : Neil Burke Joinery Ltd
Burke, Brian - Sales Manager: Safety Industries (Oakwood) Ltd
Burke, Keith - Owner: Motorhome Sales
Burke, Patrick - Contracts Manager: Piggott Brothers & Co Ltd
Burke, Robert - MD: James Gibbons Windows Ltd
Burke, Yvonne - : CTS Retail Ltd
Burke, Philip - Director: Rock Solutions Ltd
Burke, Martin - : Safety At Height Ltd
Burke, Trevor - Managing Director: Exclusive Ranges Ltd
Burke, Graham - Director: Vandanel Sport Ltd
Burke, Chris - Director: Onyx Business Systems
Burke, Jim - Director: Laser Line Tools Ltd
Burke, Allan - Sales Director: Irvine Spring Company Ltd
Burke, Vernon - Principal: Bridge Burke Solicitors
Burkett, Neil - Marketing Manager: Timac UK Ltd
Burkinshaw, Clive - MD: TEAM Industrial Services Ltd
Burkitt, David - Process Engineering Director: GAME Engineering Ltd
Burl, Duncan - Managing Director: Hydor Ltd
Burland, Greg - New Business Director: Icore International Ltd
Burleigh, Chris - Sales Manager: Kennicott Water Systems Ltd
Burley, Sue - Chief Administrative Officer: DW Plastics Ltd
Burley, Lloyd - Software Director: Cootec Services
Burley, Steven - Director: Burley Financial Services Ltd
Burman, Paul - D: SU Automotive Ltd
Burman, Adam - Managing Director: Business Language Services Ltd
Burman, Matthew - MD: Burman Plant Limited
Burn, Michaela - Marketing Manager: Computing Suppliers Federation
Burn, Philip - Managing Director : Green Ventures Search
Burnand, Michael - Architect: Architects for Home
Burnard, Ross - Marketing Director: Clarke International
Burnes, Danny - Marketing: Fingerprint Data Systems UK Limited
Burness, Georgina - Director: The Umbrella Bar Company
Burnet, Lee - Director: Signfocus Ltd
Burnett, Graham - Managing Director: Shore Porters Society
Burnett, Andy - Owner: TeslaTest Systems
Burnett, Rob - Managing Director: Kaizen Contract Services Ltd
Burnett, Mark - Director: Clearance Express Swindon
Burnett, Hannah - Owner: Hannah Burnett Florist
Burnett, D J - Managing & Sales Director: Yeovil Circuits Ltd
Burnett, Mark - Director: Pestcatcher Pest Control
Burnett, Josie - Main Marketing Manager: BTS (Europe) Ltd
Burnett, Todd - BDM: AGA Storage
Burnett, Stephen - Managing Director: The Retail Data Partnership
Burnham, Norman - Managing Director: Freight Container Services Ltd
Burnley, Arthur - Sales and Marketing Director: Alphasense Ltd
Burnley, Arthur - General Manager: Alstec Power Systems Ltd
Burns, Stuart - Director: SBS Ayrshire Ltd
Burns, - Director: Wood & Davidson Ltd
Burns, Claire - Commercial: Inter-Packaging Ltd
Burns, Laura - Sales Manager: Aldomak Ltd
Burns, Lisa - Director: Argolin Ltd
Burns, Simon - Sales: Woodford Recycling
Burns, Jackie - Sales Director: Litho Circuits Ltd
Burns, Michael - Director : Elevation Lift Services Ltd
Burns, Chris - Managing Director: Controlled Electronic Services Ltd
Burns, R - General Manager: FPT Kingswood
Burns, Cam - Office Manager: Ambience Landscapes Ltd - Ambience Grounds Maintenance
Burns, Alan - Sales Manager: Freelance Security Services
Burns, Andy - Sales Executive: Au Logistics Ltd
Burns, Mark - Managing Director Cruden Property Services: Cruden Group Ltd
Burns, Richard - Chief Techology Officer: Konnectivity Limited
Burns, - Director: Burns Bros (Smethwick) Ltd
Burns, Joanne - Director: Fire Fogging Systems Ltd
Burns, Kim - Director: Transformation Tubes
Burns, Andrea - Coaching Director: Sanity
Burns, Paul - Business Development Manager: Charter Tech Ltd
Burns, H - Publicity Manager: Merial Animal Health & Nutrition
Burns, K J - Sales Director: Guardrail Ltd
Burnside, Richard - : Curtains2bedding
Burnside, Ben - Technical Manager: Farm-Tec Ltd
Burpitt, Paul - Website, Marketing and Advertising: Air Pumping Ltd
Burpitt, Carol - Managing Director: Air Pumping Ltd
Burr, Ray - General Manager: Elumatec United Kingdom Ltd
Burr, Peter - Managing Director: Irvine Spring Company Ltd
Burr, David - Office Sales Manager: Vincent Timber Ltd
Burras, Simon - Sales +44 (0) 161-440 8886: Applied Industrial Systems Ltd
Burrell, Kevin - : Go Fulfilment
Burrell, Bob - Sales Manager: FAD (UK) Ltd
Burrell, Dave - Business Development Manager: target360
Burridge, Brad - Aerial installer: Diamond Digital
Burris, Gareth - MD: Insteng Process Automation Ltd
Burrow, Clive - Owner: Surrey Select Executive Cars Ltd
Burrows, Terry - Web Design & Internet Marketing: Prime, Design & Build
Burrows, Kevin - Sales Director: Hiflex Europe Ltd
Burrows, Andrew - Business Manager: Acorn Occupational Health Ltd
Burrows, Mike - Sales Manager: Dispensing Liquid UK Ltd
Burrows, Barry - Chairman: Uniexpress Ltd
burrows, ian - owner: IB Carpet Cleaning
Burrows, Ken - Sales & Marketing Manager: SNFA Bearings Ltd
Burrows, Steve - Sales Director: Sparklin Facilities Management Ltd
Burrows, Rob - Director: Ap Signs and Print
Burrows, G - Senior Partner: Wormald & Burrows Partnership
Burrows, Dave - UK Sales Manager: PCM Group UK Ltd
Burrows, Pam - MD: Fisher Pipeline Supplies Ltd
Burrows, Karen - GM: Tubeheat Ltd
Burrows, Paul - Managing Director: Weltonhurst Ltd
Burrows, Julia - Director: Uniexpress Ltd
Burrows, David - commercial photographer: David Burrows Photography
Burrows, David - Sales Director: DMS Technologies
Burrows, Steven - Marketing : SJ Engineering Ltd
Burslem, Richard - Sales Director: Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd
Burslem, Richard - Director: Tecvac Ltd
Burt, Jason - IT Manager: Seamoor Fabrics - James Todd & Sons (Textiles) Ltd
Burt, DJ - Managing Director: Deutsch Ltd
Burt, Richard - : A La Card Food
Burt, Brigid - Proprietor: Dots Gallery
Burt, Sandy - Director: KwikReg
Burtenshaw, Martin - Owner: Superior Cleaning Services
Burton, David - Principal: David Burton Associates Ltd
Burton, Ralph - Managing Director: M&D Drilling Co Ltd
Burton, David - General Manager: BOGE Compressors Ltd
Burton, Harry - : Colt Stables
Burton, Roxanne - Secretary: D.B.S Transport Limited
Burton, Will - MD: Russel Square Quality Associates Ltd
Burton, Mark - Sales: AI Materials Ltd
Burton, Leigh - Managing Director: Icarus Office Furniture
Burton, John - European Marketing Manager: Ingersoll-Rand-Aro Fluid Products Division
Burton, Daniel - Owner driver: D B Removals
Burton, Wes - : WB Paving
Burton, Paul - Proprietor: Burton, Paul Engineering
Burton, Steve - : Forwardslash Internet Consultancy
Burton, William - Director: Briton EMS Limited
Burton, Alan - MD: Batchit Ltd
Burton, Emily - Service Coordinator: Accolade Building Care Ltd
Burton, Simone - Owner: Mobi Power Packs
Burton, J - Director: Lindgreat Ltd
Burton, Daneil - Owner driver: D.B.S Transport Limited
Burton, Tony - Managing Director: Softshock Limited
Burton, Roxanne - Secretary: D B Removals
burton, lee - : Spotless Lee Clean
Burton, John - Proprietor: Aston Communications
Burton, Andy - manager: Architectural Services
Burton, Robert - : Logic Compters
Burton, Harry - : Chart Timber Buildings
Burton, Robert - Manager: Logic Computer System
Burton, Paul - General Manager: Incomol Ltd
Burton, Jocelyn - Proprietor: Jocelyn Burton Ltd
Burton, J - MD: Caproco International plc
Burtonshaw, Rob - Director: Farm Services Ltd
Burville, Sam - Area Sales Manager: DMN UK Ltd
Bury, Charles - Managing Director: Target Fastenings Ltd
Bury, John - Director: Commonsense Computing Ltd
Busby, Julie - Business Development Director: Multipix Imaging Ltd
Busby, Emma - Customer Services: Parrs - F Parr Ltd
busby, kevin - developer: No Agencies Private Landlord Rental
Bush, Ben - Tree Surgeon: Ellen Valley Tree Services
Bush, George - Managing Director: George Bush & Son Ltd
Bush, Garry - Marketing Executive: Wandsworth Removals
Bush, D - MD: D Bush Precision Engineering
Bush, Neil - National Account Manager: Wiha Tools Ltd
bush, russell - director: Super-Dry
Bush, Clive - Sales Development Director: Aalco Metals Ltd
Bush, Peter - Director: Vallis Press IPI Limited
Bush, Simon - Managing Director: CA Clase (UK) Ltd
Bushell, Stephen - Managing Director: Service, Supply & Parts (UK) Ltd
Bushell, Rosemary - Managing Director: Service, Supply & Parts (UK) Ltd
Bushnell, Gary - General Manager: Utilux UK Ltd
Busst, Craig - Managing Director: TelecomIT Ltd
Busst, Craig - Director: City Numbers Ltd
Bustamante, Peter - Marketing: W Brown & Son
Buston, Keely - Marketing Co-Ordinator: Barco Ltd
Butcher, Kevin - CEO: Brightstream Research Limited
Butcher, Nigel - Salesperson: Tamar Trading Co Ltd
Butcher, Ben - Owner: Paddock Fencing
Butcher, David - Senior Partner: DJB Property Consultants
Butcher, Catriona - Managing Director: Tastes Catering Ltd
Butcher, Ian - Graphic Designer: Slave to Design
Butcher, Aileen - Administrator: Woodward Scotland Ltd
Butcher, Paul - Director: Alan Butcher Components Ltd
Butcher, Christopher - Director: Solent Plastics
Butcher, Mark - : Audion Elektro UK - Swissvac GB
Butcher, Tony - Group Operations Director: Uniserve Group
Butel, Norman - Managing Director: Alderney Printers Ltd
Buthee, Neil - Director: Capita Symonds Structures Ltd
Butland, Simon - Managing Director: Pittville Kitchens & Bathrooms
Butland, Mark - Technical Engineer: Maincoms Ltd
Butler, Tim - Sales manager : Finlay Breton Ltd
Butler, Heather - Managing Director: People Development Team
Butler, Luke - Office Manager: B & L Shutters Ltd
Butler, Paul - Director: SEM Technologies Ltd
Butler, John - Partner: Maplin Plant
Butler, S - Managing Director: Boat-Shift Marine Transport Ltd
Butler, Daniel - Sales Executive: Butler Valves & Fittings Ltd
Butler, Edward - MD: Powergraphic Displays Ltd
Butler, Graham - Sales Manager: Clark Electric Clutch & Controls Ltd
Butler, Andrew - Manager: Butler Builders Ltd
Butler, Ken - General Sales Manager: Takex Europe Limited
Butler, David - Managing Director: CPR Services Ltd (Cutting Press Rebuilds)
Butler, Dennis - MD: Bilz-Tools Ltd
Butler, Richard - Director: B & L Shutters Ltd
Butler, Keith - Technical Sales Manager: Alpha Moisture Systems Ltd
Butler, Denise - New Business Development Manager: Sales Recruitment Services Ltd
Butler, Richard - Managing Director: Butler Valves & Fittings Ltd
Butler, Leon - Operations Director: Transdek UK Ltd
Butler, Bea - Office Manager: Sycom Limited - UK Office
Butler, Michael - Principle: Michael Butler Creative
Butler, Dawn - Managing director: Complete Car Park Solutions Ltd
Butler, Tony - MD: Engineering Link Ltd (The)
Butler, Martin - Sales Manager: Hawco Limited
Butler, Ricky - Managing Director: Essex Fencing Ltd
Butler, Timothy - MD: Process Analyser Systems Ltd
Butler, Paul - Sales: Concept Aluminium
Butler, Tim - Overthrow Digital: Overthrow Digital
Butler, Tim - Sales Director: Ultraseal International
Butlin, Kevin - Engineer: GEM UK Ltd
Butlin, Elaine - Manager: PMF Metalwork
Butt, Benjamin - Head of Sales: BB Sports Distributors
Butt, Malcom - Sales Director: Wessex Electronics Ltd
Butt, Chris - Director: Ultrasonic Cleaning Co
Butt, Nick - Senior Consultant: Advanced Demand Side Management (ADSM)
Butt, Martin - Office Manager: Sumed International (UK) Ltd
Butt, Terry - director: TJ Building Solutions
Butt, Martin - Principal: Get Ahead
Butt, Tina - Communications Manager: Pendleton I.T. Ltd
Butt, Brian - : Team Direct Group
Butt, Masood - : Scoria Fireplaces
Butterfield, David - Managing Director: Butterfield, David
Butterfield, Frank - Director: Best Service (Europe) Ltd
Butterly, Tim - Managing Director: Instrument Plastics Ltd
Butterworth, Paul - Technical Director: Concept CAD Ltd
Butterworth, Alan - Managing Director: Glen Castings Ltd
Butterworth, Adam - Senior Web Developer: Dzignaweb
Butterworth, Bill - Managing Director: Land Network International Ltd
Butterworth, Alec - : C D Measurements Ltd
Butterworth, Geoff - Chief Executive: Paperpak Ltd
Butterworth, Kevin - Director: BKS Consulting Ltd
Butterworth, David - Managing Consultant: Sannibel Limited
Butterworth, David - Managing Director: Seymour Engineering Ltd
Butterworth, Dave - Managing Director: Vaughans
Buttery, B R - MD: B R Buttery Ltd
Buttle, Peter - Owner: Buttle plc
Button, Julian - Owner: Branded Biker
Button, Marc - Industrial Sales Manager / Technician: Jactron - Industiral Division of Simms International plc
Button, H M - Director: Button Linguard Ltd
Button, Paul - Director: Park Precision Ltd
Button, M J - Director: Day's Animal Health
Button, Alan - Director: Reface Ltd
Buttress, Kevin - Production Director: CMA Moldform Limited
Buttress, Adrian - M.D: Permaroof UK Ltd
Buxton, Ian - Works Manager: Hewitt & Topham Ltd
Buxton, Norman - Managing Director: Datag Ltd
Buxton, Paul - MD: InfoScape Solutions Ltd
Buxton, Martyn - Sales Engineer: Panel Print
Buzzle, Peter - Product Manager: Mykon
Bwail, Kuldeep - Commercial Director: XS CAD Limited
By CORT, Roomservice - : Roomservice By CORT
Byard, Katherine - Proprietor: Fireblock
Byatt, Ann - Contract Managers: Falco UK Ltd
Byers, Steve - Managing Director: Profins Ltd
Byford, Chris - Sales Manager: Solor Plastics
Byrne, Kevin - Partner: EB Gas Service
Byrne, Kevin - Managing Director: Clark & Butcher Ltd
Byrne, Nick - Sales Manager: Horstine Farmery
Byrne, Sean - Director: BMM Heaters Ltd
Byrne, Patrick - Owner: First Aid Courses Cork
Byrne, Ian - Webmaster: Marriott & Co
Byrne, Eamonn - Regional Sales Director: Tait Mobile Radio Ltd
Byrne, Gillian - Director: James Technical Services Ltd
Byron, Paul - Director: Ashwood Electrical, Fire & Security Ltd
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